Eight Recent Articles About Crime and Legal Issues

‘Follow-Home’ Robberies So Bad in Los Angeles, Police Issue ‘Cooperate and Comply’ Alert https://redstate.com/mike_miller/2021/11/11/follow-home-robberies-so-bad-in-los-angeles-police-issue-cooperate-and-comply-alert-n473964 ==========AND========== LAWLESS CHAOS: LAPD tells residents to “comply” with robbers as society collapses in blue cities… […] Read More

4th Dozen Articles About The “Virus-Vaccine” Crime of the Century

THE VAX IS HUMAN SACRIFICE — DR. ZEV ZELENKO ==========AND========== SCIENCE TEAM REVEALS GRAPHENE, ALUMINUM, LNP CAPSIDS, PEG & PARASITES IN 4 CoV – 19 VACCINES https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/science-team-reveals-graphene-aluminum-lnp-capsids-peg-parasites-in-4-cov-vaccines ==========AND========== Do Your […] Read More

Man Rams Car Into LAPD Unit, Gets Out With Body Armor And Is Shot And Killed By Officers

This happened about 15 minutes from here…nutball rammed police and pulled a weapon…cost him dearly… https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2021/04/man-rams-car-into-lapd-unit-gets-out-with-body-armor-and-is-shot-and-killed-by-officers/ BY RAY DIETRICH Hollywood, CA. –  On Saturday afternoon LAPD officers shot and killed a […] Read More