Birthday Dump

Hypocrisy gnaws at me like sharp teeth of a rat
Talk a good game but I’m better than that
Preach about honesty but I’ve lied just the same
Treat others with honor but played like a game.
The Father knows in my heart of hearts true
I’ve cheated and stolen, my debts’ become due
And so my confession wherein becomes real
The end of days comes with heartfelt appeal.

No human is perfect but that’s hardly excuse
For my hundred lies and emotional abuse
Oh mistakes I have made them, ’tis many a slip
In drug-laden stupor often lost my grip
Personal crimes against my own better heart
Tear at me still, in dreams rend me apart
Guilty I guess made worse pontificating
Be a model for others while defecating.

Constant battle within to be God-like and wise
Digs at me daily from the moment I rise
Distracted it seems by baser urges and goals
In earlier ages there were simpler roles
Judgment seems pointless for who needs more stress
A careful assessment and adjustment seems best
There may come a time when the Big Fella weighs all
I want to be ready when He gives me the call.

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