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October 15, 2021

Good News Friday: Oct 15

Dear Patriots,

We could go on and on, and on, about all of things that are going sideways in the world. And we do inform you of those matters each week.

But, on Friday, we are determined to find the GOOD NEWS and celebrate with you our collective small and big victories.


1- If you are looking, you will find many short stories like this all over the country where police, fireman, nurses, pilots, teachers, and athletes are pushing back on the mandates to secure their freedom. They are taking great personal risk to do so. Keep all of these brave people in your prayers.

(Washington Examiner) 


Chicago police union chief tells officers to ignore vaccine mandate: ‘What will the city do’ if 50% of police fired?



QUOTE: The Chicago police union chief called on officers to ignore the city’s vaccine mandate set to take effect on Friday.


In a video posted to YouTube, Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara told officers, “Do not fill out the portal information.””I’ve made my status very clear as far as the vaccine, but I do not believe the city has the authority to mandate that to anybody — let alone that information about your medical history,” Catanzara said.


The city’s vaccine mandate will place officers who do not submit proof of vaccination by the deadline on a “no pay” status. The police union is preparing a lawsuit against the city of Chicago.

2- The lawsuits against the vax mandates are piling up, even in Maine!



2,000 Christian Health Care Workers Seek Emergency Order to Stop COVID Vaccine Mandate


QUOTE: Today, Liberty Counsel filed an emergency injunction pending appeal to the First Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of more than 2,000 health care workers against Governor Janet Mills, health officials of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention and five of Maine’s largest hospital systems.


Gov. Mills has threatened to revoke the licenses of all health care employers who fail to mandate that all employees receive the COVID-19 injection, despite the unconstitutional fact that she is discriminating against religious employees who decline vaccination while favoring those who decline for secular, medical reasons.

3- Good news that, at least in some degree, the stats we are being fed are being challenged.



COVID stats manipulated, state lawmakers charge


QUOTE: Two Oregon state senators, Dennis Linthicum and Kim Thatcher, have written a letter to Scott Asphaug, the U.S. attorney in Oregon, petitioning for a grand jury review.


Among other concerns they raise is the possibility that the deaths and injuries from the experimental COVID vaccines in use in the United States may be underreported by vast numbers.


Further, they charge that the CDC has adopted a standard exclusively for data collection about COVID-19 to inflate cases and deaths during the beginning of the pandemic in violation of federal law and distorting the results.


Are COVID stats being manipulated by the government?

The two senators explain they were advised by “a large team of world-renowned doctors, epidemiologist, virologists, and attorneys,” and want Asphaug to set up a grand jury to investigate the measurements of the pandemic

4- We have recommended many podcasts to you over the past months. Here is one more.

Red Pilled America is an entertaining podcast that is dedicated to story telling.

And boy, do they have a story to tell in this one!

The good news is, Covid-CCP is an “immensely treatable disease”, if anyone is allowed to treat it.

Red Pilled America

Listen on Apple Podcasts: 




QUOTE: What has Covid taught us about communism? To find the answer, we hear from Dr. Pierre Kory, President of FLCCC Alliance, & Tyler Bowyer, COO of student organizing powerhouse Turning Point USA…two men with Covid stories that will blow your mind.

5- The back-up for the left when a vote or a law does not go their way is to sue, take it to the courts. Rinse, lather, repeat.

So far, they have not gotten their way in Texas on the abortion law.

(Just The News) 


Appeals court allows Texas abortion law to remain in effect


QUOTE: With 2-1 vote, 5th Circuit US Court of Appeals rejects Biden administration appeal.


A federal appeals court on Thursday evening ruled that Texas’ restrictive abortion law can remain in effect even as it is litigated over its constitutionality.


The decision means Texas can enforce its new law barring most abortions as early as six weeks after conception.


The decision marks the third time since October that the appeals court has sided with Texas, and it moves the case one step closer to reaching the Supreme Court.

6- It’s not everyday that we get to see a so-called “expert” from CNN get grilled. That is what makes this so much fun to watch!

