There’s Always Options

You can incite a riot, go on a diet
Weave a wool rug, try a new drug
Surf on a wave, dig a fresh grave
Finish that tome, never go home
You can become a gent, give your assent
Revel in toys, fondle young boys
Try some new booze, purposefully lose
Attract attention, don’t bother mention
You may defend others, call out the mothers
Eat too much food, dare to be rude
Assert your faith, don’t play it safe
Go take a risk for all that you’ll miss.

Our life is the sum of decisions and choices
Making distinctions between music and noises
The grand sum of all is what we become
Where we are going is where we’ve come from.

You can add some spices, avoid all the vices
Wrack your brain, even steal to gain
Learn what you can, become a new man
Build a white house, be quiet as a mouse
You can paint in oil, be endlessly loyal
Be a trendsetter or be a bed wetter
Explore a dark road, lessen your load
Mix some new batter, become a mad hatter
You can wallow in greed, play through a reed
Comment in jest, decide what is best
Discover a cure, stoically endure
Step up to the plate before it’s too late.

Our person becomes linear adding in time
From the abjectly absurd to the glowing sublime
Shall we gladly go to our graves fulfilled
With reverent hearts and wisdom instilled?

You can dance in the light, become a fright
Carry your weight, annoyingly late
Be helpful and caring, eschew all the sharing
Just simply smile, or go run a mile
You can rock the boat, laugh and gloat
Describe what you see, in innocence plea
Rely on another or support your brother
Respect the truth, extract a tooth
You can play at your bass, crash at your place
Manuever your car, worship a star
Ease off the throttle, drink from the bottle
Live out your dreams better than it seems.

Yes, this existence is a reflection of options taken
Nothing will happen in directions forsaken
If you want it to be part of your days
Point yourself there, directly in phase.

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