Are Civil War or Fair Elections the Only Options?

Not a big fan of shedding blood, but we Americans did not earn our freedom by posting online.

Andrew C Wallace

I don’t advocate a civil war, but the only alternative is fair Constitutional elections which now look impossible. You can’t have proper elections when the entire power structure is corrupt and compromised. From recent experience, we know absolutely, without question, that our election was a blatant unconstitutional and criminal insurrection. Corrupt and compromised FBI, DOJ, judges, politicians, Cabal of Democrat Communists and the wealthy made any justice impossible. After all the cabal owns 85% of the wealth and 100% of the power, but with no authority to govern.

The most important and sobering fact, known by patriots and Communist traitors alike, is that in any confrontation the faux federal employees have only usurped power and no authority, but patriots have clear Constitutional authority to fight for their country.

Our Constitution is clear that any actions taken by the corrupt FBI or any other faux federal government agency are unconstitutional and unlawful.

Patriots label the people in this faux administration as traitors with no authority to govern, period.

Every single action the Communist insurrectionists are taking is unconstitutional and contrary to the best interests and desires of the American people. This faux administration has enraged the people who now really hate and despise them. The hatred is building by the day.

These traitors know they are enraging the people with their actions. I think they want to force a backlash from the people so they can take our firearms and crush us with deadly force. They probably think patriots will pick a fight with the military. Wrong, millions of veterans are experienced in guerilla warfare and targeted assassinations. Patriots will never fight the military directly. Even if the military would support the traitors, which is doubtful it is too small to combat guerilla warfare. I f the damn traitors don’t allow an honest Constitutional election, they better plan on living in the capitol surrounded by a fence and thousands of troops. Those gutless Republican Rinos, neocons and never Trumpers who sided with the cabal of Communist Democrats and the wealthy should stay with their traitorous friends. We despise them.

This whole situation is turning into a mutual suicide pact. Patriots are not going to allow the wealthy and the Communists  to deprive them of their Constitutional rights. I don’t expect the traitors to resign and turn the government over to President Trump. It is a perfect storm. Any  conflict would be brutal, no quarter would be asked, or given, because convictions are so strong on both sides.

The Supreme Court could have prevented this if they could read the Constitution and were not compromised cowards. In fact they could still reverse the insurrection if they had the courage. The justices should be impeached. Any bloodshed will be on their hands. Read the following simple words from our Constitution that the justices ignored.

Article One, Section Four……The times, places, and manner of holding elections for senators and representatives shall be prescribed in each state by legislature thereof….

Article One, Section Eight…..To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions…..

Article Three, Section Four….The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and protect each of them against invasion, and against domestic violence.

Last year, President Donald Trump had the Constitutional duty and authority to use federal troops to protect the people, stop the burning and arrest the Democrat Communist governors, mayors and prosecutors who were complicit in the treason. President Trump should have also used federal troops to take over state and local governments and arrest the people involved in the destruction of cities and in election treason.

I have no proof, but I think there were two possible reasons why President Trump did not exercise his duty under the Constitution, to protect the people and stop the election fraud. First the military flag officers are compromised as part of the Military Industrial Complex and refused to use troops. Next, I think he had good reason to fear for his life and family. Remember we are dealing with brutal Communists who rule with the barrel of a gun, fear and brutality.

If the FBI and DOJ had not been compromised and corrupt, Democrat governors, mayors, prosecutors, arsonists, thugs, politicians of both parties, corporate officers, flag officers, corrupt bureaucrats, et al. would be in jail. It is impossible to have a Constitutional Republic as long as the FBI exists to protect the guilty and frame the opposition.

This paper is based upon facts and my observations in the hope that the Unconstitutional Usurpers will see the futility of their actions.

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