(Children’s Health Defense) 


Watch: Joe Rogan Gets Dr. Sanjay Gupta to Admit CNN Lied About Ivermectin


QUOTE: On the latest episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, host Joe Rogan and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, went head to head on a number of COVID-related topics, including the mainstream media’s narrative about the vaccines, vaccinating children, natural immunity and ivermectin.


Entire Joe Rogan podcast.


7- Everything is down in Florida!

New Covid-CCP cases in Florida are down 88%.

Hospitalizations in Florida are down 81% in the past month and a half.

Amazingly, this is with no new policy interventions, no vaccine passports and no mask mandates.

(Trending Politics)


Mainstream Media SILENT After Florida Reports 3rd Lowest Rate Of Covid Infection


QUOTE: The media took great joy in seeing the Florida Covid spike over the summer, but now they are being eerily quiet.


It felt like Florida was the top news story every evening on the left-wing networks as they slammed Ron DeSantis for doing a “poor job”. Funny enough, whenever covid spikes hit blue states, the media kept their mouths shut.


Now, however, they’re being silent about Florida because they have just reached the 3rd lowest rate of infection in the United States.


According to The New York Times Covid map, Florida’s case rate per 100,000 people over the last week was 13, which is third behind Connecticut and Hawaii.

8- We are heartened to see that some Republicans in Arizona are still fighting hard to get action on the audit.

(Conservative Brief) 


AZ State Rep. Rogers Demands ‘Less Letters, More Arrests’ from AG Brnovich


QUOTE: Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers is stepping up her attacks on state Attorney General Mark Brnovich, demanding that he worry less about sending out threatening letters and start taking legal action against people who were allegedly involved in nefarious activities during the 2020 election.


“Less letters, more subpoenas. Less requests, more warrants. Less talk, more arrests,” she tweeted Monday, before directing one at Brnovich specifically.

“Good night to everyone but @GeneralBrnovich who hasn’t done anything yet to fix our broken elections! Start arresting people!” she said in a separate Twitter post.


Brnovich is also under pressure by another, far more well-known Republican: Former President Donald Trump.


“The lackluster Attorney General of Arizona, Mark Brnovich, has to get on the ball and catch up with the great Republican Patriots in the Arizona State Senate,” Trump said in a statement in May. “As massive crime in the 2020 Election is becoming more and more evident and obvious, Brnovich is nowhere to be found.”

9- Our appreciation for the Governor of Florida grows daily. While we know that “Christmas does not come from a store, that Christmas, perhaps, is a little bit more”, as The Grinch finally realized, we are grateful for this effort.  It has enormous impact on the overall economy.

(PJ Media) 


Will Ron DeSantis Save Christmas?


QUOTE: Last week, the Florida Ports Council put out a press release telling shippers that the state’s ports are open, staffed, and ready for business. “Florida is where your success comes in, and our seaports are the solution to ensure the cargo shipping logjam doesn’t become the grinch that stole Christmas,” said Florida Ports Council President and CEO Michael Rubin. He added, “With inflation growing, shipping and manufacturing industries can save time and money by calling on Florida ports. Why pay to moor off the coast of California, when Florida shipping lanes are open and serving as the gateway for getting goods to America’s market?”


Thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida is well-positioned to serve as part of the supply chain solution. Earlier this year, Governor DeSantis infused Florida’s 15 seaports with $250 million in stimulus relief to help offset the impacts experienced as a result of the pandemic. This stimulus is in addition to other port infrastructure and connectivity investments made in Florida to increase our capacity and ability to move cargo and passengers around the world – Florida continues to invest in the infrastructure to become the pier to the world.

Miami, Florida, has opened its arms to tech companies fleeing California. Residents of the Golden State flocked to Florida in 2020 in numbers not seen previously. Maybe cargo ships will be next. Governor Ron DeSantis made some real infrastructure investments to upgrade Florida’s ports. Let’s see if they pay off and save Christmas for everyone.


It’s bleak out there, we are not gonna lie. But there are more than a few glimmers of hope.

All the more reason to stick together and spread the news through email and social media.

Read. Know. Share. Pray.

