Power by Insurrection has No Constitutional Authority

All of this evil nonsense must be overturned for us to continue as America.

by Andrew C Wallace

Don’t read this article if you can’t tolerate the plain spoken truth and anguish of a Patriot.

Patriots know we have a faux government put into power by an insurrection, which means it has no Constitutional authority to govern. The Constitutional requirements for voting were not followed, and every conceivable method of cheating was employed, resulting in an insurrection and a faux government.

These evil traitors have total and absolute power without Constitutional Authority. They are ruling against the needs and desires of the American people while implementing a ruthless Chinese Communist style dictatorship in conjunction with the cabal of the super wealthy Democrats and Communists.

But circumstances are much, much more dire and catastrophic than just stated.

The real horrible terrifying truth is that a few families and billionaires control the government and absolutely 100% of everything else in this country. These power mad people are anti-American and don’t give a damn about the people; they are sacrificing us for money and power. Every single thing they are doing is contrary to the best interests of the people. I defy anyone to question this fact.

You must understand that the greedy power mad establishment, elites, deep state, controllers, cabal or whatever you call them, own 85% of the equity in everything. This includes major corporations, banks, media corporations and everything else of value including your home mortgage. It goes without saying that most government officials are on their payroll. If we allow this to continue the Private Federal Reserve Bank will cause a depression worse than the Great Depression of the thirties by an order of magnitude. The wealthy would then take everything you own, courtesy of the Private Federal Reserve Bank as they did during the Great Depression. A federal Reserve chairman confirmed this is a speech.. People in the inner city plantations would be starved to death by actions of the very Communists they support. Blacks, and poor people are not stupid, but they are mostly more uninformed that a box of rocks due to fake media and fake schools which can only be corrected by giving people vouchers for use with  schools of their choice.

It is safe to say, obvious, and proven, that the majority of Americans did not vote for this treasonous take over by the cabal of Democrats, Communists and the super wealthy. Supporters of this insurrection are its most hapless brain washed victims. They live in dangerous sub standard inner city plantations, subject to fake schools and fake media. These poor people are mostly uninformed and brainwashed. The other major group of supporters are arrogant college professors. Most of them have spent their entire lives in an artificial and privileged life style teaching only 6-12 credit hours a week. Of course they brainwash students.  Lenin, one of the major founders of Communism referred to all supporters of Marxism as Useful Idiots.

After a life time of indoctrination by fake schools and fake media it is almost impossible to get Useful idiot victim supporters of Communist Democrats to even consider the historical facts of Marxism’s total failures sense its inception. It is safe to say, that in any conflict with Communism, conversion of either side is impossible.

Poor people and Blacks refuse to see that everything being done by the faux administration is designed to enslave and impoverish them. This faux administration is opening the borders, and also allowing corporations to bring in foreign workers to replace Americans. The greedy wealthy are also doing as much business as possible with our Chinese enemies to further deindustrialize and impoverish us. All of these actions reduce the number of jobs and wages for American workers. To add insult to injury this faux administration is subsidizing foreign workers with our tax dollars to replace Americans so corporations can pay them even less.

The Green New Deal is an impossible and insane pipe dream that would destroy our country. It will end reliable electric service, as in California. It will increase the cost of electricity, gas, heat and everything else to an unaffordable level. There would be rationing  You can’t operate electric cars or an economy on wind or solar power. Electric cars right now cost several times more to operate than gasoline powered cars. Electric cars are not a viable substitute for combustion energy vehicles. Using Fossil fuel is the only way to have prosperity and a decent life style. The faux Biden administration is forcing us to become a poverty stricken third world country of slaves to benefit the wealthy and Globalism.

First, the Democrat Communists, financed by their wealthy co-conspirators and the corporations they control, supported and financed the burning of our cities. Not one single Democrat or associated corporate sponsor said anything negative about the Black Lives Matter arsonists. Black Lives Matter is a self proclaimed Marxist organization that hates this country, religion, and families.

