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1- We are big fans of Molly McCann who was interviewed Monday on The War Room. Molly makes a great point that energy dependence, green energy and globalism have brought the world to a dangerous point. The War Room Rumble    Youcan listen to Molly’s podcasts here: America’s Moment

2- Little by little, we change election laws. The Epoch TimesArizona House, Senate Approve Measure Boosting Voter ID Requirements on November Ballots

QUOTE: The Republican-controlled Arizona House and GOP-led state Senate voted Monday to approve a measure on the November election ballot that would drastically increase the identification requirements needed for Arizonans who want to vote both in-person and by mail.

Gina Swoboda, third vice chairman of the Republican Party of Arizona, announced the measure had been approved in a video posted to Twitter on Monday.

“We are so proud to announce that the voter ID act has passed out of the house, it will be on the ballot in November,” Swoboda said. “Thank you to everyone for making this happen. This is going to be a great election cycle, the people will be heard.”

The SCR1012 bill (pdf) would require early voters to provide their date of birth and number along with their signature on their return ballots.

Currently, voters in Arizona just sign their names, which county officials then compare to signatures they have on file with verified voter registration documents.

The measure was approved after Republicans raised concerns that the state’s voter ID laws allow for fraud or illegal votes to take place, particularly in light of allegations of voter fraud in Arizona during the 2020 presidential election.

3-  Elections have consequences.  The Epoch Times Virginia Government Releases Report on Efforts to Combat Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

QUOTE: Virginia’s Education Department has released a 30-day report on its actions to rescind programs, policies, and materials involving “discriminatory and divisive concepts” such as critical race theory (CRT).

“The concepts have become widespread in the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and in Virginia school divisions and we will need to proactively review policies, practices, and pedagogies around the state to uphold the Civil Rights Act and comport with Executive Order One,” the report (pdf) reads, referring to Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order to address “inherently divisive concepts” in public education.

The report lists eight steps that the Youngkin administration has taken or is taking to identify and address “inherently divisive concepts” in public education. The majority of those actions concerned EdEquityVA, a program established in 2021 by then-Gov. Ralph Northam with the goal of establishing “concrete plans to dismantle any and all forms of systemic racism in Virginia’s public education system utilizing the principles of anti-racism.”

4- We have long known that almost everything related to Covid-CCP coming out of any government entity has been a lie or intentionally hidden from us. Dr. Joseph MercolaHealth Agencies Admit to Hiding COVID DataQUOTE: If you’ve felt like crucial data about COVID-19 have been missing since the start of the pandemic, it’s not in your head. An exposé by The New York Times has revealed that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has actually been collecting data all along — it just hasn’t published most of it.

Data such as U.S. hospitalizations for COVID-19 according to age, race and injection status would have certainly been of interest to a large portion of the U.S. population. The CDC has been collecting such data for more than a year but hasn’t made the bulk of it public, the Times reported. What else has the CDC been keeping from the public?

    • Data such as U.S. hospitalizations for COVID-19 according to age, race and injection status have been collected by the CDC for more than a year but most of it hasn’t been made public
    • The CDC published data on boosters’ effectiveness in adults under 65, but didn’t include data for 18- to 49-year-olds, “the group least likely to benefit from extra shots”
    • The CDC didn’t publish the data over concerns that it would be “misinterpreted,” but the only way the data could be interpreted as ineffective is if they show the shots don’t work
    • Dr. Robert Malone believes that the CDC withholding evidence about COVID-19 shot safety is scientific fraud
    • Malone is calling on Americans to demand the full COVID-19 data from the CDC and FDA, and for those in government who have lied to the American people to be held legally accountable.

5- More lies and hiding of the facts by our government. Alex Berenson

Suffer the children

QUOTE: VAERS – the federal side effects reporting system – has received more than 500 reports of life-threatening events, permanent disability,or deaths following mRNA shots in kids and adolescents.

In the light of today’s report that the jabs actually increase the risk of Covid infection in kids under 12 – and do little or nothing to reduce hospitalizations – I figured you might want to see what those reports actually look like.

Lots of myopericarditis and other cardiovascular events.

Don’t worry, though, the vaccine fanatics will be glad to tell you correlation is not causation and VAERS is not reliable (they are correct, the data suggest that 70 to 95 percent of events are NOT reported, depending on seriousness).

6- We must not let the people who failed to give us real information and protect our health get away with their massive dereliction of duty. They must be held accountable.  Look for more and more lawsuits against these companies and also individuals.Children’s Health Defense Judge Unseals 400 Pages of Evidence Clears Way for Phizer Whistleblower Lawsuit

QUOTE: The decision by a district court judge to unseal a complaint filed more than a year ago against multiple parties involved in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials allowed the lawsuit to go forward — and revealed 400 pages of exhibits used to substantiate the lawsuit’s claims.A whistleblower lawsuit alleging fraud during Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials is moving forward, after a district court judge unsealed the complaint, including 400 pages of exhibits.

Brook Jackson in January 2021 sued Pfizer and two companies the drugmaker contracted with to work on the trials: Ventavia Research Group and ICON PLC.

Jackson worked for Ventavia for a brief period in 2020 before being fired after she filed a complaint with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over alleged improprieties she observed during the vaccine trials. She also gave The BMJ a cache of internal company documents, photos and recordings highlighting alleged wrongdoing by Ventavia.

Read. Know. Share. Pray and

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


Socialism fails every time it is tried

Dear Patriots,

To start out a new week, we suggest several longer articles that go into depth on current events.

1- We often share the work of Selena Zito because she often hits the nail on the head.

In this piece she illustrates why more Democrats are moving to the Republican Party. And it has NOTHING to do with anything the RNC has done! Read it all.

Selena Zito It’s the culture, stupid

QUOTE: By the way, this is not about Republicans getting things perfect or even semiperfect or even partially perfect — this is about Democrats overreaching so wide and so far that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

What makes it worse for the Democrats is that they have done it in unison with our cultural curators for so long. When corporations and the media amplify this overreach in their advertisements, tweets, or social justice positions or opinions, they just push people even further away.

While Republicans would love to take credit for it (they deserve none), there was no master plan hatched by the Republican National Committee or former President Donald Trump. They did not create any of the backlash in the same way that Trump or the RNC did not create this conservative populist coalition that formed before he ever stepped on that escalator in 2015.

People will calculate that the midterm elections this year will be about a lot of things: Trump, racism, and not getting Build Back Better passed. They will be wrong — it is the culture, and had they just spent some time listening to people, they would have known.

2- In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative discuss six critical battles of the culture war being waged right now. Here is just one of the six battles, go to the link for the whole list.
The Blue State ConservativeSix Key Battles Currently Being Fought In The Culture War

QUOTE: #6: Resistance is building against the left’s sexual and gender values being taught in schools.

Leftists believe that they, not parents, should be the ones instilling values in our nation’s children. If a father explains to his daughter that girls are girls and boys are boys, that’s problematic and must be stopped. If a mother teaches her son that God wants him to wait until marriage to have sex, and that marriage should be to a woman, such talk is homophobic and bigoted in their view. But this is a losing battle for the left, and a winning one for the right. Conservatives need to stick to their values and take issues like this head-on. It’s the right thing to do, and it will help them at the ballot box.

3- As we move toward the midterm elections, with the Democrats sinking to record lows on all issues in the polls, watch for this strategy to develop. John KassBiden “Strategy”: Blame Putin For Everything and Portray Critics as Treasonous

QUOTE: Especially now that Biden’s approval ratings keep dropping, gas prices keep rising, inflation eating at American paychecks, as Russia’s murderous dictator Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine and kills its people.

So, what can the Biden White House do? Looks like they’ve already begun this four-step program:
    • Blame Putin for everything that’s gone wrong since Day One of the Biden administration, including inflation from wild spending sprees, and high gas prices at the pump.    • Double down on the already-approved Biden White House theme that critics are nothing but traitorous pro-Russian stooges.    • Spin away the reality of Biden as a weak, doddering old man by reminding Americans of all those times he’s threatened to take Putin, former President Donald Trump or Joe’s old nemesis, “Corn Pop”  behind the barn for an old fashioned “whuppin’.”    • Entertain a more aggressive interventionist foreign policy in Ukraine and elsewhere.

You can see this taking shape as Democrats rally around the president, hoping to shore him up with the November mid-term elections approaching.

4- The world now admits Covid-CCP is over, the leftist in the media are working up other news to use to scare you.  Vasko Kohlmayer  The Collapsing Covid Narrative is Being Replaced with Putin and UkraineQUOTE:There were scientists who advocated herd immunity through natural infection at the outset. Those voices, however, were ridiculed, censored, discredited, fired and cancelled.

Instead, one after another, governments across the world seized the false narrative and proceeded to impose a cascade of disastrous measures that inflicted unprecedented damage on the human race.

These policies were a gargantuan mistake that cost untold trillions of dollars and countless lives.

Now that the false narrative is collapsing, those responsible for this debacle should be asked to explain themselves. These people, however, are very cunning and they are already in the process of skilfully diverting the public’s attention to another place with a new narrative.

Today they are all talking about Vladimir Putin as the greatest threat to mankind. They hope to inflame people’s passions so they will not notice that Covid has somehow gone away even though a short while ago we were allegedly all in danger of dying from it.

5- This is an in-depth look at the lies about early treatment options and how the left kept these cures from sick people. Children’s Health Defense

The Extraordinary Story of How Governments Suppressed Effective COVID Treatments and Targeted Physicians Who Prescribed Them
QUOTE:But here’s the kicker: The authorities knew all about chloroquine and other treatments for COVID-19 before there was a COVID-19 — because they had figured it out for the 2003 SARS epidemic and the 2012 MERS epidemic, both caused by related coronaviruses. But they hushed it up.

Five Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) U.S. scientists (employed by the U.S. government), along with three Canadian government scientists, in 2005 published a paper showing chloroquine was an effective drug against SARS coronaviruses. European scientists showed the same thing in 2004.

6- Socialism fails every time it is tried. Sadly, it is being tried on the United State at a rapid pace by the Biden regime. There is hope.  Robert Genetski-The Epoch TimesProgressive, Socialist Policies Are Destructive, Have Never Brought Prosperity

QUOTE: After years of data accumulation and analysis, top U.S. economist Robert Genetski found that progressive or socialist policies are destructive and can only bring America away from prosperity. He also said the Biden administration’s economic policies are “absolutely” progressive or socialist.

“The classical free-market policies were far more effective and powerful than I ever imagined, and the movement away from them, in terms of progressive economics and socialism, were far more destructive,” Genetski told The Epoch Times. “I would never have guessed that for 52 years we would have no increase in the real take-home pay of the average worker.”

QUOTE: “I’m hopeful that people will become very frustrated. They don’t necessarily have to understand the economics, but they see what it does to their incomes, and they don’t care about the economics. They just want to change and hope that something will get better.”

“For example, we have elections coming up in November. If there is a huge switch to getting rid of people who believe that the government should control more, and we put other people in, that will slow the trend and maybe stop it for the next two years until the presidential election,” said Genetski.