Hold Fast,



October 14, 2021

How to buy an election 

Dear Patriots,As time passes, we are seeing more confirmation of the massive and multiple ways of cheating in the November 2020 election. For months now, anyone who raised this issue has had the left heap derision and scorn upon them.  However, we are seeing that the truth does eventually make it’s way to the top. Take some time to read these linked articles for all the background on the shocking and successful method used by Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg to elect Biden.   1- Mark Zuckerberg BOUGHT the 2020 election. Who knew it was for sale?  Private business has no role in elections. This goes way beyond donating money to candidates or PACs.  This is a systematic scheme to take over all aspects of state elections with almost half a billion dollars. (The Federalist)

The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Bought By Mark Zuckerberg
QUOTE:The true story of how Mark Zuckerberg privatized the government’s voter registration and vote counting for Democrats in 2020.

During the 2020 election, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars to turn out likely Democratic voters. But this wasn’t traditional political spending. He funded a targeted, private takeover of government election operations by nominally non-partisan — but demonstrably ideological — non-profit organizations.

Analysis conducted by our team demonstrates this money significantly increased Joe Biden’s vote margin in key swing states. This unprecedented merger of public election offices with private resources and personnel is an acute threat to our republic, and should be the focus of electoral reform efforts moving forward.

The 2020 election wasn’t stolen — it was likely bought by one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men funneling his money through legal loopholes.

2- For decades, events and ideas that happened in California eventually made their way east across the country. These days, California has shown us vividly what those ideas look like when enacted. It is not pretty.

We can only pray that the new idea factory is the state of Florida, as lead by Governor Ron DeSantis. He is taking the lead by banning Zuckerberg from pouring millions of dollars into his state to influence elections.

(The Federalist) 

DeSantis Celebrates Banning Zuckerberg’s Election Meddling As A Win For Safe, Secure Voting

QUOTE: Gov. Ron DeSantis reaffirmed Florida’s commitment to election integrity and keeping Big Tech from meddling in state and local voting affairs on Tuesday.

One of the biggest reasons DeSantis said he has confidence in his state’s elections is because of recent election integrity legislation that prohibits meddling by Silicon Valley moguls such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. “We banned Zuckerbucks,” the Republican said in a press conference on Tuesday.

A new report from The Federalist shows that Facebook CEO funneled $419.5 million with strings attached through The Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and The Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) to select U.S. elections offices before the 2020 election. These “Zuck Bucks” were largely awarded based on partisanship to local and state offices, and demanded the promotion of universal mail-in voting, greater opportunities for “ballot curing,” and other vulnerable election tactics.

“So Zuckerberg, he spent over $400 million through these, quote, non-profits to, quote, help with election administration but what they would do is they would require certain things to be done like mass mail balloting, ballot harvesting, and they would focus on partisan voter turnout, basically. That was totally unacceptable,” the governor said.

3- Mollie Hemingway has been working on a book about election fraud. We agree with Mollie that the nation needs answers for the multitude ways the Democrats, Republicans and others cheated, not just in 2020, but for many elections before.


What happened during the 2020 election must be investigated and discussed

QUOTE: If questioning the results of a presidential election were a crime, as many have asserted in the wake of the controversial 2020 election and its aftermath, then much of the Democratic Party and media establishment should have been indicted for their behavior following the 2016 election. In fact, the last time Democrats fully accepted the legitimacy of a presidential election they lost was in 1988.

QUOTE: What happened during the 2020 election must be investigated and discussed, not in spite of media and political opposition to an open inquiry, but because of that opposition. The American people deserve to know what happened.  

They deserve answers, even if those answers are inconvenient.

They deserve to know the effect flooding the system with tens of millions of mail-in ballots had on their vote. 

They deserve to know how and why Big Tech and the corporate political media manipulated the news to support certain political narratives while censoring stories they now admit were true. 

They deserve to know why courts were allowed to unilaterally rewrite the rules in the middle of the contest, often without the consent of the legislative bodies charged with writing election laws.

### (Rasmussen Reports)“How likely is it that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election?”Majority Likely:April 2021 – 51% October 2021 – 56%  As always, we ask that you read and inform yourselves. And then share this information with those in your sphere of influence.  As the poll above suggests, that is having an impact. The fake news is not reporting on any of this. The only way it is reaching people is alternative news and people like you sharing it. 

