Five Articles About China and the CCP

CCP at 100 Years: A Century of Killing and Deceit ==========AND========== Google Desperately Covers Up The Next ‘Holocaust’ ==========AND========== The Tragic Truth: Organ Harvesting in China ==========AND========== China […] Read More

Israel is ‘petri-dish’ for vaccine passports, injections: ‘a new Holocaust’

You had better watch this…you think this is only happening in Israel? Liberal author Naomi Wolf highlights how Israel is swiftly becoming a “bio-security state” where vaccine status permits […] Read More

Photographer Colorizes Holocaust Photos, Bringing Them to Life ‘So This Never Happens Again’

This article, and links within, show some very disturbing images of the Holocaust. Be advised. BY JENNI JULANDER January 30, 2021 Updated: February 2, 2021 for The Epoch Times Photographer Tom Marshall […] Read More