2nd Set of Ten Articles About Crime and Legal Issues and Related

Massive Armed Mob in 25-Car Caravan Rolls Up to California Nordstrom Store, Ransacks the Entire Building ==========AND========== ‘Experts:’ Don’t Refer to The Bay Area Looting as ‘Looting,’ Guys https://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2021/11/23/experts-dont-refer-to-the-bay-area-looting-as-looting-guys-n2599546 ==========AND========== […] Read More

Yet More Great Stuff from Visionary David Icke

The Big Squeeze And The Big Switch – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=6156b5ac745259263ac2990e ==========AND========== Stay Out Of Hospital – Patients Are Being Murdered – A Personal Testimony https://davidicke.com/2021/10/01/stay-out-of-hospital-patients-are-being-murdered-a-personal-testimony/

Seven Articles About Crime and Legal Issues

Chris Bedford: Media Are Activists That ‘Want To Destroy Christianity’ While Egging On Church Attacks https://thefederalist.com/2021/07/15/chris-bedford-media-are-activists-that-want-to-destroy-christianity-while-egging-on-church-attacks ==========AND========== Vietnam War vet dies after Chicago carjackers beat him in broad daylight https://www.foxnews.com/us/vietnam-vet-dies-carjacking-chicago […] Read More