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1- This podcast will teach you more history about Cuba and Hong Kong than you have ever been taught. Megyn Kelly gives these two gentlemen ample time to lay out what has happened in these two counties. You will recognize many similarities to where the United States is at this moment.

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What’s Happening In Cuba and Hong Kong, with Antonio Garcia-Martinez and Samuel Chu – The Megyn Kelly Show


Megyn Kelly is joined by Antonio Garcia-Martinez, author and entrepreneur whose family came from Cuba, and Samuel Chu, Managing Director of the Hong Kong Democracy Council, to talk about what’s happening now in Cuba and Hong Kong with citizens fighting back against governments, as well as what’s behind the protests in Cuba today, the extraordinary way Cuba regulates the internet, how the Democrats and Republicans approach Cuba today, China’s crackdown of Hong Kong in the 1980s, what the world can do to help Hong Kong, what’s next for Hong Kong, and more.

2- Please support and pray for America’s Frontline Doctors.  

They are bravely fighting for us against the rest of the medical community and the government.

Nonprofit Sues HHS to Immediately Stop Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 Vaccines


America’s Frontline Doctors, a nonprofit, filed a motion on July 19 seeking immediate injunctive relief to stop the emergency use authorization (EUA) of COVID-19 vaccines for three groups of Americans: anyone under the age of 18, anyone who has recovered from COVID-19, and those who haven’t given informed consent as defined by federal law.


The motion was filed against Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and other defendants in a federal district court in the Northern District of Alabama.


“The emergency declaration and its multiple renewals are illegal,” the complaint (pdf) alleges.

3- THIS is what a political leader looks and sounds like. Since we have so few examples of that, we wanted you to see this one!

DeSantis Rejects Federal Mask Guidance for Children: ‘Not Doing That in Florida’ 


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida won’t implement mask mandates on public school children amid the COVID-19 pandemic, coming after federal health officials have suggested that unvaccinated kids and school staff should wear masks while in class.


“There’s been talk about potentially people advocating at the federal level, imposing compulsory masks on kids,” DeSantis said during a bill signing event in Fort Pierce on Thursday. “We’re not doing that in Florida, OK? We need our kids to breathe.”


“Parents obviously can equip their kids to go to school however they want, but there shouldn’t be any coercive mandates on our schools,” he said, adding that masks are “terribly” uncomfortable for kids.

4- Good work ignoring these propaganda filled fake news show!

Far-Left ‘Today Show’ Ratings Crater to 30-Year Low


“‘Today’ averaged 2.9 million viewers during the week of July 12-16 to mark the first time NBC News’ flagship program failed to surpass the three-million viewer threshold since at least 1991,” Fox News reported.


An industry insider with “knowledge of the show’s inner workings” told Fox, “It’s a total fiasco. The show has lost its role [as a] cultural touchstone. There are obviously bigger industry trends at play, but the show is a non-factor.”


Johns Hopkins Study Found Zero COVID Deaths Among Healthy Kids


Rather than acknowledge science, Dr. Makary says the CDC continues to use ‘flimsy evidence’ to push the COVID vaccine upon children.


A team of Johns Hopkins researchers recently reported that when studying a group of about 48,000 children, they found zero COVID deaths among healthy kids, but the Centers for Disease Control doesn’t care.


Makary says the CDC’s untrustworthy reporting doesn’t stop there. He adds that, “The CDC may also be under[-]capturing data on vaccine complications.” The CDC bases its risk-benefit analysis for vaccinating all children on complication rates from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database (Vaers). However, Makary argues that this database is composed of self-reported, raw data that “is unverified and likely underreports adverse events.”

6- Oh look. The Senate Republicans appear to be alive.

Senate Republicans Block Effort To Advance Biden Infrastructure Plan


Senate Republicans have blocked an effort to advance the Democrats’ infrastructure plan on Wednesday afternoon, producing a massive setback for the Biden administration’s efforts to go ahead with a bill expected to cost roughly $3.5 trillion ($4.1 trillion with a $600 billion bipartisan plan) to fund the Build Back Better agenda.


The Republicans blocked Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s attempt to move forward on a proposal, arguing that the party could not advance a plan that is still being negotiated.


It was blocked 49 to 51, with Schumer changing his vote to “no” for procedural reasons so he could bring the bill back up, as reported by The Recount.

According to Politico, the block amounted to a setback to Biden’s agenda, although members of both parties expect at least one more attempt in the coming days.

