Super Rich Started Last Civil War and They are Doing it Again

An intriguing case made here…always about the money, huh?

Andrew C Wallace

The wealthy, self appointed rulers and their corrupt followers started the last civil war when 500,000 people died, and half of the country was destroyed. Now they are starting another civil war for the same reasons, power and money. This time the death toll will be many times higher due to starvation in the inner city plantations. No quarter will be asked, or given, as both sides are strongly committed. Patriots will not abandon their Constitution for Communism and the useful idiots supporting Communism don’t have a factual clue about anything. Useful idiots living in the inner city plantations are not stupid, but thanks to Democrat fake schools, and fake media they are as ignorant of the truth as a box of rocks.

Contrary to common knowledge, the primary cause of the last civil war was not to free the slaves. It was fought to enrich the wealthy in the Northeast and to unconstitutionally   centralize all power in the federal government over the states. Lincoln only freed the slaves in the Confederacy, not in Union territory for political and military considerations later in the war. He paid Black soldiers’ half of what he paid white soldiers. Starting with slavery the Democrats have done nothing positive for the Blacks.

The wealthy got a tariff law passed that prevented the South from buying and selling to Europe which forced the South to do business on very adverse terms with the wealthy in the North. Everything was done then, as it is now, to enrich the wealthy families, corrupt elected officials, judges, and bureaucrats.

Since the founding of our country, the wealthy have been parasites stealing everything they could from the government and the people. This was possible then. as it is now, because most elected officials, judges and bureaucrats are bribed and corrupt. Equal justice does not exist. There is no law for the wealthy and their minions, while the FBI frames average Americans. Every dollar given to other countries is subject to kickbacks. There is no better example of this corruption than VP Biden. I will never refer to Biden as president, he is a corrupt serial liar and traitor guilty of insurrection. The wealthy get even richer every time they send our military into no win wars that have little or nothing to do with our security. We pay the price with our dead and maimed military, while the wealthy laugh all the way to the bank with their blood money.

Our cities are overflowing with homeless, while borders are unlawfully wide open. Our faux government is paying for housing, medical care, education and other benefits for illegals . But, our own people, including veterans are suffering and ignored. These illegal’s are taking jobs and benefits away from poor citizens and reducing their wages. The Wealthy benefit from cheap labor that is subsidized by the faux government. People must also realize that illegals will destroy Medicare and Social Security. It is past time for people to realize that the wealthy hate them, and hate America. America was settled by people who left Europe for a better life, now life in our cities is like the Europe they escaped from.

Every single law, executive order or action taken by this Communist dictatorship will enrich the wealthy, destroy America and impoverish the people

We must face these facts:

Power by insurrection has no authority to govern. Patriots will be guided by this fact.

Bloody civil war or fair Constitutional elections are the only options.

There is nothing too unlawful or reprehensible that the wealthy won’t do and haven’t already done to unconstitutionally concentrate all power in the federal government, which they control with money. They have been doing this since the Constitution was signed.

The wealthy have 100% of the power and own 85% of all the assets in this country, including your mortgage. They just demonstrated this ruthless power by taking over the government 100% by insurrection. They have taken our capital away from the people and control it with the barrels of thousands of guns, fencing and barbed wire. These unlawful dictators are Chinese style Communists who rule with the barrel of a gun, fear and brutality. This was demonstrated when they burned and destroyed the Democrat cities. To hell with your Constitutional Rights, They will burn you out and kill you, while Democrat elected officials allowed or promoted it for political reasons. Make no mistake, the only reason patriots are not dead or in prison is our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms to protect us from criminals and a corrupt government. Naïve pansies without at least an AR15, plenty of ammunition, and long term rations are a liability to us all, and can expect to be dead. Patriots will make no allowances for fence sitters or supporters of the wealthy, their minions and the Communist Democrats.

It is imperative you understand that the wealthy and their bribed followers among elected officials, bureaucrats, judges, et. al., have been unlawfully subverting our Constitution for at least 200 years. They have been following the Communist plan of centralizing all power, destroying the traditional family, destroying religion and denying us of our Constitutional rights. The wealthy are ignoring the legitimate Constitutional power of the people and the states. They have unlawfully usurped power and set up a Chinese Communist style dictatorship. We no longer have a Constitutional Republic.

In order for you to better understand the total treason perpetrated on the American people I have quoted below, exactly, the words of Publius Huldah. She is a well known and highly respected Constitutional Scholar.

“Fed gov’t of 3 branches: legislative, Executive & Judicial:

  1. Has lawful power only over these objects

(for the Country at large):

  • International trade & diplomacy
  • War—national defense
  • Make Treaties, but only on objects authorized by


  • Laws on naturalization & immigration
  • Certain civil rights ( in the Amendments)
  • Make & enforce only a few criminal laws
  • Federal courts for specific purposes only
  • Miscellaneous “housekeeping”: census, etc.
  • May borrow money & levy taxes, but only for purposes authorized by Constitution!
  1. God given rights secured by federal gov’t:
  • Life: military, pirates, traitors, secure borders
  • Property Rights: honest money, weights & measures, patents & copyrights, bankruptcy law
  • Limited & enumerated powers secure right to be left alone!
  • Fair trials in federal courts: Dt 1:16-17, Dt 19:15-20 & Mt 18: 16; Ex 18:13-26; don’t bear false witness, 5th-8th Amendments

The Fed gov’t & state gov’ts have different spheres of operation. The fed gov’t is supreme only in those few & enumerated powers delegated exclusively to it. The States or the People retain supremacy in all other matters. When the Fed Gov’t usurps powers retained by the States or the People, it becomes unlawful & illegitimate: Nullification  is the “rightful remedy”.

The wealthy and their cabal of traitors have been unlawfully expanding power of the federal government for about 200 years. This is obvious to anyone reading the previous outline  by Publius Huldah  and comparing them with only the 15 Executive Departments of the federal government. I believe that 10 of the 15 are unconstitutional or redundant. Some obvious examples are Education, Labor, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Agriculture. There is nothing in the Constitution, not a single word, giving the federal government any authority to usurp these functions from the states, or the people. Think of the money we could save if the federal government did only what it was supposed to do.

This brings us to the really dark side of government known as the Administrative State. What follows is a rough, free translation of what goes on in the belly of the beast. When a law is passed for the benefit of the wealthy paymasters it is then put into a form suitable for application by the bureaucrats. These bureaucrats are unelected, remain forever and answer to no one but the wealthy. Bureaucrats determine details of how law will be applied, the rules you must follow, your guilt or innocence, and penalties. There is absolutely nothing Constitutional or Democratic in the Administrative State. Under these circumstances only God could have accomplished more than President Trump.

We have judges who think they make the law, they don’t,  and that the Constitution changes with time, it doesn’t. During the recent insurrection by the wealthy and their cabal, the Supreme Court even refused to hear cases that were obvious violations of the Constitution. There can be little doubt that a majority of the court is as compromised as the FBI and DOJ.

As an 87 year old Economist with a modicum of experience and education I want to warn you about our Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank. They admitted to causing the great depression of the thirties by flooding the country with money and then constricting it. They are flooding the county with money again. I think this will lead to inflation and a terrible depression to coincide with a civil war in a year or so.

All veterans took the following oath and will keep it for life, I didn’t include the part that refers only to those on active duty.

I, Andrew Wallace, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same………

I am in no physical condition to honor my oath by taking up arms to defend my country, but as a man I will defend my home and family against the Communist thugs who burned and destroyed our cities. This is my right and obligation under State and Federal Constitutions.

The purpose of this paper is to better inform both sides in the hope that they can reach a peaceful resolution.

© 2021 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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