Hold Fast,



October 12, 2021

We are not being boiled.  We are boiling over.

Dear Patriots,

For more months than we care to calculate, we have been constantly assaulted with one leftist crisis/event after another.

From the BLM riots right up to the unconstitutional Biden vaccine mandates, we have been deluged with shocking incremental attempts to ruin this country.

Many compare it to the old analogy of “boiling a frog”. If you do it slowly the frog doesn’t even notice. … People ARE noticing. Instead of being boiled, we are about to boil over!

There is growing evidence that people across the country have had it with the track the left is railroading us down.

-Polling numbers indicate a turning tide for the Biden Regime.

-Chants at large sporting events by young people express their frustrations.

-Employees are standing up for the freedom, risking their livelihoods.

-A few leftist reporters are writing the truth, finally.

-There are more and more law suits working their way through the legal system.

-Parents are not being intimidated by the threats of the Biden Justice Department.

Patriots, this is not going to be easy. It will be painful. The future of this upheaval in America will be fraught with peril.

We are fighting on many battle fields now. The left is ardent in their effort to shut down all opinions that do not mirror their talking points.

This is why you are so important. Stay with us. Keep seeking out real information and opinion. Keep sharing. And most of all, keep asking God to help us in this fight and keep us strong in our faith.

We still have a long way to go.

1- A NYTimes reporter dares to write truth.

(Alex Berenson- Unreported Truths)  


20 months in, the New York Times (one reporter, anyway) tells the truth at last


QUOTE: My old college classmate David Leonhardt becomes (as far as I know) the first Times reporter to acknowledge the two great realities of Covid in his VERY widely read morning newsletter:


ONE: The vaccines don’t work so good.

TWO: Covid is not dangerous to healthy kids

2- You will not get the usual news coverage that happened when anything messes up air traffic. The Fake News is ignoring this story as best they can. This will not be the last sick out we see in this industry. Be prepared for inconvenience.

(Daily Mail)


Southwest chaos set to enter fourth day: Airline warns they are still working on problems that triggered mayhem after another 350 flights were canceled on Monday and 1,400 were delayed


QUOTE: Chaos caused by Southwest Airlines cancellations was set to enter a fourth day on Tuesday after the airline warned it is still working on the problems that triggered hundreds of flight cancellations.


The third straight day of canceled and delayed flights left passengers stranded and steaming from California to the East Coast, with pictures from airports showing long queues and children sleeping on the floor.


The widespread disruptions began shortly after the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, representing 9,000 pilots, asked a federal court on Friday to block the airline’s order that all employees get vaccinated by December 8.


The timing has caused many to question whether the disruptions is related to the company’s vaccine mandate, with some claiming staff are staging industrial action over the decision.


The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association has denied the claims, but accused the company of a botched response to what it said would have been a minor challenge for other airlines.

3- Sometimes, it looks like three dimensional chess.



Greg Abbott Defies Joe Biden and Throws Southwest Airlines a Lifeline


QUOTE: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has made another move against nonsensical COVID policies. Today, he signed an executive order banning vaccine mandates by any entity in the state. This would hit corporations that have begun to follow federal guidelines to mandate vaccines for all their employees. And though an official rule from OSHA has yet to materialize as threatened, Abbott’s move is in direct defiance of Joe Biden.


This comes in the midst of a meltdown happening at Southwest Airlines over a coming vaccine mandate in November.

4- 65% of voters think that Voting By Mail is a risky way to run an election.

Polls have shown for a decade that voters want Voter ID, by 70%+.

Voters KNOW what they want. Elected politicians all over the country have ignored them. Republicans have let the Deomcrats have their way on these important issues for years. This has to be stopped.



Vote-By-Mail: Most Voters Think It Will Cause More Cheating


QUOTE: Last year’s election featured mail-in voting as a measure to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, but now more states are making vote-by-mail permanent, and nearly two-thirds of voters believe the result will be more cheating in elections.


