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A semi-serious article first…

The Importance of Political Satire in Fighting Wokeness: Babylon Bee Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mann



Buffalo Guy Wishing He Had Just Burned Down A Car Dealership In Kenosha Instead
After Finding Out Rittenhouse Shot White Males, BLM Reminds Everyone That All Lives Matter
Antifa Forced To Postpone Riot As Brick Supply Still Stuck On Cargo Ship
In Effort To Overturn The Rest Of The Bill Of Rights, Biden To Start Quartering Troops In People’s Homes
White Dolls From American Girl Now Come With Fun Book Saying How Terrible They Are
Sorry Excuse For Apostle Only Walks On Water For Ten Feet Before Sinking
Husband Fights Patriarchy By Letting Wife Change Car Tire
Man Too Sick To Attend Church Miraculously Healed Just In Time To Watch Football
The Babylon Bee Presents: The 10 Best Universities, Ranked
Kyle Rittenhouse Asked To Step Outside And Defend The Courthouse While Verdict Is Being Read
Prosecutor Proves How Deadly AR-15 Is By Accidentally Shooting 7 Jurors
Progress: Every Sesame Street Character Will Now Wear A Label On Their Forehead Indicating Their Race
Kenosha Residents Paint Their Doorposts With ‘Black Lives Matter’ In Preparation For Verdict
Ghostbusters Catch Ghosts That Ruin Progressive Narrative
Biden Vows To Keep Firing His Giant Money Hose At Everything Until Inflation Is Fixed
The Chosen One: 10 Little-Known Facts About Modern-Day Legend Kyle Rittenhouse
Beto Announces Bid To Lose Texas Governor Race
Dems Threaten To Ban Site Selling “Joe You Know I Won” Mugs
‘Kamala Harris Is Extremely Likable And Good At Her Job’, Announces Psaki For No Apparent Reason Whatsoever
U.S. Military Switches To Swords And Bows To Meet Carbon Neutral Goals
Everything You Need To Know About The Rittenhouse Trial
Man From California Won’t Shut Up About Being From California
Liberals Accuse Rittenhouse Of Trying To Avoid Punishment Through Legal Loophole Known As ‘Trial’
CNN Says Rittenhouse Judge Is Biased Since He Has A U.S. Flag In Courtroom
Biden: ‘I Apologize For Calling All The Colored Folks Negroes’
Judge Asks Rittenhouse For Autograph, Selfie
Scholars Now Believe Mary And Joseph Were Denied Room In The Inn Due To Being Unvaxxed
Now That He’s Sold The Pfizer Vaccine, Here Are 10 More Upcoming Product Endorsements From Big Bird
WATCH: Playskool Unveils Vaccinate Me Elmo Doll
USNS Harvey Milk To Be Manned Entirely By Crew Of Underage Boys
Can You Spot All The Signs Of Racism In This Ordinary Picture Of A Highway?
Politicians Puzzled Why Poor People Need Gallons Of Both Gas And Milk
‘That Boy Was Fake-Crying!’ Says Man Who Bursts Into Tears Whenever Someone Lightly Brushes His Elbow
YouTube Removes 138,000 Dislikes From Biden Videos In Middle Of Night
Progress: U.S. Military Introduces Very First Gender-Neutral Bomb
Sesame Street Sends Important Message That All Good Puppets Get Vaccinated

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