“It’s a process that goes on. No one knows how it’s going to turn out. But the history suggests that when you move too dramatically in one direction, and you see the damage, and people realize that, there is an automatic tendency through elections to shift policies back in the other direction.”

Pray for the people of Ukraine. Pray their leaders remain strong. Pray that Putin deescalates. Pray for leaders to emerge in America to take the country in a better direction. 

Read. Know. Share. Pray


Good News Friday

Dear Patriots,

As the world watches, Putin’s Russia is marching into Ukraine. Additionally, the saber rattling by China over Taiwan is deeply troubling. 

We do not take these worldwide events for granted as they have massive potential impact on the world and on American citizens. 

We are reminded again that elections have consequences and stolen elections have devastating consequences. Energy independence is national security.

Despite these troubling extraordinary international events, we have found some glimmers of good news. 

1- Watch this Defending The Republic video on the myths, lies and REAL science behind wearing masks.

Narrated by Sidney Powell, the video breaks down how politics has manipulated all of us at the expense of our health.  This video was done in partnership with John Droz and his team of physicians and science experts.  You can find out more at C19science.info Masks: Science or Political Science?  At RUMBLE.  

Please share this on your social media.

2- Isn’t it interesting that Covid-CCP cases rising gets massive Fake News attention but when cases fall there is silence? Could it be the Fake News depends on the profits they make from ginning up fear? 

Jim Geraghty 

Easily-Overlooked Good News: The Omicron Wave Is Over, Indoor Mask Mandates Are Ending

QUOTE: It is easily overlooked as the Ukraine crisis overtakes the Omicron wave crisis in the news cycle, but the U.S. is now averaging about 81,000 new cases per day, which is what the average was in late November, when we were just starting to hear about this new variant discovered in South Africa. Cases, hospitalizations, intensive care unit use, and deaths are all down dramatically over the past two weeks. There’s no sign that the BA.2 subvariant is changing the dynamics of the pandemic. Eight days ago, I wrote, “the Omicron wave is just about done.” Now… it’s done.With the Omicron wave subsiding, there is little justification for restrictions like indoor mask mandates — and just about every state, with Democratic governors and Republican governors, has come to the same conclusion: “Forty-nine states have announced plans to drop their indoor mask mandates as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations steadily decline across the country. The only holdout remains Hawaii.”

3- Polls of Californians and New Yorkers are always interesting. It seems they are becoming more aligned with the rest of the country….for a change.

Berkeley/IGS Poll

Biden and Harris approval ratings decline in California.– Voter appraisals of Senator Feinstein now at an all-time low

QUOTE:Californians’ job approval ratings of both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have declined over the past six months. Voters here are now about evenly divided in their assessments of the job Biden is doing as President, with 47% approving and 48% disapproving. Last summer Biden’s approval ratings in the state were 59% to 37%.

The job ratings that Californians now give to home state Vice President Harris are even lower than the President’s, with 38% rating her performance positively and 46% negatively, down from a 49% to 38% positive assessment last July. . .

In addition, the poll finds that U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s job ratings are now at an all-time low. At present, just 30% of the state’s registered voters approve, while 49% disapprove of her performance in office. A major contributor to Feinstein’s negative standing is that she is falling out of favor among many of the state’s traditionally Democratic voting constituencies. The five-term Senator now receives more negative than positive job ratings from strong liberals, women, voters of color, younger voters, as well as voters in Los Angeles County or the San Francisco Bay Area.
 —— Yahoo News

New Yorkers souring on Biden, as poll shows his favorability under 50% in Empire State

QUOTE:President Biden has lost popular support in one of the most solidly blue states in the U.S.

A Siena College poll released Wednesday shows the Biden administration underwater as his approval rating sank below the 50% mark in the state of New York — one of the strongest liberal strongholds in the country.

“President Joe Biden’s ratings fell to their lowest levels since taking office. His favorability rating is 48-48%, down from 52-42% last month, and 65-29% in February 2021. His job performance rating is negative 36-63%, down from 39-60 percent last month, and 55-37% in February 2021,” the pollsters noted.

4- It was disheartening to see the communist tactics used by Trudeau to shut down debate on his draconian polices. But, it looks as though other Canadian politicians stood up to him and told him to cut it out!

National Post

Justin Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act

OTTAWA — Controversial emergency measures invoked by the Trudeau Liberals last week have been revoked.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the news Wednesday afternoon, just nine days after the Emergencies Act was invoked on Feb. 14 to end crippling blockadeand occupations both in downtown Ottawa and at land border crossings across Canada.

Daily Mail

Trudeau’s government orders Canadian banks to unfreeze Freedom Convoy bank accounts

QUOTE: Canada has ordered banks to unlock accounts belonging to people who participated in or supported the weeks-long Freedom Convoy protest that saw near 200 arrests and brutal force response from police. ‘They started [Monday] to unfreeze accounts,’ Isabelle Jacques, a senior official in Canada’s finance department, told lawmakers Tuesday, according to the Wall Street Journal.   The move came after liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government froze bank accounts and other assets during what leaders declared an ’emergency period’ in Ottawa. 

5- We always love seeing when a Democrat wakes up to the reality of the current state of their party.

South Carolina Dem defects to run as a Republican: ‘It became apparent that I am not a Democrat’

QUOTE: The last elected Democrat in Dorchester County, South Carolina, County Councilwoman Harriet Holman, defected to the Republican Party on Monday, stating that it had become apparent that she was not a Democrat due to her conservative views. The retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel is pro-life, pro-capitalism, and supports the police and points out that she has always stood for many of the same principles reflected in the Republican platform.

“It wasn’t an easy decision. I talked to family. I talked to friends. I talked to some of my constituents. And a lot of my family members are really Republicans as well. So, was not too hard of a transition at all. And now that I’ve done it, I am very much at ease with it. Very much happy with my decision and I’m enjoying being a Republican for the last 24 hours,” she added. “It became apparent that I am not a Democrat,” said Holman on Monday. “Nationally, the Democratic Party does not represent who I am.”

6- We know it never seems like we are winning but, Stacey Matthews makes a good points here. This is what has been showing up in polling for months now. Stacey Matthews North State Journal
In the Culture Wars, the GOP Now Has the Advantage

QUOTE: One topic that is frequently discussed in Republican circles is how we can gain the upper hand in the ongoing culture wars. 

Up until a couple of years ago, it felt like the GOP was losing on a number of fronts. Thanks to coordinated efforts between Democrats, the media, Hollywood, and, of course, activist judges on the left, we were losing ground on issues related to gender identity politics, defunding the police, cancel culture, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public school classrooms. 

But thanks to a combination of factors — including the more radical elements of the Democratic party and a fine-tuned Republican messaging strategy — things are changing to the point that the GOP now has the advantage. 

We saw this first play out during the 2020 presidential election. House Democrats took a drubbing, losing 13 seats. Even though they maintained their majority, it was a very slim one compared to the one Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) started with before the election.  

The culprit? Their embrace of the Defund the Police movement during the Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led protests that took place over the summer in response to the officer-involved death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd. 

QUOTE: Per a recent Politico article, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is keenly aware of the issues they face going into the fall elections, and they have warned House Democrats that the “GOP’s ‘alarmingly potent’ culture war attacks” are poised to inflict more damage if Democrats can’t formulate a coherent response to them. 

Unless they can figure out how to keep the AOCs and Cori Bushes of their party quiet, not to mention limit Joe Biden’s public appearances, no amount of slick messaging is going to change what is expected to happen to Democrats come November. 

 As the news becomes more and more feverish and shocking, keep in your mind that so-called news is designed to make you feel helpless, alone and fearful. And worse, it is to designed to prevent you from thinking independently and rationally.  We all can fall victim to it.   If you become overwhelmed, take a break. Pray. Read a mystery. Plant a flower. Go fishing. Play with your children. Take a walk. Call an old friend.  Drive in the country. Clean out a cupboard. Turn it all off for a while.
Pray for people caught in political warfare. Pray for leaders to make reasoned and wise decisions. Pray for healing of all those hurt by the Covid shots. 

Read. Know. Share. Pray.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


The battle to fix the election process continues

Dear Patriots,Everyday, there are hundreds of issues we could discuss and point out to you. Just because we do not mention something does not mean we don’t care about that issue. Our time and our priorities are unfortunately limited. We will keep alerting you to events and perspectives that you may not find, but are within the scope of our work.

1- You will not hear that this happened. The battle to fix the election process is not over. Emerald Robinson

40,000 election fraud affidavits get served to angry Gov. Kemp staff in Georgia
QUOTE:On Friday, I found myself in Georgia with Mike Lindell as a local group called Georgia Patriots (led by Holly Kelser) showed up to deliver about 40,000 sworn affidavits regarding 2020 election fraud to the office of Governor Brian Kemp. Needless to say, they were not exactly thrilled to see us. 

A group called Georgia Patriots legally served Governor Kemp with these affidavits but Governor Kemp was nowhere to be found. Kemp’s Operations Manager finally took custody of the boxes once their legal department showed up. Kemp knew that angry constituents from his own party were showing up that day and so it’s probably no coincidence that Kemp and most of his staff were not in the office. Most of them had disappeared for the day.
Governor Kemp should respond to these affidavits by Friday, February 25th. In addition, Georgia Patriots informed us that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas received a digital copy of all the affidavits served to Governor Kemp — as well as “a legal notice of maladministration.”

The hour is already very late for clean elections in Georgia in 2022. Apparently, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is trying to force all 159 counties of Georgia into a one-year “maintenance program” to use the same infamous electronic voting system vendor that was used in the 2020 election. If these counties sign up for this program, they will essentially be trapped into using the same machines again in 2022.

That’s right: Brad Raffensperger is trying to bluff Georgia’s county election officials into using the same electronic voting machines that made the 2020 election such an international scandal!

It’s up to the local counties to decline to use these electronic voting machines — but Raffensperger and his office continue to insist, falsely, that the local counties have no choice in the matter. The counties are being strong-armed into signing right now. 

Nine counties are currently declining to sign the “maintenance program.” Will Raffensperger’s plot succeed? Or will the counties recover their autonomy and actually have a clean 2022 election?

2- A group of Georgia citizens working to insure fair voting and counting of ballots has exposed a voting scheme by the Secretary of State.

VoterGA Exposes Secretary of State Raffensperger’s Voter Registration Cloud Computing Scheme

QUOTE:VoterGA called on the Georgia General Assembly today to immediately ban Secretary of State (SOS) Brad Raffensperger’s efforts to outsource the Georgia voter registration system into an internet cloud. The SOS selected a Salesforce platform and little known, MTX as the implementation partner in a secret, no-bid contract that has been well underway for some time. The initiative would move the voter registration system outside of his control where it is vulnerable to a variety of cyber-attacks and left in the hands of third-party vendors whose employees are not sworn to uphold the Georgia Constitution.

