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Benjamin Franklin and the Self-Made Man: Making America ==========AND========== The Difference Between a Democracy and a Republic ==========AND========== Stories of Us: Adam Carolla

1st Set of Eight Articles About Education and Childrens’ Issues

Miseducated: The Decline of America’s Schools ==========AND========== NYC Teachers Union to Take Legal Action Against Call for Layoffs of Unvaccinated Staff ==========AND========== Homeless Take Over Elementary School: Parents […] Read More

Scholars Line Up to Join Anti-‘Woke’ Online Education Platform

And good for them!!! By Peter Svab Hundreds of scholars, including some distinguished figures, have applied for positions at an online education startup that promises explicitly non-“woke” instruction in a number […] Read More

Kevin Sorbo for Prager U AND Why Does the Liberal Media Fear Prager U?

Because they believe in Freedom of Thought! ========== AND ========== By Jill Simonian A couple of weeks ago, I had an hour-long interview with a reporter from The […] Read More