General Flynn Gives The Five Lessons He Learned About The Deep State

Everyone’s favorite patriot General Flynn recently wrote an op-ed for the Western Journal.

In the op-ed Flynn wrote about the five lessons he learned about the deep state after they came after him and his family.

Gen. Flynn started off his article by saying “shifting definitions of right and wrong are blindly accepted by many Americans today”.

That’s 100% accurate!

He then stated that many people believe changes happening in America are good and changes equal progress but went on to express that the changes in America by “progressives” are not progress but are rather defying the “immortal truths in which America was founded.”

Flynn continued his op-ed by writing how the deep state attacked him.

He said they went after the people closest to him and even admitted that everyone left his side accept God and his family!

Later on in the article he outlined the the five areas where the deep state is attacking most Americans and they are through:

  • Social media censorship
  • Mainstream messaging that drives toward thought control
  • Political correctness designed to force behavioral compliance
  • The sly attacks against the very “ideals, laws and institutions designed to protect us”
  • Attacks against the American family and any one who is a patriot

Here’s an excerpt of Flynn’s piece from the Western Journal:

Though the battle for the soul of America is fierce before us, we cannot afford to look away in hopes of finding retreat. There will be none.

Though I may sound pessimistic, I am anything but. God enabled me to endure a yearslong campaign by the left to destroy me and my family. They wanted me to serve as an example to anyone who would defy the entrenched bureaucrats of the swamp.

Despite their best efforts, I stand before you as living proof that victory is absolutely possible.

The very fact that we are gathered here today as American citizens free to speak and peaceably assemble should fill us with hope.

But being hopeful is not a survival plan. Hope has never won a war, nor will it win peace on the home front. In this article, it is my intention today to share with you a few lessons I learned in my battle against the dark forces that still threaten our nation today.

When fighting for truth, the most important place to start is to be well-grounded in the Truth itself. I am referring to Truth with a capital T, as in “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

Faith in God is an essential part of the fight to restore American greatness. Our personal faith is inextricably linked to our personal liberties.

We should not try to commemorate our Founders’ willingness to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor without also acknowledging the faith that served as the foundation for such boldness.

Faith and freedom can never be separated from one another.

If you wish to have boldness in the fight for America like our Founding Fathers did, have faith in Almighty God. Trust in his power as your sword and your shield.

I must confess that I am rarely one to wear my faith on my sleeve, but fighting with the deep state taught me just how faithful our God is. Even when so many of my friends and colleagues abandoned me, God never did. In fact, going through those trials only brought him closer. Make faith an essential part of your battle strategy today.

As we root ourselves in faith, we must also root ourselves in the writings of our Founding Fathers. If we are to preserve the legacy of such great men as George Washington, John Adams and Patrick Henry, we must know what they stood for.

When no one else would stand by my side, my wife Lori was there, just as she has been since we met at 13 years old. I married my high school sweetheart in 1981, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Lori has been my rock on a sea of uncertainty. The same strength of character and conviction that made her an amazing Army wife has also equipped her to withstand the political battles of the past few years.

She is my best friend. I count myself blessed beyond measure to have her by my side.

There is a reason why the forces of darkness are trying so hard to eradicate the family as we know it. They see how powerful the bond of family can be, so they want to redefine it, water it down and replace it with a dependency on the state.

We cannot allow them to destroy the family. As long as marriages and families are strong, freedom will always have a fighting chance.

Never concede to those who say they know how to raise your children better than you do. God entrusted the care of children to parents, not to governments.

As Ronald Reagan famously said, “Freedom is a fragile thing, and it’s never more than one generation from extinction.” Take Reagan’s words to heart as you train up your children. Your fight for freedom today will mean nothing if the next generation does not know to keep it.

After building the importance of family upon the foundation of faith and the founding, patriots must come to see the importance of true friendship.

When I became the favorite target of the left for the crime of helping candidate Trump win the presidency of the United States and then serving as his first national security advisor, I was abandoned by many who said they were my friends.

Those who I had previously spent time with suddenly stopped calling, texting and engaging with me and my family. Only when I needed them most did they reveal their true colors.

Rather than waiting for someone else to fight for us, we must be willing to do the hard work ourselves.

The forces arrayed against us are great. They have money, power and privilege on their side.

They want to force the neck of every hardworking American into the yoke of servitude and taxation.

They want to force our mouths into the muzzle of Big Tech censorship and cancel culture.

They want to take our children from us, forcing them to look to Big Brother government rather than those who truly love them.

Yet, for all their plans and power, the forces of darkness can still be defeated.

If you would like to hear more of what Gen. Flynn had to share make sure you check out his full article by clicking here.

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