A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 65% of Likely U.S. Voters believe that wider use of mail-in voting will lead to more cheating in elections, including 51% who say it’s Very Likely. Twenty-eight percent (28%) don’t think more mail-in voting will mean more cheating, including 14% who say it is Not At All Likely.

5- Everyday, more employees are working to put an end to the blatant taking of medical freedoms.

(America’s Frontline Doctors) 




QUOTE: Attorney John Howard and Davillier Law Group, with support from America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) filed a Complaint on Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Kaiser Permanente, one of the U.S.’s largest health care organizations. The lawsuit challenges Kaiser’s mandate that all 217,000 employees be vaccinated by September 30, 2021 or be placed on unpaid leave. Employees have until December 1, 2021 or they will be terminated. Over 4,000 employees have reached out to America’s Frontline Doctors for civil rights assistance.


AFLDS has been outspoken that COVID vaccine mandates are both illegal as a matter of law and unsafe as a matter of science.

6- Just 16 students with courage and facts got this halted in the courts.

(Washington Times) 


Court halts mandatory COVID-19 shots for college athletes


QUOTE: A federal appellate court has ruled in favor of 16 college athletes who challenged Western Michigan University’s coronavirus vaccine mandate.


A three-judge panel of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit unanimously sided Thursday with the students, upholding a district court ruling enjoining school officials from forcing the athletes to get vaccinated.

The students had sued, claiming that the school denied or did not review their request for religious exemptions from the vaccine requirement.

7- The Louisiana and Virginia School Board Associations have pushed back on the horrible attempt of the Biden Regime to shut parents up when they are concerned for their children.

(Legal Insurrection)  


Hand Overplayed: Two School Board Associations Denounce NSBA, Reject AG Garland’s Threat Against Concerned Parents


QUOTE: The Democrat playbook is about hate, division, disunity, dysfunction, and creating the ultimate dystopia in which people are “ruled” by elites who are not ‘public servants’ but who are—essentially—demigods, holding over us every God-given right and demanding our complete submission to their will.


Finally, we are seeing pushback from school board associations.

LSBA Response to NSBA’s Request for


Federal Intervention: 

— Louisiana School Boards Association – October 9, 2021


They are coming one by one. This time the Virginia School Board Association. The other day it was Louisiana School Board Association. Let’s see who will be next — Elana Yaron Fishbein “Domestic Terrorist” – October 10, 2021

So far, it’s only two, but the floodgates will open, and grifter Garland and the already wobbly Biden administration are going to have to either fold on this racist curriculum (thus earning squishy indie votes they desperately need) or double-down and lose it all.


Do not give in. Do not give up. Do not despair.

Hold Fast,



October 8, 2021

Good New Friday – Oct 8 

Dear Patriots,We have had a busy week. If you missed the press release Defending the Republic filed Wednesday you can read about it here.  We are proud to be helping members of the military as they navigate the vaccine mandate.  This week, Sidney was interviewed by Pete Santilli.

Sidney Powell Joins Pete Santilli to Discuss Election Integrity, J6, & Medical Tyranny ### Here are a few stories we wanted to be sure you knew about.

1- When politicians stand up and fight, they will be appreciated and rewarded. 

(Washington Examiner) 

Donors embrace Rand Paul, record haul puts $12M in bank

QUOTE: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, already declared by some local media as the winner of the upcoming 2022 reelection campaign, has turned in a record-breaking fundraising haul of more than $4 million in the third quarter of 2021. Officials told Secrets that donations to the Republican maverick, many from small dollar supporters, far exceeded any other fundraising quarter for the two-term senator.Paul has been a leading voice on Capitol Hill in support of freedoms and against waste. He has also already been endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

2- Even though the Fake News props Biden up, the evidence of his bad policies are breaking into the main stream. 

(The Federalist) 

Brand New Quinnipiac Poll Shows Sky-High Disapproval Of Biden Presidency So Far

QUOTE: New polling from Quinnipiac University shows sky-high disapproval of President Joe Biden’s presidency thus far.

While Democrats overwhelmingly (80 percent) approve of the president and Republicans overwhelmingly (94 percent) disapprove, Biden’s popularity with independents has slipped to a 32 percent approval rating.

