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10 EASY Things To Give Up For Lent
Putin Receives Nobel Prize In Medicine For Ending COVID Pandemic
Whoopi Goldberg Says America Should Ignore War In Ukraine As It’s Just Two Groups Of White People Fighting
Signs You Might Be Watching Too Much CNN
Trudeau Suffers PTSD Flashback After Driver Politely Honks To Tell Him Light Is Green
Biden Gives Up Coherent Speaking For Lent
Republican Response To State Of The Union Will Just Be Replay Of The State Of The Union
Biden Practices Saying ‘The State Of The Union Is Strong’ In The Mirror With A Straight Face
10 Essential Items To Put In Your Fallout Shelter Today
State Of The Union Will Just Be 90-Minute Broadcast Of Dumpster Engulfed In Flames
To Protect Against Nuclear Fallout, Dr. Fauci Recommends Wearing Three Masks
Biden Skips Supreme Court Nomination Hearings For Ketanji Brown Jackson Since We Already Know Her Race And Gender
Report: Everyone Who Adds Ukrainian Flag To Profile Pic To Receive Nobel Peace Prize
‘World War 3 Is Really Stressing Me Out,’ Woman Tells Girlfriends Over Brunch
Elon Musk Airdrops New Flamethrower-Equipped Cybertanks Into Ukraine
Sudden Spike In Women Advocating For Traditional Gender Roles Now That WW3 Starting
Mysterious Large Circles On Russian Radar Turn Out To Be President Zelensky’s Massive Testicles
Neil Young Threatens To Leave Spotify Again Unless Vladimir Putin Backs Down From Ukraine
Americans Will Now Be Required To Identify Ukraine On A Map Before Posting Opinion On Ukraine
9 Most Important Things To Look For When Shopping For A New Church
Taiwan Issues Official Statement: ‘Lol We Are So Screwed’
Biden Announces He Will Move To Unfollow Putin On Twitter
9 New Woke Characters From Amazon’s ‘Rings of Power’
Ottawa Senators Change Name To Ottawa Dictators
America’s Armed Forces Ramp Up Diversity And Inclusion Training In Face Of Looming War In Ukraine
Biden Warns Russia That If They Don’t Stop He Will Deploy Deadly Trans Admiral
10 Signs Your Parents Are Oppressing You
Taiwan Enjoys Free Sneak Peek At What Will Happen To Them In Just A Few Weeks
8 Brilliant Ways To Save Money On A College Education
Trudeau Explains He Just Needs Two Weeks To Slow The Spread Of Freedom
U.S. Freedom Convoy Ends After Just 3 Miles Due To Price Of Fuel
Brave Great White Shark Allowed To Compete In Women’s 500 Freestyle
10 Great Alternatives To Supporting Woke Companies
After Legitimizing China, International Olympic Committee Narrows Down Choice For Next Olympics To Iran, North Korea, Or Canada
Supreme Court Approves Death Penalty For People Who Use Leaf Blowers Before 8 A.M.
Biden Admin Sends Horseback Border Patrol With Whips To Support Canadian Police
Mask Mandates May Not Stop COVID-19, But They Do Prevent The Spread Of These 10 Other Things
Canadian ATMs Now Asking Your Political Views Before Allowing You To Withdraw Money
NIKE Releases New Women’s Swimsuit With Extra Space For Male Genitalia
U.S. To Invade Canada To Establish A Democracy
8 Tips For Keeping Money Safe If Your Fascist Prime Minister Tries To Freeze Your Bank Account
U.S. Men’s Curling Team Disqualified After Drug Test Reveals Obscene Levels Of Raw Masculinity
Nation Prepares To Celebrate 2nd Anniversary Of Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve
Man Donates To Truck Convoy Under Name ‘Hunter Biden’ So Washington Post Won’t Dox Him
9 Rule Changes The MLB Is Implementing To Make Baseball More Exciting

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