Chaos and Order

Chaos, my friends, is the natural order of things
Resolving an order takes the energy of kings
Microstates, entropy, the law of the land
Possible realities on countless demand.

Control derives from manipulation of such
A conscious choice and a willing touch
But is it illusion in our space-time pure
Can we conjure a solid, concrete and secure?

Zillions of atoms in seeming random dance
Parade before us proudly, animals, rocks and plants
But these have structure, purpose and a goal
Who is the contractor that assigns these roles?

There exists a hierarchy in sentients’ minds
Most see the surface, to the details are blind
Some know the inner workings intimated so
Extrapolates the capability of being in the know.

The spinning of a coaster, the fishtailing of a car,
The erosion of a hillside, the explosion of a star
Where does order end and randomness then rule,
The infinite mind and reality’s endless pool.

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