7- More of this, please!

Eric Clapton won’t play venues that require proof of vaccination in the wake of U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement clubgoers must present COVID passes

Eric Clapton will not perform at venues that require proof of vaccination.

‘Following the PM’s announcement on Monday the 19th of July 2021, I feel honor bound to make an announcement of my own,’ Clapton said via statement posted onto architect, film producer and anti-vaxxer Robin Monotti Graziadei’s Telegram account.

‘I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present,’ the musician said. ‘Unless there is provision made for all people to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show.’

8-  There was one country that actually used their common sense and now have proved that lock downs are not the way to go.

Sweden’s no-lockdown Covid strategy vindicated


Alone among the advanced countries of the world, Sweden followed the sensible policy for dealing with a highly transmissible virus with a 99%+ survival rate, dangerous mostly to easily identifiable groups – the elderly and those with co-morbidities. It allowed the population at minimal risk to carry on life as usual, and restricted movements and otherwise protected only those at elevated risk. As the rest of the advanced world locked down, life for almost all Swedes went on as normal.


The result: herd immunity spread. Sweden’s economy avoided the catastrophic harm inflicted elsewhere.


And now we see that Sweden’s approach (which, incidentally, is how all previous pandemics have been handled) has been vindicated.

9- Frankly, there is very little with regards to Covid-CCP that we have been told that is the truth. Here is another one.

Who Are The Real COVID Vaccine Refuseniks? Hint: It’s Not What You’ve Been Told


The Biden administration, stung by missing its vaccine targets and the rising COVID-19 cases, has decided to blame Republicans. That’s not surprising. But it’s traditionally Democratic groups – minorities and the young – who aren’t getting vaccinated, and it’s leftists who are the most influential anti-vaxxers on the planet.

As Politico reported recently, “the Biden administration is casting conservative opponents of its COVID-19 vaccine campaign as dangerous and extreme.”


The administration points to state immunization rates as proof that anti-vaxxers on the right are to blame for the problem. “State vaccine rates fall along red, blue divide,” is how The Hill reported it.


But wait a minute. The states with low vaccination rates also tend to have larger minority populations. And blacks are the least likely racial or ethnic group to have been vaccinated, with Hispanics the second least likely, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

10-  Keep pushing back on government schools. Stand up for your kids!

‘Let them die’: Va. PTA official resigns after speech criticizing opponents of CRT, progressive ideas

A top official with the Virginia Parent Teacher Association has resigned after seemingly wishing death to parents who oppose the teaching of critical race theory and other progressive ideas.

Michelle Leete, the vice president of training for the Virginia PTA, had said “let them die” at a rally held last Thursday in Fairfax County in response to protesters opposed to CRT and other progressive proposals.


There are a lot of plates spinning. There is a lot happening by many different people. Events are moving quickly. Stay informed. Share information. Pray for our country and for those people in the world also fighting communism.

Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken

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Dear Patriots,

According to our Constitution, everyone is entitled to a defense when all the power and might of the United States is brought to bear against an individual.  It’s a fundamental right to counsel long recognized by the Supreme Court.

Defending the Republic is stepping up to assist as much as we can with coordination, resources, and consultation with the lawyers who are defending those still accused and those still incarcerated—and in many cases, likely wrongly accused of any offense regarding their presence at, near or in the Capitol Building on January 6.

First, I must note bald-faced lies spread about me.  I had nothing to do with the events at the Capitol that day.  I was not in Washington.  I encouraged anyone who would listen—and many who did not—to leave Washington, to stay out of Washington, and not participate in any way. 

January 6 was too late for people to show their disgust, in Washington DC, with the obvious fraud in the past election.   I fully expected a “false flag” operation created by someone on the left.  It was a trap for Trump supporters.

I have never encouraged violence.  I abhor it.  Anyone who accuses me with “having blood on my hands” or otherwise having any role in January 6 is lying and defaming me.

Second, those who actually broke into the Capitol, who destroyed property or stole property, who attacked an officer, should be held accountable.  That said—so should all who burned buildings, looted, rioted, assaulted police, and took over parts of cities, beat people and committed countless other atrocities much of the last year of the Trump administration. 

Unfortunately, with the help of Kamala Harris and other now-obvious communists, most of those who destroyed our cities and hundreds of millions of dollars of property and livelihoods of others, were released upon booking.

