Ten Articles About Racism and BLM and CRT and Wokism and Related

WATCH: Radical School Board Has Parents *Arrested* for Questioning “Critical Race Theory” https://trendingpolitics.com/watch-radical-school-board-has-parents-arrested-for-questioning-critical-race-theory-knab ==========AND========== The Communist Lies of “White Skin Privilege”, Part 2 ==========AND========== Incoming Cal State Dean Defended Farrakhan, […] Read More

BLM/Antifa Folks Storm Banks in Portland, Try To Break Into Federal Courthouse, It Doesn’t Go Well

Would someone please explain to me why this madness is tolerated, and who is responsible for not protecting the people and its property? https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2021/03/11/blm-antifa-folks-storm-banks-in-portland-try-to-break-into-federal-courthouse-n341943 By Nick Arama for RedState While […] Read More