3- This is a trend that must be stopped. Be sure to look out for politicians who want to allow non-Americans to vote.  Breitbart  

Vermont Towns Open Voting to Foreign Nationals, Offering Ballots in Foreign Languages

QUOTE:A pair of Vermont towns are ready for their first local elections where foreign nationals will be allowed to vote, even offering ballots in foreign languages.

Montpelier, the state’s capital, and Winooski, located just outside of Burlington, are set to hold local elections where, for the first time, foreign nationals will be able to vote. In Montpelier, city officials said one foreign national has registered to vote while about eight foreign nationals have registered in Winooski.

In addition, Winooski is ensuring that non-English speaking foreign nationals have ballots in their native languages and is doing community outreach to get as many foreign nationals registered to vote as possible.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is currently suing Montpelier and Winooski for allowing foreign nationals to vote, arguing tha
t the policy violates Vermont’s constitution, which reserves voting rights for American citizens.

4- For a lot of election news, including what Mike Lindell is trying to do, listen to Tuesday’s War Room. 

Episode # 1657 Episode #1658

5- The Covid-CCP shot has now morphed into a “flu shot from two years ago”. Jordan SchachtelThe mRNA mirage: 4 shots, expiring efficacy, and lots of unanswered questionsQUOTE:What started as the “cure” to COVID-19 has become an ineffective therapeutic with virtually zero efficacy and a plethora of side effects with each additional dose. In the Omicron era, we don’t have a cure. The mRNA vaccine, once touted as the “cure” to COVID-19, has become useless.

Pfizer and Moderna built their novel mRNA COVID vaccines to tackle the original strain allegedly discovered in Wuhan in January of 2020. More than two years later, that strain is nowhere to be found anywhere in the world, and it hasn’t been on our radar for two years.  

Many mutations later, all we have at our disposal is the original shot formula, in EUA form (the FDA approved version remains unavailable in the United States).

QUOTE: Data shows us a gene therapy with no demonstrable upside. In the Omicron era, what does “getting vaccinated” actually mean? It certainly does not offer immunity, or even long term efficacy, and it seems Big Pharma isn’t even bothering to make that claim anymore. Big Pharma and their snake oil salesmen want you to “get protected,” perhaps, in a more ideological form.

Feel free to debate the past, but it’s now February 2022, and “the cure” is akin to injecting yourself with a flu shot from two years ago. “Safe and effective” has become a punchline.

6- We have urged you to become as healthy as possible. We know that many of you have had to get the Covid-CCP shot, possibly making it harder to be healthy.  We are not giving medical advise but we would like to point you to this article about detoxing from the shot and just getting healthy in general. The Epoch TimesHow to Detoxify and Heal From VaccinationsQUOTE:Detoxing from vaccines is a process without a definite timeline. Think of it as an ongoing journey. Toxin accumulation, especially heavy metals like mercury, can take a long time to remove from the body. Vaccine toxins can be cumulative, building up with each vaccination, adding to the toxin load we acquire from the enormous amount of environmental toxins we encounter every day.If you’ve been vaccinated and suffer from serious vaccination damage, you’re best off living a lifestyle that promotes detoxification for the rest of your life. The truth is, you may never be able to dispel all of the toxins that have caused the damage. Living the healthiest possible lifestyle may be your only way to live symptom-free. But then again, to one degree or another, this is true for everyone.Clearing the vaccine injury with naturopathic and homeopathic remedies is an option. The time between the beginning of the protocol and full recovery is dependent on the severity of the damage, the length of time the damage has been severe, and the amount of suppressive therapy that was administered (pharmaceuticals). All pharmaceuticals will need to be flushed from the body, and the damage they caused must be healed as well.

 Pray for Canada. Pray for the United States. Pray for all of those who are being punished for fighting for freedom. Pray that wise leaders will rise to the challenges.  Read. Know. Share. 

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


Who has the power?

Dear Patriots,

We have talked several times about the great political shift that is happening right before our eyes.
It is too early to tell who comes out on top, but it is starting to feel like the good guys are winning.

1- This is a very long piece but it is worth a read. We have become used to the terms “elites” and “working class” or even “red states” and “blue states”.

Writer N. S. Lyons gives us another way to think about the current divisions: Physicals and Virtuals. Using these terms, Lyons explains the current situation in Canada with the Truckers (Physical) and their battle against the communist Prime Minister Trudeau (Virtual).

by N.S. Lyons – The Upheaval 

Reality Honks Back

QUOTE: The Virtual class can’t move the trucks. Smears alone can’t move trucks. All the towing companies in Ottawa have refused to move the trucks. Because, surprisingly, it turns out tow truck drivers also drive trucks for a living. There aren’t enough police to seize the trucks, because the rank and file police in Ottawa have been taking all of their vacation and sick days, mysteriously not showing up for work, or simply resigning. It turns out that police officers tend to also be part of the Physical class, and class solidarity may actually be a thing.

Meanwhile, even the narrative reframing trick – which usually works great – has been failing. There’s simply been too wide a gulf between what citizens have been told and what they can see with their own eyes. Sympathy for the truckers’ cause actually seems to have grown.

More than half of Canadians now oppose continuing to mandate vaccines, and two-thirds now support removing COVID-19 restrictions. Multiple Liberal MPs have turned on Trudeau to speak out against his approach. Five provinces have now moved to end pandemic restrictions, including Ontario.

No matter how desperately Trudeau has scrambled to change the narrative, he hasn’t yet succeeded. Even a gambit to threaten the truckers with having their children removed by child protection services – presumably to make it easier to instigate a narratively convenient violent confrontation – has only led to backlash so far. Relentless discipline by the truckers has provided him with almost nothing to work with.

QUOTE: The great Honkening of 2022 has already been revelatory to people around the world. It is the climax of a process in which all the divides in society, including between the “Physicals” and “Virtuals” I’ve described here, have been revealed by the pandemic and governments’ responses. At the same time, the pandemic served to clarify the continued reliance of the Virtual class on “essential workers.”

The revelation of the exceptional vulnerability of modern supply chains has demonstrated very clearly to everyone paying attention that the Physicals still possess tremendous power of their own as long as they are able to act in unity and solidarity – or as many signs at the protests have pointed out to the Virtuals: “no truckers, no food.”

QUOTE: So expect the Virtuals of the ruling class to double down on trying to exert control, moving with all haste to develop new and innovative methods of information management and coercion to try to eliminate every human vulnerability from the machine. Self-driving truck startups are about to have an excellent next funding round.

But at least in the near term it’s Physicals like the truckers that have the advantage. They are the ones with the real leverage, and now they know it.

Trudeau and co. just better hope the workers don’t start reading Mao like he did in his youth, or they’ll learn all about how that revolutionary managed to win by “surrounding the cities from the countryside.” Or how Mao began his revolution by declaring that “a single spark can start a prairie fire” – but then the Canucks seem to have already managed to do that part already.

2- The Powerless, or the Physicals, are fast realizing that they are the ones who have the most leverage.


The Power of the Powerless Is Real

QUOTE: The growing tyranny in the West has not happened overnight.  It did not suddenly arrive at our doorsteps with the Chinese Flu.  It has been a nightmare decades in the making.  The difference today is that previously slumbering citizens once sublimely content in the normal humdrum of their lives are waking up to realize that the enemies from our past have returned with a vengeance.

QUOTE: Western governments are terrified of their people today.  They are terrified of what their people believe, or else they wouldn’t feel compelled to criminalize thoughts as “hateful.”  They are scared to death of what their people might say to each other, or else they wouldn’t engage in mass surveillance and blatant censorship.  They are fearful of free and fair elections, or else they wouldn’t work so hard to manipulate and undermine them.  

QUOTE: Question the lies, and you question the system.  Push back against the State’s monopoly over truth, and you cripple the State’s legitimacy.  Celebrate individuality, and you fracture the mental prison of groupthink.  Live “in truth,” and you erode the control of State dogma.  When people realize that they individually strengthen the State by submitting to its lies, people then understand that the whole artifice of the system survives purely through their individual consent.  At that point, it becomes obvious that the small number of people at the top of the system is not really in control at all.  It is the large population — psychologically abused and tormented by their government — that wields power when it chooses.  Once the powerless have this epiphany, they alone control their destiny.  

QUOTE: Identify tyranny.  Question lies.  Resist oppression.  Assert truth.  Empower the powerless.  Destroy the system’s illusion of control.  Be not afraid.  It’s that simple.

3- Do we have the power to control the money that we earn? Can the government force a bank to give it the money you have in your accounts? It is looking that way in Canada. The Trudeau regime is attempting to force the Truckers into obedience by stealing their money from banks.  While we are not offering or suggesting any financial advice, we do find the responses by Bitcoin companies enlightening.

Red State 

Bitcoin Companies’ Response to Canada’s Request to Freeze Protester Accounts Is Pure Gold

QUOTE: Ottawa Deputy Police Chief Steve Bell, the interim police chief, also said that it’s not over if they manage to clear out the protest in Ottawa; they’re still going to try to go after protesters’ finances for the crime of dissent.

This is not supposed to be what happens in an alleged free society and if they get away with it there, you know where they will be trying this next.

QUOTE: While banks like the TD Bank crumbled like a cheap suit, bitcoin companies gave some great responses to requests from the government to adhere with the new orders under the Emergencies Act.

QUOTE: Bitcoin wallet company Nunchuk announced that they’d gotten a request to freeze accounts from the government, “Yesterday, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice sent us a Mareva Injunction, ordering us to freeze and disclose information about the assets involved in the #FreedomConvoy2022 movement.”

But Nunchuk explained to the clueless government that they don’t hold any money like a custodial financial institution, they don’t collect user information apart from emails, and they don’t hold the keys to any of the wallets — that it’s all private to the user, by design. Please look up how self custody and private keys work,” the company chided the government. “When the Canadian dollar becomes worthless, we will be here to serve you too.”

4- It looks as though there will be a Trucker Convoy starting in California this week. For all the information and the route, visit the website.

The People’s Convoy 

American Truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement, on February 23 from Adelanto Stadium in Southern California

QUOTE: The message of The People’s Convoy is simple. The last 23 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a rough road for all Americans to travel: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and – not least – financially. With the advent of the vaccine and workable therapeutic agents, along with the hard work of so many sectors that contributed to declining COVID-19 cases and severity of illness, it is now time to re-open the country. The average American worker needs to be able to end-run the economic hardships of the last two years, and get back to the business of making bread – so they can pay their rents and mortgages and help jumpstart this economy. To that end, it’s time for elected officials to work with the blue collar and white-collar workers of America and restore accountability and liberty – by lifting all mandates and ending the state of emergency – as COVID is well-in-hand now, and Americans need to get back to work in a free and unrestricted manner.

5-When almost 60% of USA voters support the Truckers, you know that the powerless are winning.


Poll: Majority of U.S. Voters Support Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy

QUOTE: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invoked rarely used emergency powers to try to stop truckers who have gathered in the country’s capital of Ottawa to protest government vaccine mandates required for conducting cross border business. 

In the United States a poll found that the majority of likely American voters support the truckers — and think a similar protest south of the border is a good idea.

