There’s Poetry

There’s poetry in a child throwing sand at the beach
In every moment we teach, in rungs we can’t reach
There’s something in leaves falling from a sleepy sun
In birds opting to run, in races we almost won
There’s poetry in the whistling of a summer breeze
In majestic stately trees, early spring’s cloudless tease
Lessons to Iearn from water flying off a whirling ball
An owl’s hooting call, waves against a stony wall.

In every action, thought, word and deed
Something to be gotten, meanings freely bleed
Look beneath the surface, there’s depth to explore
Your life becomes richer, I dearly implore.

There’s poetry in the clouds dancing wispy in the sky
A kitten’s plaintive cry, a lover’s profound sigh
Something more than the crisp October morning air
Sun glistening in your hair, an awe-inspiring stare.
There’s poetry in the puzzle of the passing of our time
The careful posing of a mime, a natural survival crime.
Enlightenment is found wherever you decide to look
In dreams where we cook, a dog’s obedient look.

So see things deeper, it’s worth your while
Complete your living, it’ll make you smile
There’s more to this life than all you can see
The world is more than dimensions three.

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