2nd Set of Eleven Articles About the 2020 Election and Audits

More Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud in 2020 https://www.thetrumpet.com/stephen-flurry/25321-more-evidence-of-widespread-voter-fraud-in-2020 ==========AND========== Bill Barr on Election Fraud: I Told Trump ‘All This Stuff Was Bullsh*t’ https://dailypatriotreport.com/bill-barr-on-election-fraud-i-told-trump-all-this-stuff-was-bullsht/ ==========AND========== Wisconsin Special Counsel Alleges Massive […] Read More

Eight Articles About The Border Crisis

Call For Impeachment Of Top Biden Official For ‘Endangerment Of Americans’ ==========AND========== 2.5 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended since Biden took office. Almost all of them were released. https://dailytorch.com/2022/03/2-5-million-illegal-immigrants-have-been-apprehended-since-biden-took-office-almost-all-of-them-were-released […] Read More