“Straight Out of 1984” Part 2

by Al Duncan

A classic example of created reality is when a baby, living and developing within his or her mother’s womb is labeled a fetus, a non-living entity.  If the mother doesn’t want her child, she has been handed a legal right to authorize a medical physician to murder her developing child, because the child is in her body, and created reality gives her exclusive authority over her own body, for this specific act of authorizing the murder of her child.  For if she personally performs this act of murder, she will be held accountable.

This created reality description of a non-living fetus quickly changes, however, when the mother wants her child, and particularly, if someone else kills that child, whether accidentally or intentionally. At that point it’s rightfully declared murder, with all the legal consequences attached.

Another double standard is when the same legal right over a woman’s body is nullified under mandatory masks or forced injections that falsely claim to prevent the created reality coronavirus and various other diseases. In this instance, your individual rights are lost to the good of society.  In reality each individual right is the right of society collectively.

In the instance of Covid 19, the controlling created reality premise is who or what are essential and who or what are nonessential.

Wearing a completely ineffective mask at all times is essential, regardless to its inability to impede a microscopic virus or its harmful effects and possible death from bacterial pneumonia from wearing a mask for extended periods of time.  Flying on an airplane seated shoulder to shoulder with total strangers falls within the purview of essential activity, but eating a meal at a preferred restaurant with family or friends is considered nonessential.  There is a ridicules 6 feet distancing rule, as if Covid has a measuring tape and is incapable of traveling an inch beyond the designated 6 feet distance.  Walmart, Costco and other Big Box retail stores are categorized as essential, while local independent mom and pop stores are branded nonessential.  Politicians and public officials are essential and can do as they please, even when they violate their own stringent regulations, but you and I are nonessential and can be fined, and or jailed for violating one of the created reality regulations.

Are you beginning to see a hidden agenda here?  The shutdown of nonessential businesses leave essential Big Box retailers open to flourish, concurrently eliminating competition and making Big Box stores the only stores in town.  This will bankrupt every nonessential whilst it enriches the designated essentials.

The 1 percent that possesses 60 percent of the world’s wealth is suddenly catapulted to the position of owning 100 percent of the world’s wealth.

The confiscation of wealth from the public will open the door for the long engineered 2021 Great Reset that will reconstruct the economy, establish a new currency and method of exchange, replace ownership by the public with an inclusive rent or lease program, institute the insertion of Universal Basic Income for all nonessentials, initiate the mandatory installation of killer 5-6G frequencies to empower Smart Cities, utilize robotics and AI, and finalize Agenda 30, which is the restrictive Climate Change, the Agenda 21 on steroids.

The Great Reset, transitions created reality into the material, physical world.  The Great Reset is so radical that nothing, as we know it today, will be the same, including humankind.

Essentially, the big box corporations are the enforcement arm that compels everyone to abide by the lockdowns, mask wearing, distancing, tracker tattoos and inoculations Either you submit to enslavement or you will not be able to buy anything, sell anything, or transact business of any kind, period.

The ultimate and most damning arm of created reality today is the Covid 19 mRNA injections, and the first messenger gene alteration ever to be administered to humans.  The scientific technocrats have been obsessed with altering biology since they found how to Genetically Modify Organisms (GMOs).  Through main stream media (MSM) coercion, catchy ads, enticements, denying you the ability to buy, sell, travel, and ultimately eat; they will force these injections and implants on everyone.

As GMOs genetically modify plants to become a nonproductive non-biological entity, the mRNA injections modify the human DNA into nonproductive, non-biological entities.

The mRNA injection also contains sensors and nanoparticles, which are microscopic robotic organisms that can assemble, disassemble and reassemble as they work their way throughout the body to takeover psychological and bodily functions.  It reprograms the DNA and cellular structure from a reproductive biological human being into a nonproductive transhuman computerized device.  Transhumanism promises that death can be conquered physically and spiritually, and the mRNA vaccine is the tool designed to accomplish that.

The nanoparticles and sensors collectively, are responsive to external computer applications, with continuous updates to this embedded app with each additional vaccination.  Humans are gradually transformed from human beings into transhumans, or Cyborgs to be accessed and operated by outside controllers.

It’s illegal to patent a natural living thing that God created.  But once its molecular structure has been changed, it’s no longer natural; therefore, it becomes legally patentable by the one who designed and implemented the changes.

At least 200 species become extinct every day. There are approximately 1.7 MM known species of life on earth.  In 2011 scientists introduced the first synthetic life form designed by man.  In the preceding 10 years there have been over 3000 patents issued for GMOs.

In 2018 they introduced the first synthetic life form designed by a computer.  In 50 years there could be more life forms invented in the lab than identified in nature.  It’s called Synthetic Biology.  It’s not authentic; it’s a synthetic copy of the real and it is pathetic.

Just as there is a war against reality, there’s a war against all natural, biological forms of life.  It’s become blatantly obvious, there’s an attempt by man to replace God’s creation.

The mRNA injection is soon to be accompanied with an ID 2020, the quantum dot digital tattoo implant, which amongst many other things, will hold the current records of all injections.  It’s readable with a mobile phone app, making it far more efficient than having it electronically documented or written on paper. The patent number is ironically 060606, 666.  Once it is permanently administered under the skin it setups up a strategic reconnaissance mission within the body.  The host legally becomes a registered possession of its patent owner, in this case, Bill Gates.

Since 1945, forced vaccinations have been a crime against humanity and a violation of the Nuremburg Code and the Geneva Convention that establishes the standards of international law for humanitarian treatment.  In order to supersede this international law, they force you to willingly comply, or you will not be able to travel, enter public buildings, and utilize public transport or public places without ID 2020 to prove Covid 19 negative and current inoculations.  This will inevitably force the population of the world to accept these injections and implants on their own accord.

From here, I can easily venture into the mark of the beast, but I won’t.  The Bible says you must have the mark of the beast in order to buy anything or sell anything.  I will, however, tell you that this is why God warns the world, all hope is lost for anyone who takes the mark, for this is the seal that you are no longer God’s creation, you are a transhuman, and forever a controllable possession of man, and ultimately Satan.

None of this is arbitrary; this has been the dream of a group of billionaires’ for decades. In fact, many white papers have been written in detail on this subject over the years.  David Rockefeller’s Operation Lockstep, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” published in 2010Disease X, Bill Gates’ Event 201, published 2019, and the 1980 Georgia Guidestones, by Ted Turner, and the Deagel Report that forecasts a 70 percent drop in the U.S. population by 2025.  Most of these writings are periodically updated and revised from some of the most degenerate scientific minds at the most renowned think tanks around the world.

The only solution is to resist and cease all indulgence in their MSM platforms, refuse to acknowledge any form of created reality and reject it as baring any factual basis.

If you don’t believe these sick billionaires and their mad, God wannabe, scientists are serious about exterminating humanity and turning us into transhuman Cyborgs, here they are openly announcing it in the Wall Street Journal:

“Covid-19 might be exactly the crisis needed to accelerate transhumanism,” according to an op-ed in WSJ called Looking Forward To The End of Humanity by Adam Kirsch.

© 2021 Al Duncan – All Rights Reserved

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