Rasmussen Reports found that 59 percent of respondents support the convoy, including 42 percent who “strongly support” it.

Thirty-three percent of voters oppose the trucker protest against Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions, including 21 percent who “Strongly Oppose” the protest.

6- It continues to be hard for Democrats, who have little to hang their masks on, to live normal lives. Even the “experts” in their own party no longer know how to cure this mental illness. The base has the power over the entire Democrat Party.

They have spent almost three years developing the Covid Cult and they can not let it go. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is gradually leaving them behind.

PJ Media  

MSNBC Reporter Admits Democratic Base Doesn’t Want to Go Back to ‘Normal’

QUOTE: This is really a remarkable admission from MSNBC reporter Alex Seitz-Wald, who gave a grim assessment of the Democrats’ challenge in lifting COVID-19 restrictions across the board and returning the United States to some sense of “normal.”

A recent poll showed a whopping 65% of Democrats who believe it “too early to rescind mask mandates” as opposed to just 20% of Republicans who think that way.

It’s more than just getting “their base comfortable” with loosening restrictions. It’s that the COVID rules have become part of the liberals’ identity.

“I mean, for the past two years, so much of the identity of what is meant to be a Democrat, to follow the science, was tied up in masking and following these rules and regulations. And if you didn’t do that, you were you know, a bad person, you were Ron DeSantis, you’re a denier. So, now these Democratic leaders need to get their base comfortable with unwinding all of that,” Seltz-Wald added.

Seitz-Wald is correct. Urban Democrats especially have taken mask-wearing to a whole other level, making the kind of mask you wear sort of like gang colors. That’s not an easy identifier to lose under any circumstances. Beyond that, masks always gave liberals a sense of superiority over the “rubes” in flyover country. They “followed the science” — until the science said something else and then they simply pretended it didn’t and continued to mask up.

Keep praying. It is the single best activity you can engage in. It is YOUR power.

Pray for our country. Pray for the Truckers. Pray for Canada. Pray that we will have good, wise and ethical leaders rise up to win this war.

Read. Know. Share. Pray.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


Good News Friday

Dear Patriots,

Some of you reported a problem with the recent Rumble video message from Sidney.  Try this Link

RUMBLE Message From Sidney

Another busy week ends with some good news.

1- There are smaller actions in the works all over the various states that are addressing election fraud.

Just The News  

Lawsuit claims Michigan election chief illegally accepted Zuckerberg money to swing 2020 election

QUOTE: A lawsuit filed against Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson asserts she illegally accepted private money for the 2020 presidential election to swing the election for President Joe Biden.

The Chicago-based Thomas More Society filed the lawsuit in the Michigan Court of Claims, alleging Benson violated election law by spending private election funding on partisan purposes that denied Michigan voters’ constitutional equal access voting rights. The Center Square previously reported Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan contributed $400 million nationwide into the 2020 election through their Chicago-based nonprofit, the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL).

The 166-page filing claims that nearly half of CTCL’s funds flowed to Democrat-dominated areas where Biden won. For example, the lawsuit says CTCL made 19 payments exceeding $100,000 all to jurisdictions that Biden carried in 2020.

The Michigan Legislature aimed to ban private funding of public elections via Senate Bill 303, which Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed in 2021.

Thomas More Society Special Counsel Thor Hearne said that Benson spent CTCL money to boost Democrat-dominated areas in the 2020 election via increased mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

2- This week parents in San Francisco were able to kick three hard core leftists off their school board. 


San Francisco recalls 3 school board members amid debate about pandemic priorities

QUOTE: San Francisco voters overwhelmingly cast their ballots to remove three members of the city’s school board Tuesday night, marking the first time in the city’s history members of the board have been recalled.

In an election marred by debate over the pace of school reopenings during the pandemic and the management of controversial social issues in the district, School Board President Gabriela López and board members Faauuga Moliga and Alison Collins were all ousted, with more than 70% of voters backing the effort to recall them, preliminary results from the San Francisco Board of Elections showed.

3- Children in Virginia are soon to be free from wearing masks for eight hours a day.


Governor signs bill ending school mask mandates in Virginia

QUOTE: Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin signed a bill ending school mask mandates into state law Wednesday afternoon. It will go into effect on March 1.

“This is a very, very important day to reestablish that recognition that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions in regards to their children’s education, their upbringing and their care,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin, (R) Virginia. The Republican governor also added a provision giving school districts until March 1 to develop a plan to comply with the law.

4- Not only is the new Governor of Virginia giving power back to parents, he is working toward making their energy costs lower.

Washington Examiner 

Glenn Youngkin’s energy policy offers alternative to Biden’s ‘Greenflation’

QUOTE: Under Gov. Glenn Youngkin, Virginia is cutting a path back in the direction of affordable and reliable energy supplies. It could yield economic and environmental benefits for state residents. If Youngkin is successful in his efforts to free Virginians from policies that drive up the cost of utility bills, his approach would serve as a sharp contrast to the Biden administration’s incessant assault on domestic energy production.

For starters, Youngkin has signaled his determination to withdraw Virginia from a multistate climate change agreement known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The RGGI is built around “cap and trade” regulations that limit carbon dioxide emissions. Participating states compel electric utilities to purchase carbon allowances at quarterly auctions whenever the utilities surpass the initiative’s cap on emissions.

But it is the ratepayers who absorb the cost of the auctions in the form of carbon taxes. Youngkin explained how this works in his executive order calling for a reevaluation of Virginia’s participation in the climate change scheme.

5- When a state has a good, consistent leader there is no limit to success!

Fox News  

Florida boasts record tourist numbers despite media fear-mongering about the state

QUOTE: Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis boasted a record number of tourists visited his state in 2021 and officially topped pre-pandemic numbers.

“In 2021, we had the most domestic visitation in the history of our state,” DeSantis said, reporting 118 million visitors to the state within the year.

The fourth quarter saw approximately 30.8 million visitors, a 7% increase when compared to the 29 million tourists that visited during the fourth quarter in 2019.

DeSantis attributed these growing numbers to Florida’s lack of vaccine and mask mandates compared to more progressive states in the country.

“Who wants to travel some place when you want to get a hamburger you have to show your medical papers?” DeSantis said “In Florida, we don’t do that. We are not doing passports. We are not doing mandates.”Since the start of the pandemic, Democrats and their allies in the media have continuously attacked DeSantis for his COVID policies.

6- Socialism fails every time it is tried. EVERY. TIME. 


Seattle’s Soda Tax Goes Horribly Wrong

QUOTE: Once again Seattle lawmakers have shown their pre-existing vulnerability to social contagion with predictably embarrassing results.

It wasn’t long after – 2017 to be exact – that Seattle’s mayor, Ed Murray, thought to himself, “How do I get more money to spend for pet projects, change the subject, and screw the taxpayers while attempting to look virtuous? Aha! Eureka! Soda tax!” 

A study finds that Seattleites have responded by switching from sugary sodas to beer. With alacrity. And why not? Sure, beer and wine are taxed, but not to the extent of sugary drinks are at 28 cents per 16 ounces. 

Indeed, the we’re-saving-you-from-yourself crowd might be shocked to learn that 16 ounces of sugary soda are about 140 calories versus the roughly 200 calories for an equal amount of beer.

The study found that after “the implementation of the Seattle SBT, there was a sustained increase in the volume sold of beer in Seattle relative to the comparison site of Portland, reflected in a 5% and 7% increase in the respective one- and two-year post-tax periods.”

7- A win on the war against the Global Warming nuts.

The Epoch Times 

Federal Judge Blocks Key Biden Climate Change Executive Order

QUOTE: A federal judge on Feb. 12 blocked a key climate initiative that was signed by President Joe Biden on his first day in office last year.

U.S. District Judge James Cain blocked the president’s January 2021 executive order that would factor in an alleged “social cost” for emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide when policymakers create rules.

“The Court agrees that the public interest and balance of equities weigh heavily in favor of granting a preliminary injunction,” Cain wrote in an order (pdf) as he issued a temporary injunction.

Cain, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, sided with states in their lawsuit against the federal government and agreed that “the harms to their States and their citizens’ economic well-being more than suffice to establish standing and the possibility of irreparable harm.”

8- Even Democrats have become weary of lawless Hillary.

Daily Wire  

Whopping Percentage Of Dem Voters Want Hillary Investigated For Russiagate Scandal

QUOTE: A whopping percentage of Democrats say they want prosecutors to investigate Hillary Clinton for her role in the Russiagate scandal, according to a new poll.

Last month, even before the new findings from Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation found that attorneys for the 2016 Clinton campaign paid a tech company to “infiltrate” servers belonging to Trump Tower and the Trump White House to establish a “narrative” linking President Donald Trump to Russia, the TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics (TIPP) poll asked over 1,300 Americans whether they thought Hillary Clinton should be investigated for her role in the affair.

A shocking 66% of Democrats who stated they had been watching the case said they wanted Hillary Clinton investigated, the New York Post reported.

9- Covid-CCP is a highly treatable disease. The science proves this over and over. 

Children’s Health Defense  

Ivermectin Beats Out 9 Other Meds for Treating Omicron, Study Confirms

QUOTE: Researchers used computational analyses to evaluate the performance of 10 medications against the Omicron variant, finding ivermectin outperformed all of them, including nirmatrelvir (Paxlovid), a new drug from Pfizer that has cost taxpayers $5.29 billion and costs $529 per course of treatment.

    • Ivermectin lowers the viral load by inhibiting replication, reduces infection by 86% when used preventively, speeds recovery, protects against organ damage, lowers the risk of hospitalization and death and costs between $48 and $95 for a course of treatment depending on your location.

    • Early treatment lowers your risk of long COVID, which includes physical and mental health conditions. According to cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, 50% of those sick enough to be hospitalized have symptoms of long COVID.

    • Africa has a lower number of cases, severity of disease, hospitalizations and deaths than other areas of the world, which may be due to using prophylactic medications for endemic infections that have successfully treated COVID.

At nearly no other time in history has there been this level of fear generated across the world as experienced thus far in 2020 and 2021. The depth and breadth of the strategies used to stoke those fears have been overwhelming.

Read. Know. Share. Pray and

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


An Important Message from Sidney

Dear Patriots,Over the past weekend, Sidney Powell recorded an update on the progress of Defending The Republic. If you want to learn more about where we are in the various cases we are involved in, take five minutes to hear Sidney explain.   Link To Video Here.


Mis. Dis. and Mal.

Dear Patriots,Mis. Dis. Mal. It may sound like the modern Three Stooges but there is nothing funny about it.  It was disconcerting that last week, our government issued a threat assessment that encompasses everything and everyone that diverges from government-think. We see this as a slippery slope down into the mire of full blown communism.  The First Amendment is Number ONE for a very good reason. Our Founders knew from very personal experiences that if citizens were forced into silence regarding issues with their government, then there was no way to fight back against tyranny.  

