Your Escape

The kids are screaming and the bills are due
The AC is down and so are you
The car makes noise and needs some repair
It’s hard to face life in such despair
So where do you go for joy and relief?
Where do you fly from all your grief?
Where do you go to make your escape
From your abusive and boring workaday fate?

Maybe it’s the bottle, beer, wine or booze
Maybe it’s the pills, the colors you choose
Surfing the waves at Malibu beach
Or raising some trees, be they apple or peach
Push-button video, games at your touch
Traveling abroad to the land of the Dutch
Working till ten, career trumps the home
Or taking a walk and long may you roam.

Maybe in your Creator find your solace profound
Go then make music, a cacophonous sound
Take yourself shopping, buy a new pair of shoes
Paint in new colors, not just your blues
Get on a boat for some fishing for bass
Rock out, go clubbing, look for some ass
Raise up a garden of tomatoes or spice
Visit the stadium, a ballgame is nice.

Will you look to the skies in your telescope
Intrigued with the tiny in your microscope
Write out a letter, create a new song
Go call an old friend, it’s been way too long
Perhaps bake some cookies, make a souffle
At last go to sleep, hope to dream it away
Brush down your pussy or go walk the dog
Customize the paint on your two-wheeled hog.

Sit down to a TV drama, documentary on space
The football game’s on, pour a beer down your face
The internet’s an ocean of interest so vast
Roll down an alley while curving so fast
Take some pencils and sketch out a scene
A fantasy of wizards in cyberspace convene
The world is your oyster if only a while
Just a laugh and a tickle in self-serviant guile.

So when you return to your life as it is
You won’t be so troubled, you won’t be so miz
You’ve found yourself a window of sunshine and light
Where life is worth living, not a burdensome fright
You’ve got you some place to hide up and heal
A hobby, activity, with personal appeal
Away from the tumult and financial rape
To breathe in some new life in genuine escape.

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