Biden regime preparing for “hand-to-hand combat” phase to coerce citizens into surrendering to dangerous covid vaccinations that might kill them (Natural News) Despite all the high-pressure sales tactics and tyrannical lock down policies, only one in five Americans have lined up for the covid-19 jabs, on average. In Mississippi, […] Read More

HUMAN LAB RATS: UK to Infect Volunteers with Coronavirus in World’s First Human Challenge Trial

DO NOT TAKE THE POISON JAB!! (Natural News) The world’s first COVID-19 “human challenge trial” will begin in the United Kingdom in a few weeks, following approval from the country’s clinical trials […] Read More

UK Government Reports Over 240 Deaths Shortly After Coronavirus Vaccination

Keep that Russian Roulette Poison Jab away from me!! (Natural News) The U.K. government reported that more than 240 people have died shortly after getting the Wuhan coronavirus vaccines. British citizens […] Read More