1- Read about the threat assessment and share this with those in your orbits. It is very important that we have full knowledge of the efforts by the left to keep information away from citizens. Our first two items today should be read in full. Revolver 
Revolver Investigates Disturbing Link Between DHS and The Domestic War On MAGAQUOTE:In a move that is Orwellian even by the current year’s dystopian standards, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security on Monday issued a heightened terrorist threat  assessment centered around “online misinformation:”

The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. [DHS]

That’s right, folks, The Ministry of Truth is officially here, under the auspices of the government’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency:
CISA’s Mis-, Dis-, and Malinformation (MDM) team is charged with building national resilience to mis-, dis-, and malinformation and foreign influence activities. Through these efforts, CISA helps the American people understand the scope and scale of MDM activities targeting elections and critical infrastructure, and enables them to take actions to mitigate associated risks. The MDM team was formerly known as the Countering Foreign Influence Task Force (CFITF). [CISA]

While the official announcement concedes that there has been no underlying change in threat conditions over the past year (leaving aside the threat the Regime poses to the American people), it nonetheless emphasizes the urgent danger of “false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions.”

In the land of freedom, democracy, and drag queen supremacy, how fortunate to have a US government national security bureaucracy to warn against the dire national security threat of… Americans who more and more do not trust their government.

The Department of Homeland Security threat assessment goes on to highlight specific concerns related to so-called “misinformation” on Covid-19 and election integrity issues.

2- If we can urge you to do anything this week, it would be to contact your U.S. Congress members and Senators and demand that they protect YOUR freedom to speak and to gather alternative information. Dr Robert Malone on SubstackDHS: Mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) being caused by “Domestic Terrorists”

QUOTE: This bulletin has some of my colleagues as well as myself – very worried. Those who are writing and speaking about science and health policy are now in danger of being targeted by the US Government as domestic terrorists for spreading “mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM)”.

The manipulative linking of election violence to COVID-19 policies is disingenuous. It is a calculated strategy to allow government authorities to crack down on those people who are going against the Health and Human Services narrative that there are no early treatments for COVID-19 and that everyone must get vaccinated, and that the lockdowns and mask mandates were necessary. 

The US Government must be held accountable for their failed policies and authoritarian behavior during this pandemic.

Scientists, the press, physicians and yes, laypeople must be able to speak and write freely. In this day and age, that means by use of the Internet. There is no one right answer for everyone when it comes to healthcare treatments and the choice to take a vaccine. As a people, we can not allow ourselves to be censored in this manner.

3- Another excellent piece of writing and insight from Selena Zito. Here are a few pull quotes but, the whole thing is worth your time to read. This awakening that Selena describes is the very reason the leftist government is attempting to mark as terrorists anyone who disagrees with their talking points. Selena Zito  The Great Awakening

QUOTE: Few national journalists noticed it at its inception because few national journalists leave their desks or disconnect from Twitter long enough to listen to people outside of their bubble. Had they listened, they would have heard the questions and the doubts.

The more Joe Biden’s White House stubbornly and willfully refused to answer questions and insisted it had acted rightly, the more distrust in government grew.

Across the political spectrum, people who had been struggling so hard to keep their businesses open and their children in school or who dared to question the usage of masks or the authority of the government were called racists, fascists, grandma-killers, insurrectionists, and white supremacists.

Never mind that most of them had done all of the right things. They stayed home at the beginning, washed their cardboard Amazon boxes before they opened them, refrained from hugging their parents and children and grandchildren, lost jobs, lost friends, lost family members, got boosted, saw their children flail emotionally and academically.

They watched crime escalate in their cities and suburbs. They watched depression and suicide affect their loved ones and fentanyl flood their nice neighborhoods and communities. They watched their cities turn into ghost towns and their grocery and energy bills diminish their wealth.

No one in the press really picked up on this movement. They see everything as either Republican or Democratic. This awakening is not so easily characterized. It is an inside-outside movement reacting to a government that chose to play politics with the virus and continue a long-standing partisan battle.

This week, it finally became acceptable among the insider set to say that the pandemic is over. But this abrupt change is part of an apparently coordinated effort to save a political tribe; as such, it does not pass the smell test for most people.

It is now too late to save the insiders. People had moved away from elite insider opinion long before the insiders finally gave their permission to say the pandemic is over. Their insincerity is overwhelming. Something deep has changed for all the outsiders, and very few insiders ever saw it coming.

4- Untimely? We are wondering when might be the appropriate time to release a report about election machine fraud. If the election was fair and honest, why would it matter when the report was released? What scares people so much they have to ask a judge to keep it secret?WASHINGTON EXAMINER

Feds warn against untimely release of Georgia voting machine ‘secret report’

QUOTE: A federal agency is reviewing a so-called secret report on alleged vulnerabilities in Georgia’s voting equipment.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, an arm of the Homeland Security Department, is assessing the fresh doubts being cast on the security of Dominion Voting Systems and is asking a judge to hold off on ordering the release of the report authored by Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at the University of Michigan, which could have implications for election technology used in states across the country.

“Such premature disclosure increases the risk that malicious actors may be able to exploit any vulnerabilities and threaten election security,” the CISA said in a court filing Thursday.

Halderman, an expert for plaintiffs in a long-running lawsuit seeking to get Georgia to ditch electronic voting machines in favor of hand-marked paper ballots, was granted access to Dominion voting equipment in Fulton County for 12 weeks and produced a 25,000-word “secret report” that has been filed under seal, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

5- We know that this battle is not over but we were thankful that that there was a pause in this march to pump untested, unknown, and ineffective junk into our babies. Children’s Health DefenseFDA Postpones Meeting on COVID Shots for Kids Under 5 After Pfizer Says Not Enough Data. But Don’t Let Up!

QUOTE: Pfizer today said it will delay applying for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of its COVID vaccine for infants and children 6 months to 4 years old stating there’s not enough data on the efficiency of a third dose.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in response postponed a meeting that had been scheduled for Feb. 15 to review Pfizer’s application for the pediatric vaccine.

In what the New York Times described as a “highly unusual move,” the FDA urged Pfizer to apply for EUA of the vaccine, even though two doses failed to produce the hoped-for immune response among children 2 to 4 years old and the vaccine maker did not yet have data on the efficacy of a third shot.

 ❤️ We wish you all a loving Valentine’s Day. We send you our love and thanks for all you do for Defending the Republic. ❤️

Read. Know. Share. Pray and

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


Good News Friday

Dear Patriots,Another crazy week in America. While bad news reigns, we are committed to finding the gems of hope and sanity. 

1- Defending The Republic is at the front of this battle to protect and help many of our military personal through this situation of  forced shots. Two of our champion lawyers fighting for your freedoms are in court today in Tampa, Florida, trying to protect members of our military from being forced to take injections of experimental biochemicals.   In our litigation, we forced the government to admit that it has NONE of the “FDA approved” injections available in the United States.   What HAVE they been injecting into our military?  Whatever it is, they are doing so illegally.   We worked to protect those who have written blank checks on their very lives to protect each of us.  You can support our efforts to stop the mandatory shots and fight for our soldiers by clicking here.

The Daily Wire 

Texas GOP Rep Introduces Bill To Reinstate Military Members Discharged Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

QUOTE: Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy and seven fellow GOP House members introduced a bill on Tuesday that would allow military service members discharged for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine to be reinstated to service.The Service Restoration Act is designed to protect Armed Forces personnel from vaccine mandates and expunge any adverse action due to non-compliance with the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“Because of President Biden’s power-hungry, anti-science COVID-19 vaccine mandate, hundreds of valuable American service members are being forced out of our military, taking with them years of subject-matter expertise, careers of selfless sacrifice, and lifelong dreams of military service. This is strategically foolish, profoundly unamerican, and completely unacceptable,” Roy said in a statement.

2- Newsmax joins others in pushing back on election lawsuits. DC WEEKLYNewsmax Counter-Sues Smartmatic Over 2020 Election Reporting

QUOTE:In November 2021 Smartmatic, an election technology and ballot counting company, sued Newsmax and OAN. This followed their previous lawsuit against FOX News.

The former President of Smartmatic, Lord Mark Malloch, currently leads the George Soros Open Society Foundation.

In August 2017 Smartmatic Director Antonio Mugica admitted that the Smartmatic machines and software were tampered with and created at least one million phantom votes in the national 
elections in Venezuela.

On Monday Newsmax TV countersued Smartmatic Corp denying they defamed the election voting systems company.

3- Only 8%! Fewer people watching DNC propaganda is a good thing. Washington Examiner

Just 8% watch CNN ‘every day’Despite all its recent controversy and 41 years delivering the news, CNN is mostly ignored by voters.  In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey previewed for Secrets, just 8% said they watch the network “every day.”
Many more, 48%, said they never or rarely tune in, and a combined 71% said they are in the “occasional” to “never” category.

4- Below 40% !  The worst place for an elected politician to be is under 40% in an approval poll. We share this to let you know that you are not alone. NewsbustersHow Will the Nets React to Biden Cratering to the 30s in Polling?

QUOTE: Joe Biden has reached another record in his unpopularity. On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, the Democrat’s approval rating dropped into the 30s. Four new polls found him at 41, 40,41 or 38. The Real Clear Politics (RCP) average plummeted to 39.8 (with his disapproval up to 54.4).
For these new polls, Ecomoist/YouGov, Rasmussen, Politico/Morning Consult and IBD/TIPP, the network morning and evening newscasts in the last week simply ignored them.

The worst numbers came from IBD, finding Biden at just 38 percent. Released two days ago, ABC, CBS and NBC ignored it. 

Hot AirCNN poll: Biden collapsing “across the board”
QUOTE:Nearly 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of how Joe Biden is handling his presidency, with most of that group saying there’s literally nothing Biden has done since taking office that they approve of. The finding, from a CNN Poll conducted by SSRS in January and February, highlights the entrenched politics driving the nation at the start of the midterm year, with little agreement across party lines on priorities for the government or how to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

5- We can only hope this prediction proves to be correct. Fox NewsOutgoing Tennessee Democrat says party ‘facing extinction’ in his state, relying on ‘blind hope

QUOTE: Outgoing Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee sat down for an interview with a local newspaper on Tuesday to give his thoughts on upcoming elections and the future of the Democratic Party in his state.

Cooper’s predictions were far from optimistic, as he said that the party is “facing extinction” in Tennessee and claimed that Democrats have no strategy to appeal to rural voters.

“As usual, Democrats are not alert to future dangers,” Cooper lamented to the Nashville Scene. “The biggest danger we face in an off-year election after we won the White House is the 100-year trend toward the other party. Redistricting is small potatoes compared to that historical trend.”

Asked if he believed the Democrats would prove competitive in the long term, Cooper said that he hopes so, but “hope is not a strategy.” Cooper criticized the management of the party in his state, and told the Scene that the Democrats in Tennessee needed a new direction.

“Their strategy is blind hope,” Cooper said. “Many of the folks you’re probably listening to have probably never visited these counties. They’re not kin to these folks. Their best friends don’t live out there. I had the advantage of being born in Nashville but raised in Shelbyville.”

