The Seven Principalities of Hell

By Coach Dave Daubenmire

I have never used my column to discuss something that another author had written but I am going to break that tradition. On my daily show we talk about all things spiritual and how the dark forces are having their way with the American church.  We are warned in Scripture that “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” and there can be know doubt that very few Christians understand how the invisible, spiritual realm impacts what goes on here in the natural world.

Satan has an organized army and they are led by what the Bible calls “principalities and powers, evil spirits in high places.”  That is right.  Satan has an organized, highly structured team and for the most part, the American church is “ignorant of Satan’s devices.”

Genesis 3 explains the two teams to us.  Team Satan and Team Jesus.  It is an eternal struggle between the “seed of the serpent (Satan) and the seed of the woman (Jesus).”  That Spiritual war is playing out right in front of us.  Until we understand HOW evil is flourishing, we will be useless in fighting this war.  America is the key nation in expanding the Kingdom of God throughout the whole earth.   Jesus defeated Satan at the Cross.  It is our job to work to expand the Kingdom by setting free those who are in bondage to Lucifer.

This list was compiled by recently deceased former Illuminati member Doc Marquis and will help you better understand the forces of darkness and how they influence us.  I have taken the liberty to edit Doc’s work.  Those in the occult use these principalities against us…. whether you believe in them or not.

1) “Rege” — He is the General of the occult. He deals with such drugs as marijuana, hashish, cocaine, speed, LSD, peyote, and mescaline. These are drugs of sorcery. They attack the mind and open it up for a demon to enter. Rege is also responsible for seeing that music is hexed.  I simply submit to you here that people being trained in witchcraft are told that popular music, especially that targeted for teens and pre-teens, is hexed for maximum occultic effect.

2) “Larz” — Demon of Sexual lust, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, adultery, and other such sexual pleasures.” Again, our daily news is filled with sex and sexual perversions. Pornography, both “hard core” and soft core” can be found in any small to large town and city throughout our land.   Larz is enjoying greater success in America than ever in our nation’s history. One of his greatest American successes must be the legitimizing of homosexuality and bisexuality.

3) “Bacchus” — Demon of addictions, such as [on] drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Satan loves to capture a person in some sort of addiction, for then it is much easier to control that person for his diabolical, perverted ends. We absolutely do see these types of addictions plaguing America today… And, yes, Rege and Bacchus can and do work very closely together to maximize their respective areas of responsibility, as they lead their army of demons.

4) “Pan” — Demon of the mind. He causes mental illnesses, depression, suicide, nerves, and rejection. Have you noticed that when a person becomes depressed, or feels rejected, he will turn to drugs or something else that will eventually become addictive? You see how one demon will cause you to go to another? Pan causes you to become depressed, so you go to Rege, the demon of the occult and drugs, and he in turn sends you to Bacchus, the demon of addiction. It’s all one big circle in which they try to keep you trapped forever.”

5) “Medit” — Demon of hate, murder, killing, war, jealousy, envy, and gossip. This demon is unbelievably active in our society today, filling our daily news with murder and mayhem. Have the activists who are fighting domestic abuse and violence ever contemplated that they may be fighting a demonic host? Again, when this demonic division cooperates with the divisions promoting addiction, drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and the like, you get a most powerful group of problems, of a disastrous nature!

6) “Set” — Demon of Death. There really IS such a thing.” Wars, terrorism, and murder are raging throughout the world. This demon marches with the armies of this world, with the guerillas in the jungles, and with the inner-city gangs. This demon lurks in the darkness of night, waiting to strike without warning, without mercy, and without any reason. “Set” is his name; Death is his game.

7) “Christian Demon” — This demon has no permanent name. He is so powerful that most witches will not even bother him. His job is getting Christians to talk about each other through gossiping and causing strife within the church and among the brethren … He will also try to weaken a Christian’s walk with the Lord by making him content, fail to live up to church commitments, such as soul-winning, church participation, and much more.”

Could the persistent activities of this demon be responsible for the “Apostasy” of the Christian Church? New Age authors are quite bold in saying that these movements are essential in uniting the religions of the world into the coming New World Order. Christian Churches hold THE key to the appearance of Antichrist. After Christian Churches began to drift away from key doctrines, and compromising the Truth of the Gospel, the forces of Darkness charged forward.

This type of cooperation between the various demonic leaders and their fiefdoms really strikes a chord in America today. We have millions of Americans caught in more than one addiction! The social consequences are severe, and spiritually deadly.

Now that you know the 7 major divisions of Hell, and what each division is responsible to make happen on Earth, can you understand a little better what is happening in our world today — in our daily news — and why it is happening? Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? –Doc Marquis.

The war is real, and it is playing out in front of our very eyes.  The battle is not political, although politics is the battleground.  Politics is war without blood.  War is politics that turns bloody.

Now is the time for Christians to arise.  We are IN a war, but we are not AT war.  Put on the Full Armor of God and engage the evil in the world today.

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