Notably, disapproval among Americans for Biden’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic rose to 50 percent which puts a damper on the White House’s repeated rhetoric promising to beat the virus and their political campaign to push booster shots and vaccine mandates.

3- Little by little we are winning battles. 

(The DC Patriot) 

Arkansas Judge Rules Bentonville Schools have NO AUTHORITY to Mask Children, Must Remove Mandates Immediately!

QUOTE:  An Arkansas judge has ruled that the Bentonville Public Schools have NO AUTHORITY to mask children as their tyrannical school board has enforced now for months on their students.

The temporary restraining order was placed on Bentonville Schools Wednesday and kids will not have to wear masks at the school starting this today.


4- Meanwhile, in the USA, we are demanding that young people get vaxed to keep their jobs.(Reuters)Sweden, Denmark pause Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for younger age groupsQUOTE:Sweden and Denmark said on Wednesday they are pausing the use of Moderna’s (MRNA.O) COVID-19 vaccine for younger age groups after reports of possible rare cardiovascular side effects. The Swedish health agency said it would pause using the shot for people born in 1991 and later as data pointed to an increase of myocarditis and pericarditis among youths and young adults that had been vaccinated. Those conditions involve an inflammation of the heart or its lining.“The connection is especially clear when it comes to Moderna’s vaccine Spikevax, especially after the second dose,” the health agency said, adding the risk of being affected was very small.5- This could be a tipping point. These companies were early adaptors of Critical Race Theory. Now they find it is counterproductive to a cooperative workforce.


Big Biz has found that Critical Race Theory is bad for busines

QUOTE:  Corporate HR departments, particularly on Wall Street, are worried that overly politicized and polarizing diversity training is among the most counterproductive fads in recent years if you want your workforce to get along. Worse, it is just bad for business. 

Goldman appears not to be alone in drawing the line in its CRT wokeness. Executives at Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and, yes, Dimon’s JPMorgan all claim they are not advocating CRT as part of their diversity training. 

CRT is also counterproductive. Big companies, particularly big investment banks, rely on teamwork. CRT does just the opposite, dividing people along racial lines between oppressors and the oppressed. “We need people to get along,” said one executive at a big bank that has cleansed CRT from training sessions. 

6- Vatican guards resign over mandatory vaxx mandate(Zero Hedge)

Pope’s Swiss Guards Resign Over Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination

QUOTE: Three Swiss Guards have resigned and three others have been suspended after refusing to comply with a Vatican mandate that they get the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Swiss Guards, colloquially known as the Pope’s bodyguards, had previously been ordered “to protect their health and that of the others they come into contact with as part of their service” by getting the jab.

The fact that there is no religious exemption against taking the vaccine within the Vatican tells you everything you need to know about the Vatican and the Pope.

7- Another shocking interview from a whistleblower employee at Pfizer.

(DC Patriot) 


Whistleblower on Record Reveals INTERNAL EMAILS From Chief Science Officer & Senior Director of Worldwide Research on COVID-19 ‘We Want to Avoid Having the Information on the Fetal Cells Floating Out There’


QUOTE: Project Veritas is taking Pfizer and the Biden Administration straight to the woodshed this week. This is the second damning video in a matter of days that shows Pfizer employees and scientists shredding the narrative spread by the mainstream media, Democrats, Big Tech, and their Corporate and Big Pharma overlords

8- Another win for Governor DeSantis



Florida city reverses COVID vaccine mandate, Gov. DeSantis claims victory

QUOTE: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on Friday that the city of Gainesville has withdrawn a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for workers after pressure from his administration and a court ruling against the policy last month.


“We are not going to allow our first responders and government employees, many of whom have been on the front lines for over a year and a half, to be cast aside by local politicians’ mandates,” DeSantis said in a press release. “This reversal by the City of Gainesville is a victory for liberty.”


According to the press release, the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) received a letter from Gainesville last week informing the department that city commissioners “voided” a recent vaccination mandate for all public employees.