I fault President Donald Trump for not charging the Democrat governors, mayors and prosecutors for treason for their conduct during the burnings. They refused to protect the people and stop the destruction for political advantage.  Constitutional lawyers maintain that President Trump should have protected the people, stopped the burning, and the insurrection with federal troops. But, maybe the military Flag officers were as compromised by greed as most everyone else in DC. President Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex which of course is under control of the cabal.

President Trump was bringing our troops home, the first thing Biden did was to send them back. This is the reason that Flag officers and the Military Industrial Complex did not support President Trump. President Trump knew that no win foreign wars were expensive, wrong and counter productive

It is not enough, that these Wealthy Pigs own 85% of everything and control 100% of it. Now they are in the process of putting every small business competitor out of business that they didn’t burn out. This was done, and is being done by increasing the minimum wage and locking down, without justification the small firms, but allowing the big retailers to remain open.

If treason by the faux Biden administration was not enough, did you know that Large corporations and central banks are planning on implementing digital currencies. This would be the ultimate in control and depravation as the banks would charge you for every transaction. If we did not now have an unconstitutional fiat currency, not backed by gold and silver as required by our Constitution, there would be limits on government actions and corruption.

You must know your enemy and do everything in your power not to support them in any way, which is almost impossible because they control everything. Builtin, a tech company stated that the following companies supported the Marxist arsonists of Black Lives Matter. May their treasonous officers and directors rot in hell


  • Airbnb
  • A16z
  • Bumble
  • Cisco
  • Docusign
  • DoorDash
  • Eaze
  • Etsy
  • Grindr
  • Grubhub
  • IBM
  • Matchstick Ventures
  • Microsoft
  • Niantic
  • Peloton
  • Reddit
  • RobinHood
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • Snap
  • Uber
  • Techtonic

Most large American corporations are controlled by the wealthy to make money for them, and they don’t give a damn about the country or anyone else  The wealthy have allied themselves with the Communist  Democrats and our Chinese enemies  to control and destroy our Democratic Republic along with our Constitutional rights. A small investor can still make money in the market, but only the crumbs are left for them. The wealthy control corporate directors who manipulate corporate policies to the determinate of the corporation its self, minority stock holders, employees, customers, America, et al.

Wall Street does perform a valuable function of providing funding for corporations. But much of what is done has no benefit to anyone but the cabal of wealthy manipulators. There is no benefit from hedge funds reducing a stock price for profit. There is no benefit in destroying a company by selling off parts of it for profit. Financialization is the routine  process of using company resources in an unproductive manner to artificially raise company stock prices for the profit of major shareholders. It is also common practice to raid pension funds, reduce contributions to pensions, medical care, and countless other ways to screw everyone connected to the corporations for the benefit of the major shareholders.

The stock market is not a level playing field as recently demonstrated. As an example, hedge funds sold the stock of Game Stop short and used a campaign of negative information to drive down the price. Small investors countered the hedge funds by buying the stock, costing the hedge funds billions. The corrupt brokerage firms then tried to protect the hedge funds by refusing to allow smaller investors  to buy the stock

I am 86 years old and I have never observed in my lifetime, such in your face, total treason. The cabal of the wealthy, Democrats and Communists has by using their total power deprived us of our Constitutional and God given rights. This faux administration has all the power, but absolutely no Constitutional authority to govern. This fact is well known by patriots. We cannot hope to remove these traitors by elections, we learned that last year with unconstitutional elections, a corrupt congress, and compromised courts. Of  course, the FBI and DOJ are compromised and corrupt. Seventy five to Eighty Million Patriots know what I have said in this paragraph, and so do the traitors, which is why they are surrounded by a tall fence and thousands of troops.

The faux Biden administration is doing everything possible to enrage Patriots . I think they are doing this to provoke violent responses as a justification to control the people with deadly force. Gun control would be the last straw. I pray this does not happen, but they are Communists after all. Marxists always use the barrel of a gun, fear and brutality to control people. This would cause a bloody civil war. I don’t advocate violence, but then I can’t locate anyone with an alternate solution.

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