EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Had Business Ties with Xi Jinping himself, Bombshell Email Reveals

This is an amazing interview. The Bidens are SOOO dirty. They are a crime family. Plain and simple.


March 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Stunning revelations about Hunter Biden and his family’s notorious business dealings came to light in this week’s episode of the John-Henry Westen Show during an interview with Jack Maxey, former co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room and one of the first people to go through the contents of Biden’s alleged laptop last October.

Maxey revealed that Hunter Biden may have had business ties to China’s Xi Jinping, based on emails from the laptop. Correspondence also links the Bidens to possible Chinese espionage and illegal Beijing-backed business arrangements. As the Biden family’s China dealings went south, Hunter may have gone so far as to try to purposefully incriminate his own his father, now the President of the United States, Maxey said.

The contents of the notorious “laptop from hell,” first discovered in 2019 at a computer shop near the Bidens’ home in Delaware, have been corroborated by former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinksi. At least one key email was validated by cybersecurity experts, and law enforcement officials also have signaled that the laptop is authentic. 

Maxey reiterated that the Hunter Biden laptop data is indeed “100 percent real.” “Well, for example, I had several retired CIA agents look at it, a former contractor from the NSA, cybersecurity experts. Everybody who has looked at this confirms that it is 100 percent real,” he said. 

“As one person said to me, if we devoted all the resources of (the CIA) for a decade, we couldn’t recreate this because there’s so much metadata connecting everything together,” Maxey added.

Meetings with Xi Jinping

“It seems almost as if every time I chase down a rabbit hole, I find something more horrible each and every time,” Maxey said about the laptop files. 

He mentioned Bohai Harvest RST Partners (BHR), an equity firm that Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, a convicted criminal and family friend of Secretary of State John Kerry, founded with top Chinese investment companies in 2014. Biden had had little previous success in the financial industry before launching BHR with backing from the Bank of China. 

“Now, these guys knew nothing about private equity,” Maxey said. “(I)nstitutions like Goldman Sachs were not able to ever cut deals like that, and so you have to begin to question, was it for access?”

“I believe it was,” he said. Maxey revealed that Biden and Archer’s work with BHR reached the highest levels of Chinese government. According to an email provided by Maxey, BHR consulted with Biden and Archer to arrange a meeting between Chairman Xi Jinping and potential business partners during Xi’s state visit to America in 2015. 

“Further to your conversation with Jonathan regarding a possible arrangement for President Xi to visit LeTV’s facilities in Los Angeles during his upcoming trip to the U.S. in September/October 2015, Jonathan and I had an interesting meeting with LeTV’s founders,” the email sent to Biden and Archer in July 2015, purportedly from a BHR associate, reads. 

The message appears to be copied to Jonathan Li, an BHR executive who had met with Joe Biden during the then-vice president’s official trip to China two years prior. That meeting was set up by Hunter Biden, who accompanied his father on the trip, the New Yorker reported.

Again during his vice presidency, Biden later wrote a letter of recommendation for Li’s son, according to Hunter Biden laptop emails

“President Xi will be making a stop in L.A. during his visit where LeTV has recently acquired a R&D center committing to invest between US$3-5 billlion towards the research and design of electrical cars and intelligent vehicles,” the 2015 email to Biden and Archer says.

“LeTV has enlisted our help to arrange for President Xi to visit their facilities, or, if that cannot be arranged, for (LeTV founder) Mr. Jia Yueting to speak at any of the meet-and-greet functions to be attended by President Xi,” it adds. 

The email also notes a “one-time advisory fee payable to BHR” and an “opportunity to co-invest with LeTV and Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC)” in exchange for orchestrating the “meet-and-greet.” “More importantly, this would mark the beginning of a long-term and comprehensive cooperation with LeTV and an opportunity to participate in all of its future activities.”

It is unclear whether the events with either Xi or Jia ever happened. Xi’s U.S. visit in the fall of 2015 did not include an official stop in California.

“But when you have the son of the Vice President and his crooked partner essentially defining the schedule for the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party on a trip to the United States, with the purpose of using his influence to get to American companies to sell to the Chinese, that is a (Foreign Agents Registration Act) violation like one can’t believe,” Maxey said. 

National security implications

Other compromising connections that Maxey detailed include the Bidens’ links to Chinese spy activity. While BHR’s plans with LeTV may never have panned out, the Beijing-backed investment firm nevertheless managed to buy up sensitive American national security assets with a firm linked to espionage attacks against the United States.

In September 2014, BHR bought Michigan-based Henniges Automotive, a leader in antivibration technology. “Now, this company makes dampening systems for automobiles, jet engines, tanks, you name it – has a very clear national security component to it,” Maxey said. 

BHR closed the acquisition in partnership with Aviation Industry Corp. of China (AVIC), a state-owned entity that produces stealth fighter jets for China’s air force. AVIC recently had been involved in a successful espionage scheme to steal American military technology. 

The BHR-AVIC deal, which gave AVIC a controlling stake in Henniges, needed approval from the Council on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a committee made up of representatives of Cabinet-level agencies, including the Departments of State and Defense. The Obama administration ultimately authorized the transaction, leading to a Senate probe that turned up evidence of possible financial crimes by Hunter Biden and his uncle, Joe Biden’s brother, James. 

“(W)hat’s really quite disturbing is, for example, the CFIUS review for that purchase of the auto company in Detroit, from the emails, it’s apparent that the Chinese knew that they were going to pass the CFIUS review even before Hunter and Devin and their third partner, Jimmy Bulger,” Maxey said. 

