30-Yr-Navy Chaplain Veteran Targeted AGAIN By TSA After Standing On Steps Of Capitol and Voluntarily Speaking to FBI, Telling Them He Saw Antifa Breaking Windows [VIDEO]

More effing insanity…Read the headline again.

By Patty McMurray

Ever since US Veteran Pressley Stutts voluntarily agreed to speak with FBI agents about standing on the steps of the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, during the infamous Capitol building protest, he has been flagged and repeatedly searched by the TSA every time he travels.

100 Percent Fed Up -Early this morning, over 3 months after the protest at the Capitol, Stutts was again subject to a full body and luggage search prior to being allowed on his flight, this time recorded by a friend who was traveling with him.

Stutts served in the Navy as a chaplain for 30 years. Now retired from the military, he owns a small business in South Carolina. On January 6, he joined an estimated one million Americans in Washington DC for a peaceful protest against what a majority of Americans believe was a stolen election.

Mr. Stutts traveled to DC to show his support for President Trump, but he wasn’t part of a planned insurrection, and he certainly never imagined he’d find himself on the steps of the Capitol building. Pressley Stutts never got past the steps of the Capitol; however, he witnessed men dressed in all black smashing windows at the Capitol building by members of the violent far-left domestic terror group, Antifa. Pressley explained that he heard women shouting, “Antifa! Antifa!” as the men dressed in black bashed out the windows of the Capitol.

His time on the steps of the Capitol building was short-lived, but the targeting of Veteran Pressley Stutts for daring to stand on the steps of the Capitol building on January 6th may follow this innocent man for the rest of his life.

Back in March, Patty McMurray from 100PercentFedUp.com and Jim Hoft from TheGatewayPundit.com got an exclusive interview (linked below) with Pressley Stutts in which he told his incredible story of multiple unfounded interrogations by the TSA after VOLUNTARILY agreeing to speak with the FBI.

See the video on the link above.

This morning at 4:30 am, Stutts was again extensively searched by TSA in the Greeneville, SC airport, including a full-body search and a complete examination of his luggage. After his initial search in the security area, TSA was also waiting to search him again at the gate. This, however, was not all. Stutts had a layover in Charleston, SC, and when he arrived at his next gate, TSA was AGAIN waiting for him where they tore apart the contents of his suitcase and wiped his body with special cloths that detect bomb residue.

A traveling companion videotaped Stutts, as he explained how he was about to be searched:

Now used to these routine searches, Stutt’s friend the process he has to endure every time he wants to travel now. Not only is every inch of his body patted down, but his suitcase is completely investigated, including a search for gun powder residue.

The man taking the video explains to the viewers, “This is a chaplain, a 30-year veteran chaplain of the military… This is every flight he gets on, every single one because he was just there [the Capitol].” Later in the video, Stutts himself addresses the camera while TSA is searching his luggage. “We do not have a free country anymore.” Says Stutts, “We do not have our constitutional rights. This is an unreasonable search… my 4th Amendment rights are being violated because I happened to go support President Trump during the January 6th rally in Washington.”

“Here we go again,” Stutts told the TSA agents who were conducting the searches. “The last time I flew, I went to Orlando; the same thing happened. Every gate I went to, I was stopped. They went through my luggage and tested me for gun powder or bomb residue.”

The TSA Agent told Pressley: “Get used to it, you’ll probably be on this list for a long time”

“I wonder if this stuff happens in Portland.” Says the man traveling with Stutts, “I wonder if you fly to Portland if you gotta get screened like this, or, you know, places like that, cuz those places are warzones.” He continues, saying to the viewers, “Tell me how that’s fair. Explain to me how the people in Portland literally get let out of jail and everything, with their bonds paid and everything, and you’ve got a 30-year military chaplain that gets searched every time he flies. Make that make sense. Please make that make sense.”

The targeting of innocent Americans should NEVER be allowed to happen in the United States of America.

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