Proper Etiquette for Agent Provocateurs

An interesting look into censorship, self-censorship, free speech and related topics…

By James Fitzgerald

Free speech comes at a cost, because words are power and create ripples throughout the world. The wise, after realizing the impact of their words, begin to cultivate discretion and discernment. Not much of a problem, you might say, but how much practice have we all put into developing the latter attributes when compared with the easy consumption of huge swathes of random images and information generated by corporate media and other people?

The AI thought police on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are so heavy handed now that these platforms no longer offer even the semblance of free expression. “Suspect” videos are pre-banned, so that there is no chance of uploading them in the first place. it is possible to read the circuitry of Twitter’s brain by observing the headlines they flag on the right-hand column — and Facebook lets its boy wonder, Mark Zuckerberg, make the public pronouncements. Even uplifting New Age messages have been targeted by these digital monoliths. Now that the MAGA crowd and the investigative journalists and “positive life affirmation” brigade have been alienated and sent packing we are left with a desert where tumbleweeds blow past while users ponder their next carefully edited musings, ever mindful of upsetting the liberal technocratic algorithms. GIFs of Mel Gibson as William Wallace exclaiming “freeeeeeedoommmm” still circulate, but the intense debates and searing revelations on the underworld, or “swamp”, have evaporated.

Extreme liberal views and hysterical “pandemic” narratives are left to fill the void, making for a Victorian circus spectacle, where freakish creatures perform verbal acrobatics and corporate sponsors run around the ring naked, having exposed themselves as hypocrites during the Trump presidency.  

After a brief skirmish over at Parler, where hackers mined the operating system and Big Tech pulled the rug, an exodus of autists, truthers and professional probers began to congregate on the Gab platform — although the former camaraderie and partisanship seems less intense and relations more tempered. Perhaps the shock and awe campaigns by the tech monoliths activated childhood traumas and scorched the fingers of social denizens. Telegram, which operates beyond the pale of Apple, Google or Microsoft, has experienced a renaissance in activity. Even “normies” are opening accounts as a measure to avoid full-spectrum surveillance. The app pings its users with updates and comments from the myriad posters and commentators now unleashing their scoop news stories and videos of citizens challenging the draconian rules and ciphers around the world. These enclaves have become the last bastion of social satire, after the globalist machine’s clinical bots zapped all humor from their platforms.  

The silver lining to the purges by Big Tech is that many people are thinking long and hard about who they are and what they want from life, and no longer look to authority figures for their answers and orientation. Personal sovereignty is being birthed, even though the labor pains have gone on for more than a year and the baby has yet to fully emerge.

Donald Trump is reportedly creating a new social media platform that will “completely redefine the game” and which will be ready in 2-3 months, according to Jason Miller, who was a spokesperson for Trump’s 2020 campaign.

As Jeff Goldblum pointed out amid the chaos of Jurassic Park, “nature will find a way”. Nature is good at camouflage, whereas detached corporate entities are not — at least not any more. The proliferation of recording devices and social media outlets has led to the “Streisand Effect”, a social phenomenon that occurs when an attempt to hide, remove, or censor information has the unintended consequence of further publicizing that information, often via the internet. The term was coined when Barbara Streisand tried to suppress photos of her Malibu mansion. We have recently seen, and reported on at Corey’s Digs, many such instances, often involving the Democratic party and more recently members of the GOP. In a sense, the veil of deception has dropped — it has never been more easy to be an investigative journalist or seeker of truths.

The great divide among humanity is well underway — the discourse around the “pandemic” and now the “vaccine” position are creating two stark timelines. How or if these two imperial and rebel groups will co-exist is not yet clear, with the latter eschewing  all the generous offers of mask mandates, experimental RNA jabs and nano bot infection.  There are now many millions of people around the world who have been inured with enough counter-consensus information — about the planet’s social history and geo-politics and control structures — that they are seeking a new way to exist in the world. Many are better informed than most of the secret agents of the world’s intelligence services. Those people co-exist with the “sleepers” — sometimes among family members and under the same roof as others who still believe that CNN and the BBC represent cutting edge and impartial news.  

