Do They Really Come Back?

What happens to the children when they become of age
Why do they disavow our love
What happens to their hearts at the adolescent stage
Indifferent as birds that fly above
We give our everything to them thru time, toil, and wage
Sadly it seems to never be enough
At ungrateful offspring can we vent our frustrated rage
Missing a child’s love can be tough.

Do we just ignore them, insist that everything’s okay
Folks tell us they’ll be back
Endure it all upheld through every hurtful dying day
We pray they’ll return on track
Kids’ rebelling is so natural I hear the veterans say
Though our family’s out of whack
But we don’t deserve the disrespect, their unashaméd way
The hugs and kisses do I lack.

Can I expect a dramatic turn in the tide
And shed their careless unwarranted pride
Will they return to the open arms of mine unfold
And remedy the sickness of a heart turned cold.

We do our level best till we cast our bread upon the water
And hope they’ll never sink
Break our hearts over that wayward son or daughter
Our eternal immortality’s link
For all the wonderful things that I ever taught her
Pushed her rejection to the brink
One’s happiness in life is all that I ever sought her
When will they ever begin to think?

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