Four Articles About the Middle East

Jon Voight Blames ‘Liberal Non-Thinkers’ For Spike In Anti-Semitic Attacks In U.S. ==========AND========== Hamas Terror Chief Thanks Iran for Sending Money, Weapons ==========AND========== Gaza Conflict Reveals a Changed […] Read More

Six Articles Regarding the Middle East and Related Issues

‘Shocking’ Phone Call Between IDF and Gazan Reveals ‘Entire Conflict in a Nutshell’ ========== AND ========== Pakistani MP Calls for Nuking Jewish State ========== AND ========== Apple Employees […] Read More

Escalating Middle East Violence and Two Articles Blasting anti-American Ilhan Omar for Supporting It

Shocking — All Networks Blame Israel for Escalating Palestinian Violence After 160 Rockets Fired From Gaza Into Israel As sure as night turns into day, the major media networks […] Read More