HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Election Do-Over? Latinos For Trump Sue to Shut Congress Down Over Civil Rights Violations

By Kari Donovan for

Biannca Gracia has a long history of  conducting voter engagement campaigns for Hispanics and Latinos in Texas, in minority outreach for the RNC in Texas, and  she is about to lead what she calls the “biggest Civil Rights Action Case since Dr, Martin Luther King Jr.”

“Because of the illegal way the government used emergency powers for COVID to override our voting rights, we did not have our voices heard, and as minorities, we are supposed to have our votes protected. That is what the voting rights acts are about, and the Government did not do their due diligence,” Gracia said.

“We want the entire Congress to shut down because they are unconstitutional and operating illegally, and we are suing all 50 states. We are the Majority. We are the Middle 90%, who had our rights violated by the US Government,” Gracia told me. “The 5% for the Democrat party and the 5% in the Republican party are not in our lawsuit,” she said. “That leaves the Middle 90%.”

From the filing, they are calling the lawsuit of the “invisible argument”:

“The truth of the allegations set forth herein compels the shocking
conclusion that every member of currently-seated 117th U.S. Congress and the
President-Elect, who is scheduled to be sworn in this coming Wednesday, January
20th, were not legitimately elected because the People of the United States were given
ballots that were patently illegal under federal law, namely HAVA. Therefore, the
entire 117th Congress is illegitimate and all actions taken since January 3, 2021,
including the counting of the Electoral College votes and confirmation of Joseph
Biden as President-Elect and the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump are
null and void.
5. Never before in the history of the United States of America (the
“Republic”) has the entire federal election been conducted in clear and unequivocal
violation of duly-enacted federal election law. With the sitting President’s term set
to expire this Wednesday, January 20th, this situation is a Constitutional Crisis of
cataclysmic proportion unlike any seen since the Southern States seceded from the Republic in 1861. The only conceivable remedy is for this Honorable Court to enter
an injunction to restrain all further action and to enjoin the enforcement and effect
of all previous actions of the 117th Congress until trial upon the merits, and, upon a
verdict for the Plaintiffs, for the Court to order the 50 states to conduct a new federal
election that conforms to the minimum standards of HAVA.

DOCUMENT ONE: 1_4920726056589066579

“No one in the Government did their job to protect us from the illegal violations of our voting rights. so the list of people we want to be shut down is long.”

The court filings reference the HAVA Act, an extension of the Civil Rights Voting Act, both designed to protect minority voters with special funding from the federal government. There are checks and balances in the Acts that were not utilized in the recent elections, the plaintiffs claim. The groups that changed the laws to accommodate governors’ emergency powers and Secretary of State officers did not follow the Constitutional rules about voting. The voting act protections are the lawsuit’s primary claim.

Also named in the lawsuit:


From their second filing, lawyers claim:  Plaintiffs clearly have civil rights injuries under the
various statutes pleaded in this suit since there is no more fundamental injury to the
rights of a U.S. Citizen than public officials acting under color of law to deprive
Plaintiffs of their sacrosanct right to cast a legal ballot in the election of their
representatives to the federal government without due process of law, once that right
has been extended. 3 Plaintiffs have the standing to sue federal officials where they act
alongside state or local officials, 4 as is clearly the case where state and local officials
made unlawful changes to election procedures in violation of HAVA. “

DOCUMENT TWO: 1_4920726056589066580

“We are asking people to get involved.  We want to do the election over again, and we are asking the Grassroots of America to lock arms with us and help us.  We don’t want a big donor for this.  It is about the people we were all violated. Even if Trump had won, our rights would have still been violated because Congress did not do what they were supposed to do. And if we don’t get the government to protect our civil rights now, they never will again. All voters and minorities should be with us on this,” Gracia said.

The lawsuit is an effort of three groups, Latinos for Trump, Blacks for Trump, and Josh Macias, nd she is quick to point out that the lawsuit is not about Trump himself; it is about the combined concerns for American Civil Rights.

According to the website for the lawsuit, there is a question and answer video:

“Fraud 2020: Not just another Trump lawsuit” is the first video in our “Question and Answer” series helping Americans learn about the crimes committed against them. Unfortunately, we can not always trust the media to tell us the truth due to the influence of money and power over media companies.

M90USA’s “Q and A” video series will put forth the facts and allow the American people to decide for themselves.

“Not just another Trump lawsuit” explains the frauds and crimes conducted by partisan enterprises in the 2020 federal election to execute a “coup” against the United States people themselves.

Law and Crime has covered the case already, in a story and mocked the group’s efforts, and admitted that a judge is likely to hear the case.

“We know that to the left’s disappointment, the judge in our case is interested in hearing more about the Civil Rights violations that we have recorded.  We have affidavits from many people, minorities, including people who immigrated here from Cuba who say that their Civil Rights were violated in the 2020 Presidential elections and that their vote was not honored.  To minorities, all we have is the idea that our vote, which is sacred, is going to be protected by the United States government, and it is clear that our rights were not protected,” Gracia said.


a. Permanent injunctive relief in the form of a new federal election for both Congress and the President and Vice President.
b. Permanent injunctive relief forever restraining Defendants from participating in any action relating to the process of electing public officials, other than casting their own lawful vote as a citizen of the United States, or at least restraining Defendants from such participation in the new federal election to be ordered after trial on the merits,
c. Permanent injunctive relief forever restraining Defendants from violating Plaintiffs constitutional rights described herein,
d. General Damages in an amount to be determined at the time of trial;
e. Punitive Damages in an amount to be determined at the time of trial;
f. Reasonable attorneys fees’ and costs of suit;
g. Prejudgment and post-judgment interest

“We know that our Civil Rights were not resected because of the way the Governors and the Secretaries of State in numerous states used emergency powers to bypass HAVA Act and other voting protections.  So we already know there are violations, and the Government can not ignore that,” she said.

“We filed a lawsuit before Inauguration, and we have made it at the first round, ” Gracia told me on Sunday.


“We need the grassroots to get behind us, and if they can donate a little money.  We want to get to the Supreme Court, and we believe we can. This is going to be a huge case. It affects everyone, whether they like Trump or not,” Gracia said.

People who want to get involved can donate at the site.

“They can’t look away from this genuine charge against minorities,” Gracia said,  and to be honest real Americans are not going to allow them to. This is real.  We didn’t all go through the Civil Rights Era for nothing.

We can’t look away. This isn’t just a high school drama. This is real:

This story is developing…
Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism. @Saorsa1776

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