1st Set of Nine Articles About Censorship and Your Rights

AP’s Hit Piece on RFK, Jr. Symbolizes Intellectual, Moral Collapse of Mainstream News Industry ==========AND========== Government kills ALL public voices to avoid hearing one explosive issue ==========AND========== GiveSendGo, Donation Platform […] Read More

2nd Set of Nine Articles About Censorship and Your Rights

New Emails Reveal Evidence of Government Efforts to Suppress Free Speech https://www.theepochtimes.com/new-emails-reveal-evidence-of-government-efforts-to-suppress-free-speech_4171310.html ==========AND========== Homeschool Interrupted with an FBI Battering Ram https://ifapray.org/blog/homeschool-interrupted-with-an-fbi-battering-ram/ ==========AND========== Who Do You Believe? CNN? FOX? CBS? NPR? […] Read More

Six More Articles on the Rittenhouse Case

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Counts https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_morningbrief/kyle-rittenhouse-acquitted-on-all-counts_4113953.html ==========AND========== Rittenhouse’s Acquittal Is A Great Moment, But It’s An Atrocity Things Ever Came This Far https://www.revolver.news/2021/11/kyle-rittenhouse-acquitted-not-guilty/ ==========AND========== Kyle Rittenhouse Has a Message […] Read More

2nd Set of Eleven Articles About Politics in General

Biden regime shutting off fuel, energy supplies as part of WARTIME EMBARGO against We the People… prepare for famine, collapse and civil unrest https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-11-09-biden-regime-shutting-off-fuel-energy-supplies-as-part-of-wartime-embargo-against-we-the-people-famine-collapse.html ==========AND========== DeSantis Rubs Salt in the […] Read More

Latest Good Stuff from Sidney Powell and Defending the Republic

1- This podcast will teach you more history about Cuba and Hong Kong than you have ever been taught. Megyn Kelly gives these two gentlemen ample time to lay out what […] Read More

Three Articles About Censorship and the Media

Dana Loesch On How To Encourage Critical Thinking About Tough Topics https://thefederalist.com/2021/06/09/dana-loesch-on-how-to-encourage-critical-thinking-about-tough-topics/ ==========AND========== Ted Cruz: Facebook is censoring “on behalf of the government” and is liable to be sued https://reclaimthenet.org/ted-cruz-facebook-is-censoring-on-behalf-of-the-government/ […] Read More