Ironically, Mr. Biden trespassed on the Capitol when he was 21.  He was arrested and released.  Even more ironically, I can remember being able to walk freely in and out of the Capitol and to watch important votes and proceedings from the gallery. After all, it is the “people’s house.”

Now, at least 80 people are still in custody in DC.  They and more than 400 others were hunted down by massive displays of “law enforcement”, and arrested at gunpoint in front of their families, and jailed for whatever the government says they did at the Capitol.

Of the hundreds now who have been arrested, many were held for days without being allowed to shower, speak to a lawyer or anyone, and many more have been held in solitary confinement for days, weeks, and now months. 

They are our fellow citizens entitled to a defense and humane treatment, yet they have been treated worse than international terrorists and illegal aliens.

Previously, the ACLU and the UN have said solitary confinement is torture.  It can drive a sane man insane in twenty-four hours.  Yet this is how our government is now treating people who succumbed to an operation we now know was created, incited and staffed by our FBI

The January 6 defendants have been abused to shut them up, to “teach everyone a lesson,” to demonstrate the consolidation of the evil and power now apparent in our government.  Those still in custody are being held and abused to coerce them into pleading guilty to crimes they may not have committed and to avoid the exposure the government has of its own misconduct in creating and inciting the event.

I just learned last week that now those held are not being allowed to shave, get a haircut or clip their finger or toe nails unless they submit to the Covid vaccine which—by the CDC’s own numbers—has killed tens of thousands of people and caused hundreds of thousands of others to develop numerous problems.  

That is not constitutional in the country I grew up in.  It is not constitutional now.

Americans are facing the unprecedented consolidation of power in the hands of totalitarian globalists – corrupt dictators – throughout our government institutions.

This Republic was divined by God.  We have unalienable individual rights endowed by Him.  The government is lying to us at every turn, and it’s using the media to push its lies. God loves truth, and He hates deceit.  We must return to God and work to restore truth, justice, and righteousness with all that we do.  We must stand together, make our voices heard civilly, and advocate for all that we know is right. 

There is nothing right about the way our fellow citizens – even some who overstepped their bounds – are being treated in federal confinement in Washington DC.

Defending the Republic will work to correct this injustice on behalf of all of us.

Hold Fast,



For more information on this issue check on this links. It will not surprise you that the Fake News is totally ignoring this story.

— If you are on Telegram, you can find information on the political prisoners at The Prisoners’s Record. This channel is hosted by Professor David Clements.

— Reporter Julie Kelly has been relentlessly writing about the January 6 prisoners for months.  Here is a link to her stories at American Greatness.

— Darren Beattie at Revolver has also been reporting on this issue.

— This episode of The War Room is an excellent source fo background information.–-fbi-is-unleashing-terror-campaign-across-the-country-w-darren-beattie-julie-kelly-cynthia-eddie-gallagher/

— This clip from Tucker Carlson’s show last week makes the connection of the FBI involvement in the Governor Whitmer kidnapping case and January 6.


News You Can Use

Dear Patriots,

The news is pouring out. Not in the Fake News but all over the many other ways real news is seeping into the mainstream.

Here is a quick list of items we would like for you to know about and to share.

It’s only a click away

1 – President Trump covered all the bases in a speech over the weekend. It is fun to hear this as there is NO OTHER leader on the right talking like this.  Or even talking.(Red State)

2 – This video of a RINO being booed off the stage proves that the grassroots are not buying the RNC line. – (Populist Press)

3 – Americans are no longer optimistic. While this is sad, it is also good in that people are paying attention and GET what is happening. (Powerline)

4 – Kids find they can fake a Covid-CCP test with…soda pop, to get out of school. (Western Journal)

5 – Over 25,900 members of “The COVID 19 Vaccine Victims & Families Group”, a private Facebook group, detail the horrific health abnormalities they have suffered, including strokes, blood clots, excessive bleeding, heart palpitations, needle-like pain in their limbs and paralysis, after receiving Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines.  (The Gateway Pundit)

6 – A rare bit of bravery by a Republican House member. Rep. Paul Gosar has introduced a bill to put a ten year moratorium on all immigration to the United States. (The Gateway Pundit)

7 – Where would we be today if the mainstream media was staffed with real reporters who knew what questions to ask? (The National Pulse)

