Photos: Unbelievably Intricate Clay Flowers and Succulents Look Too Real to Be Fake

Here’s a wonderful craft…hard to believe… BY LOUISE BEVAN In crafting intricate flowers and succulents from clay, a Vietnam-based artist experiences an unspeakable joy that delights her followers as much as it […] Read More

THE CIVIL AVIATION DAILY OCCURRENCE REPORT SYSTEM IN CANADA HAS DOZENS OF REPORTS FILED BY PILOTS DETAILING STUNNING ENCOUNTERS WITH UFOS The UFO sightings come from the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report System (CADORS), a searchable digital archive operated by Transport Canada, the federal department that oversees road, rail, marine, and air […] Read More

‘Like a Hypersonic Missile’: Enigmatic Black Triangular Object Spotted in California Skies by Andrei Dergalin While the blogger mused about the alleged extraterrestrial nature of the phenomenon in question, some social media users suggested that it could’ve been a balloon. A peculiar […] Read More