Created Reality, Part 1

By Al Duncan for News With Views

For decades they’ve been “creating” our “reality”.  They create a world that operates alongside and yet in contradiction to the real world.  It’s a created reality that is in many ways converse reality.

Reality: Actual being or existence, as opposed to an imaginary, idealized, or false nature, independent of people’s knowledge or perception of them.

There are six major media outlets owned by the same cabal of elite billionaires who possess 40 percent of the world’s wealth.  In meetings such as those held at Davos, Bilderberg, and the World Economic Forum, these billionaires, in collusion with technocrats and the media, have created an adverse form of reality to establish policies and situations to augment only them.

Because the same information appears to come from six independent sources, it’s accepted as factual.  And yet, one major outlet distributes the same created reality to all six media sources to be pall-parroted by the most convincing talking-heads money can buy.  This created reality of fabricated, deceptive information, void of actual facts, is instilled within peoples’ minds to create a world of fabrication.

Information is addictive, whether it is current events, politics, sports, weather, or entertainment.  Using seduction, with a strong play on emotions, they twist and taint reality into a precision realm of created reality.  Through the intake of controlled information transmitted by multiple visual and audio means, from when we are toddlers, we are indoctrinated on what to think, how to feel, how to act, and what you dare say.

There are also built-in penalties against those who may decide to venture outside the boundaries of created reality.  The punishment is severe; it starts with character assassination and concludes with being ostracized.

Those of notoriety are swiftly debased, belittled and ridiculed—being factually accurate is irrelevant—they are negatively bantered on all media platforms until they’re apologetically running for cover with their tale between their legs.

The perfect example was the Donald Trump narrative, he’s also the perfect exception to this rule.  Trump’s situation clearly demonstrated that prominence and riches are immaterial; it is maintaining the solid institution of created reality that is essential.  The message is clear, when you publicly contest the fundamentals of created reality you will have hell to pay.

In 2013, the CIA that introduced the term “conspiracy theory” as anything that contradicts or opposes created reality.  This gave media a weapon to demolish anything that opposed the created reality narrative, regardless of how factual it may be.  The term “conspiracy theory” is designed to trigger responses such as ridiculous or deceitful fabrication, and thereafter, whatever is preceded by the term conspiracy theory is immediately discarded without a second given to examine the facts.

There are also the super-addicting social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter that beguiles its users with an instant adrenalin-rush for a moment of fame from every positive remark.  Social media, in collusion with the 6 major media sources, are rigidly monitored by security algorithms and paid fact-checkers to make sure you dare not step outside the restrictions of the created reality boundaries.

More importantly, through these social media platforms and listening devices such as cell phones, Alexa, they’re able to extract extremely valuable metadata from billions of unsuspecting participants within every sector of the world while active in their most natural, uninhibited environment.  This vital information is then sold to the highest bidder within a number of different specialized fields i.e. psychological think tanks, corporations, governments, and the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The information is then analyzed by quantum computers with advanced AI programs capable of computing at such high speeds its capable of breaking every computer code and password simultaneously throughout the world in less than a second.  This information is evaluated and classified under a variety of categories that encompasses every human trait and every facet of life.

With the high-speed computer capacity and the AI capability of analyzing conversations, actions, travel itinerary and previous decisions made by every individual and culture from each district throughout the world, they can then determine the way people think, feel, act and react within each sector.  This provides adequate metadata to deduce what people are going to do even before they know what they’re going to do.   With this type of information in the hands of the created reality architects, provides an opportunity to not only detect the future, but actually direct the future as they desire.

Another example of created reality vs. reality is Joe Biden, declared the President of the United States, although the majority of the world knows the results of the 2020 election was based on voter fraud.

Another created reality is the coronavirus pandemic, or Covid 19.  Based upon positive test results and numerous deaths, Covid is characterized as a deadly pandemic.  However, in reality, the tests are false-positives, by the test designer’s own admission, the deaths are proven to be fabricated by many doctors and coroners, and hundreds of licensed medical professionals have documentation that they have cured thousands of patients from Covid with Hydroxychloroquine.

Created reality is an inversion of reality.  It’s either the exact opposite, or it’s a direct assault upon tradition, logic, and the established common sense order of things.  Created Reality is an all out war against what is real; it’s a war against sanity, and its basis is always founded in some order of fraud.  It’s an information War to conquer the collective human mind.

In actuality, created reality is a social media cult that plays on basic human emotions through a psychological reverse thought process that invalidates established reality and tricks the mind’s normal function with opposite meanings and forever-changing terms.  It’s a devious, ingeniously constructed technocratic control system with strict constraints to confine you inside its fabricated world.

In order for created reality to flourish and ultimately consume reality it has to banish all existence thereof.

Created reality claims that there are no absolutes, which is an absolute in itself.  But that deception provides a convenient opening for fantasy and continuous change when convenient.  Created reality rejects the reality of two specific genders in exchange for multiple genders, or transgenders, which are categorized by anything imaginable.  One of these stretches of the imagination is that a woman can transition into a man.  Or a man can transition into woman, get pregnant and give birth.  This personal gender identity crisis demands others to accept any degree of this insanity without question.  Any interjection of reality into their created reality instigates an abrupt end to the argument. Reality has to be blockaded at all cost because created reality cannot endure under the light of reality, facts and truth.

Their premise is that everyone’s equal.  Everyone’s a winner.  Even loser are considered winners.  Right is wrong and wrong is right.  Good is bad and bad is good.  This is the reason for the stringent censorship of words, ideals, writings, and sayings, along with the recent removal of statues, monuments, street signs and history.  For anything that provides a positive connection to reality must be abolished.

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