9- Georgia Governor does his job by protecting businesses from onorous COVID-CCP mandates.(Just The News)

Georgia governor signs order blocking COVID-19 mandates on businesses

QUOTE: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed an executive order Thursday that blocks local governments from mandating COVID-19 restrictions on businesses.

Private sector businesses and sports teams can follow local COVID-19 requirements if they chose, but Kemp’s order stops them from being required to do so.
Kemp said the order is aimed at protecting businesses and the state’s economic recovery.

“Local governments will not be able to force businesses to be the city’s masks police, the vaccine police or any other burdensome restriction that will only lead to employees being let go, revenue tanking and businesses closing their doors,” Kemp said during Thursday a news briefing at the state Capitol.

10- You will love this interview with Carol Swain. She sees the problem and she has solutions.(Canada Free Press)Black Americans Are Seeing Biden For Who He Is

### Thanks for being in our corner this week and for reading information and sharing it.  We hope you have a lovely autumn weekend.  

Hold Fast,



October 7, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Defending the Repuplic files TRO on behalf of military membersOctober 7, 2021-  On Wednesday, Defending the Republic and our local counsel filed a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order on behalf of active-duty service members fighting for their right to refuse the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

This filing asks the court to prevent these servicemen and women from being mandated to receive the vaccines and to stop the U.S. government from punishing them if they refuse. It further asks the court to grant emergency relief and find the Department of Defense vaccine mandate and the FDA’s “approval” of the Comirnaty vaccine to be unlawful. As prior courts have ruled, the U.S. government “cannot demand that members of the armed forces also serve as guinea pigs for experimental drugs.”


October 6, 2021

Press Release:  Defending the Republic Sues DOD, FDA & others on behalf of our military who decline vaccination 

October 6, 2021- Today, Defending the Republic, with local counsel Carlos Silva of the firm Silva & Silva, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government – including Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, III, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, and FDA Acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock – on behalf of 16 active-duty military service members in support of their right to refuse the unconstitutional and unlawful COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

These service members, which include those with natural immunity to COVID-19, women who wish to become pregnant, or who have medical conditions for which no clinical trial data is available, face severe punishment, including dishonorable discharge, the loss of their constitutional rights, and potential imprisonment if they do not get these experimental vaccines that they have every right to refuse.

The core claims raised in the lawsuit ask the court to bar the FDA and DOD from using deceptive “bait and switch” tactics and to uphold the constitutional right of every citizen to refuse an unwanted, unnecessary and unproven vaccine. The “bait and switch” involves the FDA’s approval of the Comirnaty vaccine, which is not available, while the FDA and DOD instead seek to administer the experimental, unapproved version of the vaccine (which cannot be mandated) to trick service members to forfeit their rights to informed consent and to refuse an experimental vaccine. 

This lawsuit also challenges the FDA’s unlawful “approval” of the Comirnaty Vaccine. This approval violated the Administrative Procedure Act, contradicted the FDA’s own rules, was based on flawed and incomplete scientific studies, and was made despite unprecedented numbers of adverse events – including deaths – related to the vaccine. The FDA also acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner, in that it excluded certain groups from clinical trials, including those with previous COVID-19 infection and pregnant women. 

Through the filing of this lawsuit, we make clear that these service members – those who serve their country with honor – are not the property of the U.S. government, and the Constitution does not allow them to be treated as such.

###To read the complete filing, visit our website:


October 6, 2021

The Biden regime’s desperate attempt to shut down public dissent.

Dear Patriots,

The word “horrified” seems best to describe our feelings about Attorney General Garland Merrick authorizing the FBI to go after PARENTS who speak out at local school board meetings about Critical Race Theory, masks, vaxx, and porn. But it is pretty close.Since we have been working with several of the people caught up in the January 6 situation, we have seen what the FBI is willing to do to private Americans who wish to protest actions of their government, including dragging a 76-year old veteran across his yard by his heels. There is only ONE reason to do this: to shut up parents desperate to protect their children. The left and all that entails these days is terrified of you.They are frightened by your voices, your thoughts and most of all your public display of opinions that diverge from their agenda. Pointing out their hypocrisy, lies, and lack of common sense is a threat to their power over you. The Biden regime will use the force of the completely corrupt FBI to threaten and pressure you to be silent.  This drastic action by the Biden regime is an act of desperation. They have not been able to keep moms and dads from showing up at leftist school board meetings and throwing their bad decisions back at them. Believe us, they have tried. They have kept people out of buildings, shut off microphones, turned the cameras away, shortened speaking time and made up rules to keep parents from attending meetings. This has been happening all over America. Parents just keep on coming. Protecting the kids is all that matters as it should. So, now, the public school boards are asking that the federal government take this unprecedented action because they know they can not control your outrage. More on this story:

