The Turncoat

What’s to be said for the turncoat?
What’s to be said of the two-faced lie?
Is it falling off a capsized boat
Or the fear of answering the why?

Truth is a casualty of a cultural war
And lies are the residue of grief
Deception is as common as a swinging door
So that veracity is beyond belief.

A handshake is often a vile trip wire
And a smile is not what it seems
A contract’s as good as illusory fire
It’s warmth is as real as dreams.

Discriminate then, when presented with truth
Look deeper than the surface plies
Scrutinize smiles for the baréd tooth
The moon lurks behind cloudy skies.

So many souls unintentionally deceive
Themselves into thinking what’s right
And others so carelessly believe
Their deception has inherent might.

But others prevaricate constantly
And meanness never crosses their mind
Some will pontificate confidently
Like a politician driving while blind.

So protect your loins from vampires mocking
Your welfare while patting your back
Personal shielding, beware its unlocking
Opens you up for betrayal ‘s attack.

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