6th Dozen Articles About The “Virus” and the “Vaccine”

WATCH: Former ICU Nurse Makes Epic Speech About Medical Authorities Withholding Early Treatment at School Board Meeting; “Everyone Who Died With COVID Should be Considered Murdered” ==========AND========== Boston Mayor Michelle […] Read More

7th Dozen Articles About The “Virus” and the “Vaccine” and Related

The Latest COVID Data Offers Yet Another Factual Rejection of COVID Vaccine Effectiveness Narrative https://redstate.com/scotthounsell/2021/11/29/the-latest-covid-data-offers-yet-another-factual-rejection-of-covid-vaccine-effectiveness-narrative-n483116 ==========AND========== Bill Gates Charged with Murder for COVID-19 Vaccine Death in India’s High Court – […] Read More

3rd Dozen Articles About The “Virus” and the “Vaccine”

Deception in America Episode One: The Tale of Peter Daszak https://rumble.com/ve91zt-deception-in-america-episode-one-the-tale-of-peter-daszak.html ==========AND========== FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS: Don’t Trade Your Health Freedom For Temporary Convenience! Oct 21st New https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/10-21-21-news-rundown:7 ==========AND========== Who […] Read More