1st Dozen Articles About the “Virus” and the “Vaccine”

Dr. Zelenko Exposes The Plan To Tag Us For The NWO Slave System [Mercola] ==========AND========== THERE IS NO EVIDENCE of the EXISTENCE for ANY VIRUS ISOLATED by ANYONE ANYWHERE in […] Read More

16th Dozen Articles About The “Virus-Vaccine” Crime of the Century

DR. DAVID E. MARTIN / COVID VACCINE MRNA CODE IS A BIOWEAPON DEVELOPED VIA A DIGITAL SIMULATION ==========AND========== Marine Officer Exposes Military Mandate: “Illegal, Immoral, Unconstitutional” https://rumble.com/vmxher-marine-officer-exposes-military-mandate-illegal-immoral-unconstitutional.html ==========AND========== BOMBSHELL from […] Read More