8 – Nothing the Left is trying is managing to convince the people who do not want the jab that it is safe. This is frustrating the Left. Their tactics will get more severe.  Eighty-one percent (81%) of Americans who have not received the vaccine yet say they will “probably” or “definitely” not get the shot.  (Breitbart)

9 – Stunning new polling from USAToday on the views of residents of Detroit on the issue of crime. More proof that the political elites are not in line with the American people.  (USAToday)

10 – Biden has dropped 6  job approval points in one month.Let us count the many reasons for this. (RED STATE)

11 – NFL star starts a website for people to tell their stories about how they have been injured by the Covid-CCP vaccines.  (Children’s Health Defense)

12 – There are over 80 people in jail with all their rights taken from them for going to a rally in Washington, DC. And yet, as more weird and horrible evidence of Hunter Biden’s life is revealed, he is a free man in America. (USA Supreme)

13 – Millions of people in England, Australia, France and Italy have been pushing back on their draconian governments over Covid-CCP rules and forced vaccinations. The videos are stunning and not being shown in the Fake News.  (Conservative Treehouse)14 – The U.S. federal government should have stopped funding research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2015 when China reduced its cooperation with the French in building and operating the lab. (The Epoch Times)

Read. Inform yourselves. Know your rights. Keep fighting. Share information. Pray ceaselessly.

Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken


Good News Friday – July 30

Dear Patriots,

We hear from many people who ask if they are the ONLY people in the country who can see what is going on.  

You are not crazy but the world has gone crazy. Be encouraged knowing that many people see, know and are working on fixing the things that we all know are off kilter.

You will feel 100% better if you stop watching ALL cable news.  Including Fox News.

What is the alternative? Where can you get news you can trust – be it good or bad – news that is the Truth?

You have made the decision to receive this newsletter, so you are off to a good start.  Pass along these newsletters and encourage your like-minded friends to subscribe.

Many of you are missing being able to get truthful news daily from Rush Limbaugh. We miss him too.  

There are so many podcasts out there.  It is hard to select one that you can listen to daily.  We suggest that you make The War Room your daily go to.

Go to this link and scroll down to:


You can watch The War Room every morning Mon – Sat from 10-12 pm EST. Also at 5 pm daily. 

If you miss the Live Broadcast, you can listen any time on your phone from the Apple Podcast.

This is ALL you need to listen to get the real news.  You are not getting real news any longer from Fox News and certainly not from the other cable and network channels.

You can click links at The War Room website and go back to older episodes. They are all numbered to help you keep them straight.  You will find them fascinating!

It may take a while to get all the nuances of the show, but keep at it.  Remember, you listened to Rush for 30 years!! So this will take some getting used to.

For breaking news on your phone, we suggest that you download the Apps: GETTR and Telegram.

GETTR is similar to Twitter but better. It is growing quickly all over the world.

Telegram is also a good source of grassroots information.

It is very important that people remain connected and able to communicate. It is getting harder all the time to get information that is not being censored and manipulated by the current socialist administration.

NOW! For some GOOD NEWS!

1 – WOW! This press conference on Tuesday was uplifting. We heartily support America’s Frontline Doctors and urge you to support them and follow their efforts to protect Americans from medical tyranny. This video is well worth your time. Do not live with lies. We have been lied to. You do not have to participate in the lie.


The summit has been broken into three video, watch them all. Scroll down to Latest Videos,


2 – Add Maryland to the list is states looking into vote irregularity. (The Gateway Pundit) 

3 – Wisconsin is moving quickly toward a full audit, using the Arizona Audit as a guide. (TheGatewayPundit) 


4 – There is a worldwide spontaneous push back on the vaccine. (Richardson Post) 



5 – You are not alone in thinking that our top leadership is lacking. Biden and Harris have ever falling approval numbers. (Conservative Opinion)



6 – Parents of all political persuasions are revolting against the the horrible, dangerous Critical Race Theory being forced on their children in the government run propaganda factories formerly known as, schools. Stay vigilante on this. Protect your kids. You are all they have for protection. (The Daily Wire)



7 – Little by little. One school at a time. When parents fight back, they often win. Russell Virginia school board voted unanimously to reject CRT and transgender policy. (The Conservative Opinion) 



8 – This is an excellent video on the Arizona Audit with Arizona Republican Kelli Ward.  (Conservative Treehouse)



9 – So good to see an elected Republican bring some fire to the U.S House. This is Chip Roy, (TX-R)

More next week.

Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken

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