6- Mad mothers are the new political force.  As Sidney likes to say, “never mess with the ol’ yeller cat’s kittens.”Breitbart‘Undercover Mothers’: Moms Form Covert Network to Expose Indoctrination Programs Plaguing Private Schools Across the Country

QUOTE: A growing group of moms from across America — and across the political spectrum — have created a covert network dedicated to combating critical theory pedagogy in private schools accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and are setting out to destroy what one mother calls the “head of the snake.” 

The central goal of the group is to expose and put a stop to political indoctrination in their children’s schools, declining academic standards, and opaque school governance and financial management — which they believe stems from NAIS.

The moms are of a variety of political leanings — some of whom told Breitbart News they have “maxed out” political donations to former President Obama and to Hillary Clinton — and do not have a collective political ideology. Their only stance is opposition to political indoctrination of any kind in school. 

Speaking to Breitbart News, the “Undercover Mothers” detailed what they believe to be an effort at “elite capture” of private school kids by Marxist ideologues, hoping to control the worldview of those likely to be influential when they grow up; as one explained, “1.2 percent of the nation’s schools are NAIS private schools, but a third of Biden’s cabinet went to these schools … once you’ve got the elite organizations, that changes the entire makeup of the country.” 

7- This is a wonderful piece that tells the stories of Canadian Truckers who are still sleeping in their trucks in the middle of winter.

Why are they doing this? Who are they? What drives them to continue? Quite simply, freedom is their motivation.

Rupa Subramanya at Bari Weiss Substack

What the Truckers Want

QUOTE:I’ve spoken to 100 of the protestors gathered in the Canadian capital. What’s happening is far bigger than the vaccine mandates.

The convoy is spearheaded by truckers, but its message of opposition to life under government control has brought onto the icy streets countless, once-voiceless people declaring that they are done being ignored. That the elites—the people who have Zoomed their way through the pandemic—had better start paying attention to the fentanyl overdoses, the suicides, the crime, the despair. Or else.  

There was a new consciousness, too, a feeling among the truckers that they weren’t as alone as they’d thought. 

The solidarity was infectious. There were copycat protests popping up in Helsinki, Finland, and Wellington, New Zealand and Nice, France (they planned to hit Paris and Brussels). There were truckers organizing in the Netherlands, Australia and the United States. Among the Americans who had driven up to Ottawa there was talk that soon the big rigs would descend on Washington, D.C. 

“Seeing the country fall apart like this is heartbreaking,” Sim said. “For me, this is the line in the sand. If we lose this battle, I’d like to move out of Canada.” He said that he was thinking of maybe heading to Florida. A lot of the truckers were thinking about the States. But not yet. “I feel that I owe it to me and others that share my values to, at least, fight for this.”

Watch our Trucker video here. Support the Truckers and Defending the Republic.  SHOP HERE

8- Governor Youngkin of Virginia is holding strong as he keeps bulldozing through the roadblocks the left puts in his path. 

Louder With Crowder 

Glenn Youngkin Gets Bill Eliminating School Mask Mandates With Added Bonus That Teachers’ Unions Will Hate

QUOTE: Governor Glenn Youngkin keeps racking up wins in Virginia to the dismay of Democrats, school board members, and the teachers’ unions that give them lots and lots of money. The Virginia Senate just passed a bill that would end school mask mandates and that would *gasp* put the decision back in the hands of parents. A decision that Democrats can’t call anti-science anymore, as Democrat governors follow both the political science and Gov. Youngkin’s lead. 

The Virginia Senate by a BI-PARTISAN VOTE passed a bill that would prevent school boards from mandating masks and schools. Weeks ago, school boards were suing Youngkin. Days ago, school administrators were threatening to charge maskless kids with a felony. Yesterday, Democrats saw their numbers and crossed the line to give parents the choice. The bill is now expected to pass the house, then be signed into law by the Governor.

The bill also contains a bonus provision that is really going to cause teachers’ union members to have a nutty. The bill states that virtual learning days WON’T count toward state-required instruction days. So when union bosses claim kids can just learn from home, nope. Not unless teachers’ union members  want to give up some of their summer vacation with an extended school year.

Read. Know. Share. Pray and

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


Keep your eyes on the prize

Dear Patriots,

There is much going on and many people doing hard work on many issues. There is an under current of change and realignment.

When you are in the midst of profound reconstruction, it is difficult to see it. But, can you feel it?

We live in this most interesting of times.

1- The left has done it now! They have made mothers mad as wet hens! This piece tells the stories of several moms in deep blue places who are running for office because they are outraged at what the Democrats have done to their children with Covid-CCP mandates. It is a great read!

(Suzy Weiss at Bari Weiss Substack) 

Revenge of the Covid Moms

QUOTE: These women don’t really care about The Big Lie or Russiagate or filibuster reform. They could not care less about Big Abstract Theories Of Government. They traffic in hashtags like #TeamReality, #RationalGround and #SmilesMatter. After so many years of endless yammering about conservatives, neoliberals, progressives, alt-righters, the woke, the anti-woke, the only thing they really care about is what works. What is actually happening in the real world. What is being done to their children. And they are willing to vote for whoever can actually bring a return to normal.

Radicalize is another way of saying “reconsider one’s tribe.” Burns, like Steinkamp, like Maron— like all of them—isn’t sure which tribe she belongs to. She belongs to the Kids Tribe. She likens herself to Glenn Youngkin, the surprise Republican victor in Virginia’s recent gubernatorial race, who rode to victory on a wave of angry parents fed up with the status quo. “Every Republican who misses that message of the betrayal of our kids—and there are a lot who are not fully engaged on this—is leaving votes on the table,” Burns says.

“I’ve seen movements rise and fall,” Maron tells me. “Occupy Wall Street was so omnipresent in this city, until it was completely gone.” She says she’s not interested in being a one-hit wonder. She sees herself as part of a new, emergent center, one interested in fixing the supply chain, having a functional police force, and treating the opioid epidemic. But before all that—the kids.

2- We have known that CNN was nothing more than a PR company for the Democrat Party. But, this admission on it’s collusion with the January 6 Congressional Committee is saying the quiet part out loud.

(Red State) 

CNN Continues to Collude With the J-6 Commission and Expose Itself as the Hack News Outlet

QUOTE: As CNN continues to reel from the departure of Jeff Zucker, the network is also continuing with another practice – serving as the accomplice with members of the January Six Commission investigating the Capitol Riot. One of the unintended offshoots of the Zucker debacle was a curious admission made by one of the network’s entrenched Washington fixtures, correspondent Jamie Gangel, immediately after his firing. Gangel let slip that members of Congress had reached out to her to express their dismay at Zucker’s demise.

This unintentional admission now prompts one to look over reports from CNN and see that there are blatant signs of collusion with the committee.

Jamie Gangel is a longtime name at CNN, and her reaction to the news was obviously fueled by emotion, but it also leads to a bit of exposure of the game behind the scenes. Bonchie covered Gangel’s response during a conference call with a top executive from Warner Media, the current parent company of CNN, when she expressed how damaging she felt the ouster of Zucker would be. After Warners executive Jason Kilar assured the staffers that CNN would remain on its same journalistic path, Gangel was not swayed by his words, going on to make a curious declaration.

Gangel said she received calls from four members of the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol “who felt devastated for our democracy” now that Zucker has exited CNN.

Gangel revealed that she and the committee are working in tandem. Why else would numerous committee members reach her directly to express their dismay at losing an ally in Zucker, if they were not operating from the position that he was providing his network as a conduit for the committee to deliver targeted messaging?

3- There is no longer any logical reason to keep enforcing the Clot Shot mandates.

(Children’s Health Defense) 

16 States File New Lawsuit Challenging Vaccine Mandates for U.S. Healthcare Workers

QUOTE: Attorneys general from 16 states, led by Louisiana, filed a new legal challenge to COVID-19 vaccine mandates for U.S. healthcare workers claiming the mandates are illegal and obsolete, as the vaccines don’t work against Omicron, the dominant variant in the U.S.

The amended lawsuit was filed Feb. 4 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Chiquita Brooks-Lasure, administrator of CMS.

The suit seeks to block the mandate for healthcare workers in the 25 states that previously challenged it and where it is set to take effect beginning this month.

The revised lawsuit puts forth a series of new arguments, including that the CMS mandate was designed in response to the Delta variant and is therefore now obsolete.

Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia joined Louisiana in the lawsuit.

4- All of a sudden, the mandates are being relaxed in blue states. They say the science has changed. We think the only thing that has changed is the polling results.


Sen. Rand Paul: Democratic States Rolling Back Mandates Without White House

QUOTE: ”I don’t think we should be surprised that the White House may be the last place to finally get some common sense,” Paul, an ophthalmologist, said Tuesday on ”Eric Bolling: The Balance.”

Democratic governors, he continued, ”are hearing from moms and dads and teachers and kids that the science doesn’t appear to be working for mass preventing infection and that they’re tired of wearing [masks]. So, I think ultimately we’re going to get to a groundswell, and I think the Democrat governors are starting to sense this.”

Paul’s comments come after five Democratic-run states — California, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey and Oregon — began rolling back mask mandates in indoor establishments and schools on Monday.

5- As we have said, many people are still working on many aspects of election fraud in many places.

(Human Events)  

Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem Introduces Resolution to Decertify 2020 Election in 3 Counties

QUOTE: Arizona Republican State Rep. Mark Finchem introduced a bill Monday to decertify the 2020 election in three counties.

“In the case of Maricopa, Pima and Yuma Counties, the fact that there is evidence showing illegal acts occurred, whether by intent or omission does not matter, the margin of error exceeds the margin of victory,” Finchem said. Biden was declared winner in both Maricopa and Pima County, while Trump won Yuma County.

“If we are a nation governed by the ‘rule of law,’ as we so often espouse, then violations of the law must have consequences,” he continued. “In that regard, the 2020 General Election is irredeemably compromised, and it is impossible to name a clear winner of the contest.”

“That there is no process under current law for the Arizona Legislature to ‘decertify’ an election, does not mean that the Legislature cannot provide a remedy for outcome-determinative fraud and illegality in the conduct of the election,” he added.

6- We are still watching in awe as the brave, protesting Canucks demand freedom!

(Raheem Kassam at Newsweek) 

Canada’s Politicians Only Have Themselves to Blame for Trucker Protests

QUOTE:  Increasingly, it appears Canadian politicians are not actually demonstrating an ability to manage their own affairs, nor to bring logic or rationality to this scenario, brought about by some of the most restrictive COVID-19 policies in the world. Nor, until now, has it appeared they cared when anyone raised objections to those policies.

Only when thousands of truckers replete with their 18-wheel freedom-fighting machines descended on Ottawa did the Canadian government begin to acknowledge the existence of dissenters in their midst. This very fact is the political casus belli for the protesters on Parliament Hill. It is also why they shouldn’t leave until some very concrete demands are both met and kept. There should be a prolonged presence of truckers in Canada’s capital. It appears to be the only language Trudeau’s government understands.