“Now, one other thing that we found very difficult when we were looking at this was, how was Hunter communicating with his handlers in Beijing? How was he making that connection?” Maxey continued. 

As LifeSite previously reported, an email published by Maxey shows Hunter Biden proposing that a Chinese BHR employee should “be housed here in Washington D.C.,” in the offices of a firm founded by him and Christopher Heinz, the stepson of Secretary Kerry.

“I think we all feel it is critical to have someone at this level engaged on a full time basis to assist in coordinating the U.S. Teams input and communications to and from Beijing,” the email reads. “This would include monitoring all deals and advising where the U.S. Team could add value, and keeping the Beijing Team informed as to our fund raising and other efforts.”

The employee would have access to Hunter Biden and his partners’ expense reports, the email adds. “We would like to have this individual hired and in office beginning March 1st. Once they are acclimated here (10 days or so) he or she will travel to China to spend 30 days or so with the Beijing BHR team,” it continues.

“They immediately send her to Beijing for a several week course in communications. Why do you have to do that? To learn how to use Zoom and email? You have to do that to learn how to do it in a crafty, hidden fashion,” Jack Maxey said.

He added that in 2012, Hunter Biden had hired another employee, Kathy Chung, as an assistant for his vice president father.

“Well, as time goes on, this woman becomes quite a conduit for information flowing into Hunter’s office. For example, she sends an email with all the cell phone numbers of the leadership of the United States in the Senate, the House,” as well as those of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2015, Maxey said.

“And from a espionage point of view, to have those cell phone numbers of all those people is a tremendous coup,” he continued. Retired General Mike Flynn made a similar assessment of the Kathy Chung email, calling the contents “a ‘treasure trove’ of intelligence.” Chung remains with the Biden team and has taken a new role in the White House, according to POLITICO.

The thing to take them all down

Joe Biden’s cell phone also may have been compromised, implicating highly sensitive conservations with his profligate son found on the laptop.

Among the younger Biden’s text messages, “there’s a text conversation with his father, who’s ‘Junior’ in the text messages. And over a period of about six months, a lot of it is the father just having worry for a son who’s clearly a drug-addled person,” Maxey said. 

“But several times during that six- or eight-month period, I believe three different times, they discussed the allegations against Hunter as someone who potentially has abused one of the family’s children or maybe more than one. And at one point, his father says, ‘Hey, Hunter, my people tell me that my cell phone may be compromised, might be a good idea if you stop putting all of this in writing.’”

“She is gone if and when you want to talk about this call me,” the undated text, allegedly from Joe Biden, reads. “Be careful what you text Likely (sic) I’m being hacked,” it adds. Numerous other texts reviewed by LifeSiteNews describe Hunter Biden’s allegedly sexually abusive behavior with or around minors.

“Now, that lends credence to my belief that Hunter was trying to set up the other people around him,” Maxey said, “because if my dad told me, ‘Hey, you’re putting this stuff in writing, I don’t want it on my phone,’ I would erase the conversation. I certainly wouldn’t save it. And he does this over and over again.” 

“It seems to me that there was a concerted effort on his part to make it clear that if he was going down, that laptop would take everybody else down with him. I think he was probably afraid. His partners from China were disappearing,” Maxey added. 

By 2018, Hunter Biden’s top business contacts at a state-backed Chinese company called CEFC China Energy were swept up a massive African bribery scandal. Patrick Ho, a CEFC executive whom Hunter Biden described as the “spy chief of China” in leaked audio, was arrested in late 2017 and later served time in a New York prison. CEFC chairman Ye Jianming “vanished” not long after Ho’s arrest. 

Hunter Biden had worked closely with both Ho and Ye, and at one point agreed to represent Ho as his personal attorney for a $1 million contract

Other members of the Biden family were involved with CEFC, according to emails and the testimony of Bobulinski, the former Hunter Biden business partner. A bombshell email from 2017 substantiated by Bobulinksi depicts a proposed structure for a CEFC-linked venture featuring a 10 percent cut for “the big guy;” a monicker that Bobulinksi confirmed referred to Joe Biden. 

Correspondence from earlier in 2017 notes another deal pursued by CEFC, this time in Oman, with the support of “The B family.

“As I said, the Chinese were very concerned about Hunter,” Maxey said. “I think even at the highest levels, even in Chairman’s circle, they thought that Hunter Biden was going to be the thing that took them all down because he was just so irrational and so depraved.”

Rigged election

“I think that one of the things that your viewers should really understand, though, is that the FBI got this laptop on December 9th of 2019,” Maxey told the Westen Show. “And so they’ve known everything that’s in this for now, almost a year and a half, and had the American people been aware in this, there is no possible way in my mind that Joe Biden could have even entered the Democratic primaries,” he continued. 

“And we have to ask ourselves why? Why would they not reveal this to the American people? Why would they run a protection racket for Joe Biden? I think that’s a question that needs to be answered,” Maxey said. 

He pointed to a letter signed by 50 former U.S. intelligence officials, including Obama era CIA directors John Brennan and Leon Panetta, claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop likely was part of a Russian disinformation campaign. “Now, we know that today that that is a complete lie,” Maxey said, calling the letter “election interference.” 

“One hundred percent, I don’t think, in a face-to-face challenge, no matter whether we had perfect elections or not, (Biden) could possibly be elected by the American people if they knew what I know, and what the FBI has known since December 9th of 2019,” Maxey said. 

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