The “Virus-Vaccine” Scamdemic — 54 Linked Articles and Videos

“It’s Beyond ANY Shadow of a Doubt That the Vaccines Are Causing LARGE NUMBERS of Deaths”: Dr. Peter McCullough (VIDEO) […] Read More

1st Dozen (of 7 Dozen) Articles About the “Virus” and the “Vaccine”

COVID EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS DEADLY AFTER EFFECTS CONFIRMED BY MILITARY DATA ==========AND========== America’s Frontline Doctors Confirm: Vaccine-Related AIDS Will Hit MILLIONS By Fall ==========AND========== (WATCH) Big Pharma Used Varying Dosages of […] Read More

7th Dozen Articles About the “Virus” and the “Vaccine”

Woman Died of Rare Brain Bleed After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine: Coroner ==========AND========== RETIRED SLOVENIAN NURSE SAYS 30% OF POPULATION GETTING VACCINE PLACEBO (AUGUST 2021) ==========AND========== The Real Story on […] Read More

1st Dozen (of six dozen) Articles and Video About The “Virus” and the “Vaccine”

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Over 20,000 Americans March in Washington DC Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny ==========AND========== THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT – Millions Have Died From The Injections ==========AND========== Dr. […] Read More

Seven Recent Great Interviews By American Thought Leaders

Robert Henneke Predicted SCOTUS Decision on OSHA Vaccine Mandate, Explains SCOTUS Thinking ==========AND========== PART 2: Dr. Peter McCullough on Omicron Realities and VAERS Reports on Vaccine Injuries and Deaths […] Read More

3rd Dozen Articles About The “Virus” and the “Vaccine”

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1st Set of Eleven Interviews From American Thought Leaders and Kash’s Corner

Dr. Peter McCullough: The Inexplicable Suppression of Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Other COVID-19 Treatments | PART 1 ==========AND========== PART 1: China’s Communist Leaders Are ‘Traffickers’ Selling Human Organs—Robert Destro on […] Read More

2nd Dozen Articles About the “Virus” and the “Vaccine”

Army Surgeon Grounds Several Newly Vaccinated Pilots After They Develop Serious Chest Pain ==========AND========== UPDATE: COVID-19 Cases Plummeted in Indonesia After Government Authorized IVERMECTIN For Treatment – Big Pharma […] Read More