Were it not for a compliant national media willing to almost exclusively echo the claims of the government, the situation could have already resolved itself with a hasty Trudeau exit from office.

Canada’s broadcasters have focused their attention on the appearance of two flags—one Nazi, one Confederate—at protests over the past week. The culprits remain as elusive as the January 6th pipe bomber, though their presence has allowed the government to paint tens of thousands as extremists, racists or worse.

Watch Defending The Republic’s short video on the Canadian Trucker.

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We are called to fight

Dear Patriots,

Each day we are inspired by the kind words and confidence you have placed in Defending the Republic and this newsletter.

You are the reason we keep getting up to work. You are our caffeine. We are in awe of your suggestions, information, corrections, stories, and ideas.

We are all answering the call to fight for our freedoms and for our country as founded.

If you can not share the information we offer because you have no one to share with, then, we covet your prayers.

We pray for all of you that you may find some comfort here and that we may all benefit from the energy of knowing we are on the right side of history.

1- This provides an in-depth analysis of voting laws being worked on in the states.

The Epoch Times 

‘Voter Suppression’ Mantra Derailing Sober Analysis of Election Laws, State Lawmakers Say

QUOTE: Contrary to the voter suppression mantra by the Democrats, election laws in blue states make it harder to vote than deep-red states, according to Jason Snead, the executive director of True, Honest Elections Project.

“Red states offer more early voting, more ‘no excuse’ absentee voting. When you look at the laws (blue states) have on the books, it is immediately apparent that deep red states make it easier to vote than deep blue bastions like New York and Joe Biden’s home state, Delaware,” said Snead, whose group works with Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in crafting model elections integrity bills carried by state lawmakers nationwide.

“The narrative that these (red) states are trying to suppress the vote is off the mark; the facts say otherwise,” he said. “I think the narrative has become deliberately misleading” and could backfire when voters see Democrats resisting efforts to shore-up issues in elections laws that polls show a vast majority nationwide support.

“Maybe we need to change the narrative,” Arizona’s Townsend said. “The Left calls it ‘voter suppression.’ We call it ‘cheater suppression.'”

2- More good news on the wonderful protection of natural immunity. This news is being ignored, so you know what to do.

(Trending Politics)

New Study: 99% of All Covid Prior Infections Resulted in ‘Natural Immunity’ That Lasted at Least 650 Days

QUOTE: Johns Hopkins university this week dropped a quiet bombshell of an article that went widely ignored in the mainstream media.

Dr. Marty Makary, spearheading a team at Johns Hopkins to do the work that the CDC and NIH refuse to do, showed that 99% of unvaccinated people known to have Covid infections had robust “natural immunity” that did not diminish for at least 650 days.

Of 1580 individuals invited to undergo serologic testing, 816 (52%) did so between September 24, 2021, and November 5, 2021. Participants had a mean age of 48.0 years, 421 (52%) were women, and 669 (82%) were White (Table). Fourteen percent reported routine mask use in public. Anti-RBD and anti-N antibody presence/absence were correlated (95%; Cohen κ=0.908).

3- Our jaw dropped when we saw this exchange between the government mouthpiece and a reporter. First, it was stunning to hear any reporter push back on anything the Biden Regime is pushing out, much less an Associated Press reporter. Second, the level of lying by this government dweeb is disconcerting. See the video and the full transcript at the link.

Conservative Brief  

State Department Spokesman Ned Price Absent After He Got Shredded By AP Reporter

QUOTE: State Department spokesman Ned Price was absent from Friday’s press briefing after giving his briefing on Thursday and stating that there was evidence that Russia was planning a false flag attack on NATO, complete with crisis actors.

The reporter, Matt Lee of the Associated Press, demanded to see evidence of such a plot and not simply the word of Price, and that is where things got heated.

“One possible option the Russians are considering, and which we made public today, involves the production of a propaganda video – a video with graphic scenes of false explosions – depicting corpses, crisis actors pretending to be mourners, and images of destroyed locations or military equipment – entirely fabricated by Russian intelligence,” the spokesman said.

“To be clear, the production of this propaganda video is one of a number of options that the Russian Government is developing as a fake pretext to initiate and potentially justify military aggression against Ukraine. We don’t know if Russia will necessarily use this or another option in the coming days. We are publicizing it now, however, in order to lay bare the extent of Russia’s destabilizing actions towards Ukraine and to dissuade Russia from continuing this dangerous campaign and ultimately launching a military attack,” he said.

If you think this sounds like something you would be more likely to hear from Alex Jones you are not alone. The AP reporter did too.

4- The Democrats never care who they hurt or inconvenience.


Dems ‘Exploiting’ Jan. 6 to ‘Destroy Trump’s Future’

QUOTE: Democrats are weaponizing the Jan. 6 attack to destroy former President Donald Trump just like they did with Watergate and former President Richard Nixon, says former Nixon White House adviser Pat Buchanan

“They’re using it to destroy Donald Trump, and to prevent Donald Trump from ever running again, because that is the great fear here,” Buchanan told Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM-N.Y.

“So, they are exploiting it. I went through this. There was no doubt that there were people lined up to break into Watergate and bug the telephones of the DNC. While it’s an outrage, it was not unusual in politics. But the handling of that by Nixon was used to destroy a president who had won 49 states. I think the same thing is going on here. The exploitation of Jan. 6 and the incident that occurred to destroy Trump’s future hopes for the presidency and to discredit his past.”

“A day doesn’t go by that this is not on American television and radio and left doesn’t use it in their media outlets,” he added. “They are not going to let it go because it’s the best weapon they believe they have to destroy [Trump] and to prevent him from running and winning again.”

The comparisons to Nixon and Watergate are not that far of a stretch, he continued.“Trump did not order or direct anything like that, and it’s the inability and failure to get that or find that, that is causing the frustration and rage on the left,” Buchanan said.

5- Well, we all need a little laugh now and then.  Is this karma?

(Don Surber) 

Chris Wallace gets Trumpenfreude

QUOTE: Trumpenfreude is that feeling you get when you watch someone fall who tried to bring President Donald John Trump down. I stopped counting at 118.

This week — a year after Trump left office — was a spectacular week of Trumpenfreude. It began with CNN firing Jeff Zucker. It continued with a jury convicting the Creepy Porn Lawyer of swindling Stormy Daniels. And now it ends with Chris Wallace whining about Zuck’s departure and having no staff in his new gig at CNN-plus.

He left a $7 million a year job at Fox for an undisclosed salary at CNN-plus.He called it a new challenge. I call it Fox not wanting to pay $7 million a year for a drag on ratings.

Radar Online reported, “Defection Disaster: ‘Irate’ Chris Wallace Has Meltdown Over Jeff Zucker-Allison Gollust Scandal, Said To Be At War In D.C. Bureau With Jake Tapper.”

The story said, “Chris Wallace is irate at the ousting of CNN president Jeff Zucker and his future at the news network is uncertain.”

Read. Know. Share. Pray and

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


Good News Friday: 02/04

Dear Patriots,

Another crazy week has flown by with some surprising twists and turns.

Facebook stock face planted – CNN imploded – The View is vacuous – Truckers are resolute  – European countries are waking up – Demand for the vax is plunging. Do not despair. Read some Good News! 

1- This week brought a major court win for military service members, thanks to the efforts of Liberty Counsel.

Federal Judge Rules the Military May Not Discriminate On Religious Exemptions

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Florida ruled that the Secretary of Defense, or anyone acting on his behalf, may not alter or diminish the status of two military service members who have made religious exemption requests to the COVID-19 vaccines. 

The judge observed that the two military service members “are very likely to prevail on their claim that their respective branch of the military has wrongfully denied a religious exemption from COVID-19 vaccination.” 

The judge stated that the military appears to be discriminatorily and systematically denying religious exemptions without a meaningful and fair hearing and without the showing required under RFRA.” He further noted that while the military was denying religious exemptions, it was granting medical exemptions and permitting some unvaccinated service members to serve without retaliation. 

This is an important ruling for all military service members who seek to uphold their faith while serving their country. 

As the judge observed, and contradicting Department of Defense arguments, permitting a small number of religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine will not “adversely affect the public’s interest in the maintenance and readiness of the nation’s military forces.” 

Credit to Liberty Counsel, who represents these heroes in this litigation. We anticipate that this ruling can only help the two pending cases Defending the Republic has against the military’s unlawful COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

2- It is oft said America is deeply divided. There is a political schism that can not be breached. It therefore seems odd that we apparently agree on this!

Human Events

POLL: Majority of Americans Oppose Choosing Supreme Court Justices by Race, Gender

According to a new poll, a majority of Americans oppose choosing a Supreme Court Justice on the basis of race or gender. 

The ABC/Ipsos poll found that 76 percent of Americans say Biden should consider “all possible nominees” to fill Breyer’s seat, while just 23 percent say Biden should consider “only nominees who are Black women, as he has pledged to do. 

Similarly, a recent Rasmussen Reports poll found the majority of Americans oppose choosing justices by race and gender, though most think Biden will do so anyway, the Star News Network reports. 

3- More and more countries are ending the Covid-CCP reign of terror. Many of these are countries the American left likes to lecture us to emulate.

Children’s Health Defense  

12 Countries Roll Back COVID Restrictions, Israel Scraps ‘Green Pass’

QUOTE: Sweden and Switzerland joined Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, France and the UK in announcing they will lift COVID restrictions and open up their countries.


Top Israeli officials also announced this week they are abolishing the country’s “Green Pass” COVID vaccine passport for restaurants, hotels, gyms and theaters.


Few studies, if any, have been carried out to determine whether vaccine passports and COVID restrictions actually lowered COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths.


However, a recent analysis published by researchers at John Hopkins found COVID lockdown measures implemented in the U.S. and Europe had almost no effect on public health.


“We find little-to-no evidence that mandated lockdowns in Europe and the United States had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality rates,” the researchers wrote.

4- Finally, we have some attempts to provide actual proven treatment for the virus. This will be fought by Big Pharm.

The Gateway Pundit 

New Hampshire Lawmakers Propose Bill that Will Allow Pharmacists to Administer Ivermectin Without Prescription

QUOTE: Lawmakers in Concord Hampshire are proposing a bill that will allow pharmacists to dispense Ivermectin by means of standing orders.

“Standing order” means a written and signed protocol authored by one or more physicians licensed under RSA 329:12 or one or more advanced practice registered nurses licensed under RSA 326-B:18, the bill stated.

5- It would be great if elected Republicans collectively called for this. Townhall

Top Doctor Calls for Reinstatement of People Fired Over Vaccine Mandates

QUOTE: After instruction from President Joe Biden and federal government regulators, a number of corporations fired workers who refused the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine. They did so before the Supreme Court ruled Biden’s vaccine mandate for large companies was unconstitutional. 

Now, with worker shortages and long delayed scientific evidence from the Centers for Disease Control that the vaccine does not prevent the transmission of the virus, a number of companies are hiring back previously fired workers.

