Why ‘White Liberal Puppetmasters’ stage race riots

By Rex Graham

In the early 1990s, when I was the communications director for an Oregon-based Christian political group, I had somehow gotten on a list of potential talk-show guests used by Manhattan TV producers. On at least three occasions, I agreed to appear on one of these shows, which I considered mindless dreck and never watched myself, but these invites always included an all-expenses-paid round trip from Portland to NYC. One of these, “The Montel Williams Show,” I think, was looking for people opposed to “affirmative action,” an issue outside the scope of my job, but something I had personally considered counter-productive, since any sort of social favoritism tends naturally to breed resentment among non-favored groups. That opinion, which I don’t think I had ever given voice to prior to the producer’s phone call, was enough to get me booked on the show.

Long story short, a couple of weeks later I found myself in a Manhattan TV studio with two other white guys I’d never heard of, sitting three-across behind a curtain on a stage. As the curtain began to part I looked down at the TV monitor facing the host to see, with no prior warning, the title of the show scroll down the screen: “White Men On The Edge!” And when I looked up I saw that the rather sizable audience was all angry black people. I almost started laughing at the absurdity of the set-up, but kept my composure, said my lines on cue and won some respect from the audience, I think, by staying calm and reasoned.

Looking back, that incident lightly foreshadowed the violent street theater being staged across America today: highly privileged White Liberal Puppetmasters (WLPs) using their extensive resources to stir resentment and hatred among black people, luring them into a group with the promise of “taking revenge” on white people, and protecting them from consequences for their actions. From the pilot project at Ferguson, to the refinement of the narrative at Charlottesville, to today’s nationwide race rioting, the social chaos has always been orchestrated, at least in the sense of making sure the elements necessary for rioting were put in place at the all hotspots, be they staged or spontaneous. And, true to their word, almost no one is being held more than minimally accountable for these orgies of destruction. Thank you Dem mayors and Soros DAs.

Now what is the WLPs true purpose for these race riots? If it had been only to replace Trump with one of their own, the rioting would have stopped in January when the coup was completed. But they’re still going strong – perhaps stronger than before. I believe the true purpose is to “fundamentally transform America,” and we all know whose agenda that is: the (half-black) WLP Barack Obama for whom Joe Biden serves as avatar.

The rioting continues for several reasons. First, it is the ultimate leverage for shaking down corporate America. Think Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition (inherited by Al Sharpton). Think “The Godfather” and every other organized-crime film that has ever showcased the “Protection Racket.” Then look at what companies the rioters are hitting in their rampages. “Hey, Apple, it would be a shame if something were to happen to your nice little store there in Portland. Hey, Coca-Cola, you wouldn’t want anything to happen to those thousands of beautiful back-lit red ‘Coke machines’ in all those unprotected places, would ya?”

People willing to do real damage to your brand by labeling you racist for not fully backing the Black Lives Matter cult have so much more leverage when that accusation is “proven” by BLM’s destruction of your property on live TV. Remember, in the emotional illogic of the left (including half your family and neighbors and all of academia and the corporate media), someone’s visible rage is proof of the legitimacy of their grievance (unless they’re conservatives, in which case it is proof of their hatred of “minorities”).

Second, and much less obvious, is the suppression of property values in the cities being selectively destroyed. Always follow the money, and especially the smart money that follows “blood in the streets” to buy prime real estate at the bottom. It’s an age-old tactic of the super-rich to use pain and misery to clear out sections of cities they want to buy. Often, as I saw in the Boston area, these WLP “vulture capitalists” who are always joined at the hip with the politicians, flood a neighborhood with drug addicts and criminals for a few years until they run all the middle-class people out, then swoop in with a “revitalization plan” that adds tax-incentives like “icing on the carrion” for the vultures who swoop in for a pre-planned feast. This scheme is truly racist because it steals the mostly black inner-city neighborhoods right out from under them – but a campaign of rioting is faster.

The third and most insidious purpose of the WLPs race rioting is to breed more racism, not less. The way to eliminate racism is to make race irrelevant in all things. I, and my black co-founding pastor of our inner-city mission church in Springfield, Massachusetts, proved that. Before the plandemic put us on life-support as a church (donations would be welcome), we had the most racially diverse and harmonious congregation in the Springfield area by simply treating everyone alike and caring for each other as human beings.

As I noted above, nothing breeds anger and resentment faster than blatant favoritism. That is essentially the argument behind Critical Race Theory – that white people enjoy favoritism because of their skin color. I agree that they once did, and despite many decades of strong progress in the right direction, there is still some residual “systemic racism” left. But, that is mostly in WLP Democratic strongholds where African slavery and Jim Crow laws were most vigorously defended, and in the Democratic inner-cities that became the new “plantations” for keeping black families dependent on government as cash cows, and in Democrat-controlled public schools and colleges. Where else could these mostly city-dwelling BLM rioters have encountered the “systemic racism” that infuriates them? Their entire world has been controlled by the WLPs.

So, how do the WLPs prevent the BLM/Antifa mobs from turning on them? They must have a scapegoat to steer the mobs toward, and that is the reason for pushing black favoritism as the false “solution” to white favoritism instead of making race truly irrelevant. Their intention is to breed anger and resentment among lower- and middle-class white people, knowing that it will (and does) manifest in some of them in the form of anti-black racism – any amount of which will serve as gasoline to fuel the BLM mobs. They don’t need much. How many allegedly racist cops did it take for ALL cops to be condemned by the mob?

The new racism is not new because it tries to flip the script to make white people suffer what black people did. It is new because it is being deliberately nurtured and hardened in black and white people alike, like the lab-grown Wuhan Flu, into a weapon of mass destruction – by the very same people. The only cure is the love of Jesus Christ. Are you with me, black Christians?

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