Harbinger You Say?

Here’s something I recently found out…tell me if it’s true…

The United States, though believed to be born in 1776, really wasn’t truly born until Washington became president in 1789. The capital was then New York City. When Washington first dedicated and consecrated our country to the public as his first public act as president, do you know where he did it? At Ground Zero. There was a church there…a church that originally owned that land…pretty provocative if true…watch those harbingers (see Jonathan Cahn)!

From what I found out, Washington and his very first Congress and Cabinet met on April 30, 1789 in Federal Hall in NYC where he was inaugurated. Accounts state that he and his newly formed government then walked to St. Paul’s Chapel to dedicate our country to God. This chapel, which still stands today, was one of only a few buildings in the area not affected by 9/11, and protected by the sycamore tree which once stood nearby and was destroyed. Ground Zero, which is next door to the chapel, is on land originally owned by the entity which then owned the chapel.

For those interested, see Isaiah 9:10. Eerie coincidence, you say? Hmmmm…

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