2nd Set of Eleven Articles About Canadian Truckers’ Movement

Canadians Protest a Tyrant https://www.thetrumpet.com/blogs/5-stephen-flurry/25189-canadians-protest-a-tyrant ==========AND========== EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Freedom Convoy Demonstrator: Canadians Are ‘Tired of Being Sorry’ https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/02/04/watch-freedom-convoy-demonstrator-canadians-are-tired-of-being-sorry/ ==========AND========== WATCH: Truckers Sing National Anthem While Standing Their Ground https://dailypatriotreport.com/watch-truckers-sing-national-anthem-while-standing-their-ground/ […] Read More

2nd Dozen Articles About The “Virus” and the “Vaccine”

FDA’s War Against the Truth on Ivermectin ==========AND========== Dr. Lee Merritt: Two Important Things to Have when Treating Covid at Home https://rumble.com/vn4pxe-dr.-lee-merritt-two-important-things-to-have-when-treating-covid-at-home.html ==========AND========== Southwest Airlines Backs Off Plan to Put […] Read More

2nd Set of Ten Articles About Crime and the Legal System

Biden Frees Al Qaeda Commander Who Blew Up Buddhas ==========AND========== Defund The Police Democrats Spending Thousands On Personal Security, Prosecutors Skipping Court https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2021/07/defund-the-police-democrats-spending-thousands-on-personal-security-prosecutors-skipping-court ==========AND========== Biden Picks Soros Racist DA Who […] Read More