Oh Those Warnings

Don’t eat red meat, always wash your feet,
And worry what tomorrow will bring.
Protect the trees, don’t walk on your knees,
So concerned when the bell’s gonna ring.
So wash behind ears, empower your fears,
Will you be off-key when you sing?
Carry your weight, resign to your fate,
And be sure to do your own thing.

Drive between lines, pay all your fines,
And render unto Caesar his due.
Smile and say please, don’t cut the cheese,
And honor the red, white and blue.
Do not be late, don’t make ’em wait,
And replace the old with the new.
Don’t go too deep, look ‘fore you leap,
Give credence to that which is true.

Oh those warnings we are given, is it only a phase
Are others’ concern for us real or only their way
To induce stress upon us and shorten our days
Or just petty authority masks the parent’s highway.

So be home by ten, carefully sign with a pen,
And pledge your allegiance to them
Make sure you vote, hang up your coat,
Be careful not to step on your hem.
Drive to the right, don’t start a fight,
Don’t take a fake for a gem.
Let’s all wash our hands, make no demands,
And always know when to say when.

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