The order of the day is self-censorship — in order to navigate the current lockdown dystopia, but also to avoid the karmic backlash for red-pilling others or data dumping on subjects such as “toxic jabs” or masks or quarantine directives, as the “rebels” would see it. The adherents to the globalist empire are enthusiastically lining up to be deceived, jabbed or suffocated by masks — but it is their prerogative. They could not and would not yet wish to live in the searing reality of a deconstructed 3D Matrix. As Morpheus pointed out in The Matrix, “you have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged … and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.” But those people who defend a nihilistic and ruthless system may go down with it as it implodes in on itself, which is what we are witnessing now.

Even Jesus of Nazareth used parables to avoid direct transgression of freewill and blowback from ignorant and primal minds — but they crucified him anyway, mainly for calling out the hypocrites among the elites of the day: the Sadducees, Pharicees and Romans.

Whose responsibility is it to awaken people? Is it a risky pursuit, if you oblige someone to look where he or she never planned to, causing them distress or disruptive cognitive dissonance? What kind of karma (or cause and effect) awaits the person who foists their prized counter-cultural narratives on the unwitting or unwilling recipient? Ask and ye shall receive is the universal maxim that covers your butt: be a living example of your ideals but wait for the invitation to share with any fervor.

Misinformation is rife amid the melee of ideas and facts, and is perhaps the most tricky area to navigate. It is a skillset that requires an activated and attuned heart. The AI menace represents the head without a heart. Our duty to ourselves involves a journey into to our most prized possessions — our hearts and souls. However, judgmentalism and self-righteousness among those “in the know” is counterproductive and the antithesis of real wisdom, which is compassionate and assured. This is the journey from reactionary to creator. When we refer to judgment, we do not mean withhold determinations about people or situations, but rather to avoid condemnation. It has never been more important to exercise our liberty to decide what is good and what is bad for us, and to say NO when necessary. Rejecting that which does not serve your good is not the same as spending time and energy in condemnation. Recognizing and differentiating between harmful and helpful energies is a necessary skill to maintain personal freedoms and make decisions on a daily basis.   

On one day last week, almost everyone I encountered had a grim story to recount about their vaccine experience. The guy in front of me at the grocery store told the till clerk about his bad reaction to the jab, which resulted in a chest infection, and led to a prescription for antibiotics. The woman behind the till said she “couldn’t get out of bed for a week” after hers, and they both knew any elderly woman who passed on soon after she got jabbed. Ten minutes later I was on a conference call with several journalists from a major newspaper, one of whom was missing, after he became ill immediately after his Covid shot. Three other people in that group had had or knew of colleagues who experienced negative reactions to the jabs — and so inevitably they asked if I had gone for my shot. Up to that point, my subtle hints about their blind faith in the vax scheme had been ignored or ridiculed; now my opinion mattered, since I had managed to avoid being poisoned. Instead of dumping a load of detailed stats and anecdotes on their worried minds, I advised them in retrospect (and before the next round of jabs) to carry out the same due diligence they would with a news story or other big life decision. I didn’t have any miracle cures to offer, other than zeolite and apple cider vinegar, and could not prognosticate on the effects of nano tech in their bloodstream. They, like many others, have become lab subjects in a giant experiment. Saying “I told you so” just wouldn’t cut it. 

The wisdom and knowledge we have gained from hard study and acute observation of the underlying world — rather than the overt consensus reality — can be the trigger and gateway to new horizons and expanded consciousness for others. We can unwittingly offer the synchronous clue or magic coincidence that alerts another to the intelligent and interactive universe — what Carl Jung called the “psychoid” realm. But rather than setting out with our egos as plotters and planners of other people’s awakenings, we are safer, and more reliable, as unwitting conduits, where we don’t try too hard but realize when we have made a difference. In those moments our contemporaries have the opportunity to get off the 3D hamster wheel and get onto the circular Hero’s Journey of the Soul.  

The G-force of our current rollercoaster ride is peeling back the layers of contrived identity and ego, whether we like it or not. We are all walking around like freshly skinned grapes; the sense of rawness and vulnerability applies to both the “good” and “bad” actors in this show. But it means we are getting closer to our core being. Consider the uses of adversity, say the Rune stones. Meister Eckhart, the German theologian and mystic, put it this way: “If nut seeds produce nut trees and pear seeds produce pear trees, what do God seeds produce?” And Gods ain’t victims.

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