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Take Your Power Back – David Icke ==========AND========== The Un-Fake-Vaccinated ‘Are The New Jews’ – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast ==========AND========== Flu Being Primed To Hide ‘Vaccine’ Deaths – […] Read More

The Latest from Sidney Powell and Defending the Republic

Sidney Powell Drops BOMB! Military Can Determine Election Outcomes ==========AND========== They all know how to do it. Dear Patriots, The government “has an interest in” patents for the technology […] Read More

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Dear Patriots, The email marketing system that we have used for some time to send these emails to supporters from is called MailChimp,a popular email marketing platform.Yesterday, we were informed by MailChimp that […] Read More

The Pushback — Oracle Films — The Day the World Stood Together #DareToThink

You want some truth?? Check this out…if you can handle it… The Answer is available now at Sign up to the brand new Ickonic Media Platform – World Tour […] Read More