What’s Scarier? Biden’s Totalitarian Promises, or the Number of Americans Who Willingly Acquiesce?

By now, everyone has heard the little parable of the frog slowly being cooked in the pot, right?

Every time I see this impostor’s lying zombie face I raise my middle finger to him.

And by the way, president Trump won. Big. Hugely. Eff you, Joke Xiden.


Illegitimate Criminal Zombie Impostor

By Jennifer Van Laar for RedState

Joe Biden’s Wuhan Flu anniversary speech was insulting and disturbing in many ways. He started out by lying about President Trump’s actions at the beginning of the pandemic, then went through a list of everything we lost during these draconian lockdowns – attempting to convince us that he sympathizes with what we’ve lost and that We’re All In This Together™.

Watching Biden lie to us and hearing him insult us is annoying and, frankly, boring at this point – because we expect it. But in this speech Biden went far beyond annoying and straight onto a terrifying new path, the path of complete government control.

He led into his plans with a bit of communistic propaganda by speaking to a “common purpose” our hands must turn to before informing us that he’s “using every power [he] has as POTUS to put us on a war footing.” Symbolism?

Knowing that people expect that, since the number of positive China virus cases have plummeted and that many states are well on their way to fully vaccinating their high-risk populations, the country will fully open soon and that masks and social distancing rules will be a thing of the past, Biden sought to manage expectations. As long as there’s still a silent, deadly enemy circulating (spoiler alert: there always will be), and as long as Biden can reassure people that he’s keeping them safe by Following The Science ©, he can keep complete control of our lives. Biden has no interest in “beating” the virus any time soon, it seems:

In the coming weeks we will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do once fully vaccinated, to lessen the confusion, to keep people safe, and to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

To “encourage” people to get the vaccination? Think about that for a second. What will vaccinated people be able to do that the unvaccinated will not? Will people need to show papers or have a badge showing their vaccination status in order to have full freedom? Oh, hell no. Katie Pavlich, editor of our sister site Townhall, nailed it:

Yes. He is a big government tyrant. Biden then transitioned into a creepy whisper voice when he told the American people, “I need you. That’s not hyperbole…”

I promise I will do everything in my power – I will not relent until we beat this virus – but I need you, the American people, I need you. I need every American to do their part. That’s not hyperbole. I need you. I need you to get vaccinated when it’s your turn and when you find an opportunity, and to help your family, your friends, your neighbors, get vaccinated as well.

So it’s our American duty to get an untested vaccine whose manufacturers bear no responsibility or liability if we have a reaction? Ahh, no. If people freely, knowingly decide that they want to get the vaccine, no problem.

Because here’s the point. If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4th there’s a good chance you, your families and friends, will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout and a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day.

That doesn’t mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together. After this long, hard year, that will make Independence Day something truly special, where we not only mark our independence as a nation but we begin to mark our independence from this virus. But to get there we can’t let our guard down.

A July 4th with your loved ones is the goal, but a goal – a lot can happen. Conditions can change. The scientists have made clear that things may get worse again as new variants of the virus spread.

It looks like Biden learned a lot about moving the goalposts from his buddy Gavin Newsom, Governor of California. A more transparent and truthful version of Biden’s thoughts would read:

“There’s a good chance that if you all obey you’ll be allowed to have a small backyard gathering for 4th of July. Fireworks and/or parades? Not a chance we can allow you to talk to each other that much. You might realize that I’ve duped you. But we can’t let our guard down, no – there are a lot of variables and I’m calling them variants and new surges, but really that’s just a code word for whatever I want it to mean at the time.”

Of course, what “doing [our] parts” and “following the science” means is fluid because the arbiter of that is Dr. Anthony Fauci, even after that we have to achieve “national unity.” Another term of which I hope we never have to find out what Biden’s definition.

So my message to you is this: Listen to Dr. Fauci….We need everyone to get vaccinated. We need everyone to keep washing their hands, stay socially distanced, and keep wearing the mask as recommended by the CDC. Because even if we devote every resource we have, beating this virus and getting back to normal depends on national unity.

There’s that thought again, that we can “beat” the virus. I’m sure that self-absorbed, overconfident bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci believe that at some point we can “beat” the coronavirus, and that’s the science Biden is relying on, but sorry, no one is going to eradicate this virus completely. Finally, Biden breaks the news that there’s the possibility that conditions will change and that would lead to more restrictions/lockdowns, then begs people to keep sticking to “the rules.”

Because if we don’t stay vigilant and the conditions change, then we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track. Please. We don’t want to do that again. We’ve made so much progress. This is not the time to let up. Just as we are emerging from a dark winter into a hopeful spring and summer is not the time to not stick with the rules.”

I know that I am not alone in saying hell no, we are not going to reinstate restrictions again. This red-blooded American sure isn’t. I haven’t followed many of them anyway, at least since the end of the two weeks to stop the spread. I’m not reckless and don’t endanger people who are immunocompromised, but when it comes to the things I control, I don’t “stick with the rules.” Aside from the fact that the data doesn’t support continued restrictions, there’s one simple yet crucial principle of freedom: “That all men are…endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Give me the truth (or let me find it myself), and then I will choose which course is the best for me and my family members. What Biden did in the speech was hide the truth, attempt to force people to bow to his edicts, and get them used to the idea of having “rights” granted by the government at their whim.

That’s some totalitarian BS, as Buck Sexton agrees.

Unfortunately, based on the number of Mask Karens existing among us, and the fact that most mainstream media news personalities (both local and national) are parroting Biden’s words with the assumption that he has the right to do the things he’s contemplating doing, I’m afraid that many Americans would just sit back, as they have for the last year, and humbly do what they’re told.

Can you imagine Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty doing that? I cannot. It’s sad to say, but a good number of Americans just don’t have that rebellious, independent spirit that once permeated our culture. If current Americans were living in the colonies, we’d still be part of Britain – subservient, and with bad teeth. And that’s horrifying.

If you wish to hear the lying sh*thead’s full comments, go to the link provided above…

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