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M&Ms Introduces New Trans Character Who Identifies As A Skittle
Biden Outperforms Nation’s Expectations For First Year By Still Being Alive
Here Are 17 New Games Activision Just Announced After Being Bought By Microsoft
January 6th Panel Obviously Really Wants To Date Trump
Hitler Kicks Off ‘Minor Incursion’ Into Poland
Exhausted Biden Returns To Basement To Rest Up For Next Year’s Press Conference
Family Has No Allen Wrenches Despite Receiving Free Allen Wrench With Every Furniture Purchase Over The Last 20 Years
Uyghurs Burn Warriors Jerseys In Protest But Unfortunately Have To Start Making New Ones Afterward
Murderer Undecided On Whether He’ll Follow New Gun Laws
10 Surefire Ways To Get Out Of Wearing A Mask When Someone Tells You To
Entire Medical Establishment Threatened By Comedian Who Gets High And Talks About MMA And Aliens
Oops! Schumer Gives Passionate Speech Defending Filibuster After Accidentally Printing His Speech From Two Years Ago
Sotomayor Attends Supreme Court Arguments Remotely To Protect Herself From Exposure To Constitution
Senile Old Man Spreads Conspiracy Theories About The Efficacy Of Masks, Vaccines
Off! Releases Biden Repellent For Kids
Couple With Joint Facebook Profile’s Preferred Pronoun Is ‘They’
Democrats Warn That Republicans Plan To Steal Election By Blocking Democrat Efforts To Steal Election
Biden Says Corn Pop’s Death Was More Impactful Than MLK’s
Government Issues New, More Accurate COVID Tests That Are Just A Coin You Flip
‘Cultural Appropriation Is Wrong,’ Says Dude In A Dress
In Statement To Jewish Community, Biden Says Republican Opposition To Voting Bill Is ‘Holocaust 2.0’
Trump Fans Excited To Vote For The Guy Who Fast-Tracked Vaccines And Hired Fauci
School Sends Separate Email To Parents Every Time A Kid Sneezes
Historians Discover Document From 1776 That Removes All Mandates And Restrictions
Omicron Vaccine To Be Made Available In March For The 12 People Who Haven’t Gotten Omicron Yet
San Francisco Walgreens Introduces New Frequent Looter Rewards Punch Card
Healthy High School Kid Fakes Mental Illness So He Can Fit In With Everyone Else

Kamala Harris Aide Breaks Silence

To Save Time, Biden To Ship 500 Million Free Masks Directly To Landfill
Kamala Harris So Disliked Nation Considering Hillary Clinton
Britain Makes Example Of Prince Andrew By Not Washing His Rolls-Royce
Supreme Court Sets Dangerous Precedent Of Letting The American People Make Medical Decisions For Themselves
Pfizer Introduces Bane Suit That Pumps More Vaccine Into Your Blood Every 12 Hours
Dome Of Capitol Building Raised To Accommodate Nancy Pelosi’s Eyebrows
FBI Promises To Make Hoaxes Less Obvious This Year
10 Upcoming Fabricated Media Narratives For 2022
Ark Encounter Theme Park Adds Baptismal Log Flume Ride
Hobbits Forced To Begin Wearing Shoes After New Lego Store Opens In The Shire
SCOTUS Rules Healthcare Workers Are The Only People Who Can’t Make Decisions About Their Own Health
Pfizer CEO Condemns SCOTUS Ruling As A ‘Clear Violation Of Our Constitutional Right To Produce Experimental Drugs And Use The Full Power Of Government To Force The Entire Population To Inject Them Into Their Bodies’
Report: Inflation Now Higher Than Biden’s Approval Rating
Is The Filibuster Racist? A Handy Flowchart
Pfizer Announces Revolutionary New Vaccine To Protect Against Free Thinking
Conservatives Boldly Fight Leftist Takeover Of Their States By Running Away To Other States

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