These Corporations Need to be Boycotted for Supporting Election Fraud

If one knowingly supports cheat and a fraud, then they too, are a cheat and a fraud.

Image: These corporations need to be boycotted for supporting election fraud

(Natural News) More than 100 companies, including Twitter, Zillow, and Uber, have issued a joint statement expressing “worry” about a new law passed in Georgia that aims to prevent the type of election fraud that occurred in 2020.

According to these companies – which should all be boycotted, by the way – putting protections in place to ensure election integrity is akin to “curbing voting access,” and thus cannot be allowed for interfering with “democracy.”

Axios, a far-left fake news rag, has sided with these large corporations in declaring that election integrity measures “impose barriers that result in longer lines at the polls,” as well as “reduce access to secure ballot dropboxes.”

The corporations in question, several of which are based in Georgia, are basically telling the public to boycott the state of Georgia for trying to secure its election process and make it legitimate. Because of this, these corporations must be boycotted to send a message that We the People support free and fair elections.

“States often take cues from how hard businesses push back,” Axios notes, suggesting that large businesses can bully Georgia and other states into protecting unfair elections that are stolen.

“But many of these corporations, several of which are based in Georgia, could have spoken up earlier when the law was being considered or before the governor signed.”

Angry activists who support stolen elections are urging people to boycott these companies for not speaking up sooner. We are urging readers to boycott the companies for expressing support for fraudulent elections.

“I would encourage these CEOs to look at other states that they’re doing business in and compare what the real facts are to Georgia,” said Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, in a recent statement.

Other notable corporate signees that support stolen elections include Abercrombie & Fitch, Co. (that place still exists?), Lyft, Etsy, Reddit, Snap Inc., Salesforce, ViacomCBS, Facebook, Google, Patagonia, Mailchimp, Bank of America, Apple, Business Roundtable, Microsoft, American Express, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Delta Airlines, and JPMorgan Chase.

Large corporate conglomerates like Patagonia say election fairness disenfranchises black voters

These corporations could not stop at simply signing a joint statement, though. Many of them issued their own statements virtue signaling the “merits” of stolen elections for the preservation of “democracy.”

Facebook, for instance, says it supports “making voting as accessible and broad-based as possible.” The Silicon Valley tech giant also opposes “efforts to make it harder for people to vote.”

Google feels similarly, noting that it has “long created tools and resources” to make fraudulent voting “easier.”

“We’re concerned about efforts to restrict voting at a local level and we strongly support the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.”

Remember when Netflix urged a boycott against Georgia for passing legislation to protect innocent unborn lives from being murdered in the womb? Well Patagonia feels similarly about Georgia’s efforts to preserve free and fair elections.

In a statement, Patagonia called Georgia’s election integrity measures “a new wave of Jim Crow bills that seek to restrict the right to vote.”

In other words, fraudulent elections are important because that is how black people are allowed to vote, according to Patagonia. Trying to do things fairly during an election is an act of “racism” against black voters.

“It is urgent that businesses across the country take a stand – and use their brands as a force for good in support of our democracy,” Patagonia insists.

Mailchimp agrees, having expressed worry that protecting elections against fraud “undermines free and fair elections” and makes “it harder for people to exercise their right to vote, especially people of color.”

“Georgians deserve better,” contends Mailchimp CEO Ben Chestnut.

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