Dr. Marty Makary, a top doctor for John’s Hopkins University, has been calling on companies to rehire fired employees for weeks.  
Now, he’s calling for workers to not only give people their jobs back but to issue an apology. 

6- There is push back coming from somewhere, at long last.FOX NEWS

Virginia’s new GOP AG prompts three largest universities to drop vaccine mandate for students

QUOTE: The three largest universities in Virginia have dropped their sweeping vaccine requirements after the state’s attorney general issued his legal opinion calling such mandates illegal. 

George Mason University, Virginia Tech and the University of Mary Washington all announced reforms to their previously strict vaccination requirements.

The Federalist   

George Mason University Students Declare Victory After School Revokes Booster Mandate

George Mason University (GMU) announced on Monday that the school would be revoking its Covid-19 booster mandate for students, marking a win for their medical freedoms and bodily autonomy.

7- Legislation saves lives.


Texas heartbeat law has cut abortions in half, saved 15,000 babies: report

QUOTE: A Texas law effectively banning abortion of babies with detectable heartbeats appears to have saved the lives of 15,000 babies since taking effect five months ago, according to statistics from the Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC).

The Texas Heartbeat Act requires abortionists to screen for a preborn baby’s heartbeat and prohibits abortion if a heartbeat can be heard (generally as early as six weeks), with exceptions only for medical emergencies.

This week, HHSC released a report finding that abortions had dropped from 5,404 in August 2021 to 2,197 in September, the month the Texas Heartbeat Act took affect, a reduction in 60%. Daily abortions also dropped from approximately 160 to 70. Overall, Texas Right to Life (TRTL) estimates that the law has saved 15,000 babies since taking effect

8- Blue States are jumping on the issue of lowering taxes. With massive Covid-CCP funding from the Federal government flowing into the states, even Democrats are clamoring to cut taxes. They also hope to keep residents from moving to no-tax states, like Florida.


Revenue windfall pushes states to consider range of tax cuts

QUOTE: Soaring tax revenue and billions in pandemic aid from the federal government have left many states with an unusual problem — too much money.

The result is one of the most broad-based movements in recent memory toward giving consumers and taxpayers a break. In red states and blue, lawmakers and governors are proposing to cut taxes and fees, create tax credits, or delay tax and fee hikes that had been planned before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Even high-tax states controlled by Democrats, from California to New Jersey, are dangling the possibility. Among those are Washington state, where one Democratic senator has proposed cutting the state sales tax from 6.5% to 5.5%.


In Maryland, Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has long pushed for a gradual elimination of income taxes for retirees, something he says will reduce the migration of people leaving the state to lower-tax places such as Florida when they’re finished working. He may finally have a window for striking a deal with the Democrat-controlled legislature.

9- We are always pleased when parents find alternatives to public schools.


Christian Schools See Growing Enrollments as Public Schools Decline

QUOTE: “The last two years have shown the advantage Christian schools have in being nimble in serving students and their families with excellence,” said Lynn Swaner, chairperson of Converge 2022, a conference that plans to welcome nearly 750 attendees in San Diego in March to focus on how to meet the needs of the growing numbers of students coming to faith-based schools from the public sector.

Among the host organizations for the conference is the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), which, last year, saw a 12 percent increase in enrollment at its affiliated K-12 schools, the press statement noted.

10- Taking a page out of the Trudeau play book, towing companies are claiming they can not come to move trucks because they are sick with, wait for it…. Covid-CCP.

The Gateway Pundit “We’ve Got COVID” – Towing Companies in Canada Turn Down Requests from Police and Mayor to Haul Away Trucks

QUOTE: Towing companies in Alberta, Canada reportedly refused the requests from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to assist in the removal of trucks from Coutts Port of Entry on the north side of the Alberta-Montana border.

Abe Martens from Xodus Car Transport who also offers towing service told the Western Standard, “We are here with our trucks at the blockade, but we are participating and are in full support of the truckers.”

In a video posted on Twitter, a woman said that she was just talking to a local who has lived in Ottawa for 30 years.

“He told me that the Mayor of Ottawa called tow truck companies to start towing the semis out of the streets and every company said that they have COVID.” 

Read. Know. Share. Pray and

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


Game Over

Dear Patriots,

If you are paying attention, there is more information on the cheating, fraud and deception perpetuated by the left to win elections.  Frankly, it is a wonder that any Republican ever wins an election! 

It is wonderful to know that, way under the radar, there are many determined people trying to fix this election mess. 

Today we send you a few stories about election fraud.

1- Check out this trailer on the new movie from Dinesh D’Souza. We have known this happened for a year but Dinesh will have video evidence of Democrat voter fraud. There was an organized and well-financed fraud ring that dumped fake ballots into the Zuckerberg drop boxes. All of these fake ballots were counted.

At the end of the shocking trailer, D’Souza declares: Game over.

2000 Mules

QUOTE from trailer:  “We tracked 2,000 mules making multiple ballot drops. Leaving no fingerprints. Snapping photos to get paid. A coordinated ring of illegal vote harvesting in all the key states where the election was decided.”

2- When you think of vote fraud, Texas may not be the first state that comes to mind. A group of 100 citizens of Tarrant County (Fort Worth) have done an incredible presentation on the cheating that occurred in their area. This should be a blue print for every county in the USA.

Note from Sidney:  Every concerned citizen must rise up now, bird-dog their county commissioners and election officials and demand paper ballots, hand-counted and citizen voter identification.  We will not have an election we can trust until we have those three things.  Our elections must be completely transparent.  The rule of law depends upon it–indeed, the Republic depends on it.

QUOTE: Tarrant County non-partisan election watchdog group presents appalling fraud findings. Watch their video on the website.  

Election fraud in one county effects every citizen in our country. We hold our elected officials accountable through our voice and vote.

Go here to watch the video. 

3- We talk about the hundreds of ways the Democrats cheat to win elections. Here is one more. 

Please note that the Dominion at the center of this story is not the company with the voting machines, but Dominion Energy in Virginia.

Yes, the public utility Virginians pay to provide their energy, entered into an arrangement with a left wing political pac and funded it to run a smear campaign on the current Governor Youngkin.  

National Legal And Policy Center 

NLPC Demands Probe of VA Utility That Tried to Undermine Youngkin

QUOTE: In a letter to Robert Spilman, Jr., the Lead Independent Director serving on Dominion Energy’s board, the National Legal and Policy Center asked for an investigation of the company’s intervention in the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election “through a ‘false flag’ political advertising campaign sponsored by the so-called Accountability Virginia PAC.”
Spilman is Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc., a furniture manufacturer and distributor.

According to Paul Chesser, the director of NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project, “Dominion has yet to come clean on its role in the advertising campaign directed against now-Governor Glenn Youngkin. It is time for an investigation by the board of directors into management’s role in this fiasco. Dominion cannot be a good corporate citizen while at the same time sponsoring dirty tricks and debasing Virginia’s political system. Shareholders are entitled to the facts about what actually happened.”

QUOTE from the letter: We believe this is matter of great concern to shareholders, as well as to millions of Virginians who are electricity customers of a government-regulated monopoly. Moreover, the controversy may seriously diminish Dominion’s influence in the future, as bipartisan-sponsored legislation has been proposed to permanently ban all Dominion political donations.

4- It is good to see that not all judges will dismiss these issues.  This Dominion IS the voting machine company.

The Federalist Papers    

What We’ve Been Waiting For: Judge May Release Bombshell Report on Dominion Voting Machines in Georgia

QUOTE: A federal judge is being urged to release a report that, despite the secrecy surrounding it, appears to indicate there are potential flaws in the Dominion Voting Systems’ equipment used in Georgia.

“The public deserves to know the context of J. Alex Halderman’s claims and his testimony regarding the 2020 election,” Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said last week in calling for the document to be released, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Georgia voters face an extreme risk that [ballot marking device]-based attacks could manipulate their individual votes and alter election outcomes,” Halderman, a University of Michigan computer science professor, said about the report last year, according to the Daily Beast.

In its reporting, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has indicated that the report, completed last year, describes how someone could hack the system to change votes, without saying whether or not this was ever accomplished.

Halderman — exploring the world of possibilities — said malicious software could be installed on voting touchscreens to change votes from one candidate to another. Votes could also be altered through QR codes used by scanners, he said, without indicating that this had been done.

The report is part of a lawsuit that seeks to change Georgia’s system for voting. More importantly, it is a piece of the wider discussion about potential election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

5- He loved them until he hated them. It is hard to keep up with a flip-flopping leftist.

Fox News  

Trudeau tweet surfaces from early 2020, shows radical flip in attitude towards truckers

QUOTE: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once heralded truck drivers for their work during the pandemic before slamming those same truckers for allegedly spewing “hateful rhetoric” during their “Freedom Convoy” protest against a vaccine mandate. 

“While many of us are working from home, there are others who aren’t able to do that – like the truck drivers who are working day and night to make sure our shelves are stocked. So when you can, please #ThankATrucker for everything they’re doing and help them however you can,” Trudeau tweeted on March 31, 2020. 

Nearly two years later, Trudeau is slamming the same truck drivers as they protest the federal government’s vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers. Trudeau addressed the nation Monday afternoon and accused the truckers and other protesters of spewing “hateful rhetoric,” expressing “violence toward fellow citizens” and being “an insult to memory and truth.” 

6- Yes, we knew this but now the science backs it up. Government lockdowns only HURT. They did not protect anyone! 

The government’s response to the virus continues to be shockingly inept.

Epoch Times 

Lockdowns Had ‘Little to No Public Health Effect,’ Analysis of 24 Studies Concludes

QUOTE: Lockdown measures used by governments worldwide to reduce the death toll from COVID-19 had little or no effect on mortality, according to three researchers who analyzed 24 studies.

The researchers, led by Steve Hanke, the co-founder of The Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise, screened 18,590 studies to select the 24 papers used for the final analysis.

They concluded that lockdowns in Europe and the United States pared the mortality from COVID-19 by 0.2 percent on average. Shelter-in-place orders reduced mortality by 2.9 percent on average, they found.

“While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted,” the researchers wrote.”In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”

Defending The Republic In Battle

Defending the Republic has filed suit in the Southern District of Texas, asking a federal court to strike down the Biden Administration’s federal contractor COVID-19 vaccine mandate. This mandate, which requires COVID-19 vaccination for any employee of a federal contractor, is estimated to cover over 10 million Americans. It punishes the workers who helped this country through the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring them to get an experimental shot – a jab that has limited efficacy and the potential for life-altering injuries, including death – or lose their jobs.


The federal contractor vaccine mandate is just one of the ways the Biden Administration has sought to illegally require the vaccination of hundreds of millions of Americans. Defending the Republic helped fight against the OSHA COVID-19 vaccine mandate by filing an amicus brief to the Supreme Court. We are currently fighting the Department of Defense vaccine mandate in federal courts in Florida. And now we are helping defend workers who are exercising their natural and constitutional rights to refuse unwanted, unnecessary, and unproven medical treatments.


Read. Know. Share. Pray and

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic

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