Morgue’s “Glitches” in Reality

There is a very intelligent fellow on YouTube with some intriguing theories about reality. He calls himself Morgue. Anyway, here is his latest, and following that is my reply.

Fascinating. Much of what you say makes proper sense.

Indeed, “real” reality is much more than the four-dimensional spacetime we humans exists within. And, I would also heartily agree that we choose to limit ourselves in believing in such a limited subset of reality. Further, I believe there exists a subspace template dimensionality on which our physicality resides, giving rise to instantaneous communication entanglements, “speeds” faster than light, gravitational cancellation, over-unity (zero-point) energy, what we would call spirit consciousness, and timeless eternity, and thus even time travel from our point of view.

I have contemplated these things for a very long time, taught physics and math (see my fractals at and chem for forty years, but only in the past dozen years or so have come to the realization that consciousness (or mind if you will) needs to be incorporated into our reality to get a fuller picture and work out some of the “glitches” (as you call them). Even Einstein considered this addition as well.

Here are still two things we have not really understood: 1) What is the electron? I am not asking about its properties, but what is it fundamentally? Is it frozen light? Is it the zipping mechanism between the physical and the non-physical? and 2) What is the nature of the Supreme Being? How can this explanation of yours jive with an Eternal Creator and his plan for us? And further, do we dare presume?

Lastly, whose mind is it? Yours, ours, His, whose? Are we co-creators in our corporate reality, as has been suggested by extra-terrestrial channelers? Or is everyone privy to their own version of reality? Or both?

In any case, keep up the good work and keep searching for more and more and more…

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