Time to Take Action: 3 Proposals Regarding Free Speech, the Media, and Washington

These sound like helpful, plausible ideas…see what you think… https://www.theepochtimes.com/time-to-take-action-three-proposals-regarding-free-speech-the-media-and-washington-d-c_3744132.html By Roger Kimball There is a lot of chatter among conservatives (well, among some conservatives) about finally dispensing with chatter […] Read More

Suppressed Department of Commerce Report: Free Speech, Even Online, Is NOT A National Security Threat

https://vdare.com/posts/suppressed-department-of-commerce-report-free-speech-even-online-is-not-a-national-security-threat Over at American Renaissance, Gregory Hood has an item called A Startlingly Sensible Government Report, March 12, 2021, about a Department of Commerce report that says free speech, even online, is not a national […] Read More