DeSantis Throws Down the Gauntlet: Confronts Garland on Troubling FBI AnnouncementQUOTE:Attorney General Merrick Garland made a stunning announcement about having the FBI and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices coordinate with federal, state, and local law enforcement to deal with “threats” of violence against school boards and people working in schools.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has championed the rights of parents to speak on behalf of their own children — something that should be self-evident and unquestionable — threw down the gauntlet, speaking out against this troubling announcement from Garland.

“Attorney General Garland is weaponizing the DOJ by using the FBI to pursue concerned parents and silence them through intimidation,” DeSantis tweeted. “Florida will defend the free speech rights of its citizens and will not allow federal agents to squelch dissent.”

###1- This story is an excellent example of what is going on in public schools. We honestly thought this was a satire item when we read the headline.  Unforrunately it’s real. These parents are protecting their children from garbage being forced into their formative minds.

(The Daily Wire)

California Parents Sue To End ‘Unconstitutional’ Chant To Aztec Gods In ‘Ethnic Studies’ Curriculum

QUOTE:  According to reports, three California parents are suing to stop the state’s public school system from encouraging students to recite prayers to Aztec gods, which have been worshipped using human sacrifices. Their argument is that doing so violates both the U.S. and California constitutions.

Tezcatlipoca is an Aztec god “honored” using human sacrifices. The World History Encyclopedia explained that the heart of an impersonator of Tezcatlipoca — usually played by a prisoner of war — would be removed with an obsidian knife, and presented as a sacrifice. 

The parents are being represented by The Thomas More Society, a group that described the curriculum as “blatantly unconstitutional” in court documents.

“Our clients are not opposed to having students learn about different cultures and religions, including the practices of the Aztecs,” said Paul Jonna, partner at LiMandri & Jonna LLP and Thomas More Society special counsel. “But the California State Board of Education’s approved Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum goes far beyond that by directing students to pray to Aztec deities. This portion of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum is not only offensive, but blatantly unconstitutional.”

2- A shocking interview about the governments own numbers that prove they are lying to us and killing many of us with the vaccine.

(Stew Peters Show on Rumble) DoD Documents: Over 70% “COVID” Hospitalizations are “Fully Vaccinated” Over 65

QUOTE: Attorney Thomas Renz joined Stew Peters to reveal the highly censored DoD documents proving that the “vaccine” is more dangerous than it is helpful, as the vast majority of patients over 65 hospitalized with “COVID” are more-than-likely experiencing injury from the shots!

3- The vaccines have a very short life span but all of them have serious potential reactions. (Just The News)

More than 500,000 adverse events reported after COVID vaccines, from temps to neuropathyQUOTE: As of Sept. 27, 2021 there were 569,294 adverse event reports associated with COVID-19 vaccination in the U.S., according to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

The most common disorders reported after COVID-19 vaccinations in the U.S. include temperature-related issues (226,457), skin problems (174,793), and a category that includes movement, muscle, nerve, neuropathy, numbness, and paralysis (164,200)

4- New Zealand has given up on their massive lockdowns because they do not work! Masks do not work. Lockdowns do not work. Mass vaccines do not work.

(The New York Times) 

Battling Delta, New Zealand Abandons Its Zero-Covid Ambitions
QUOTE: The country is changing course seven weeks into a lockdown that has failed to end the outbreak and tested the patience of many residents.

For a year and a half, New Zealand has pursued a strategy of “Covid zero,” closing its borders and quickly enforcing lockdowns to keep the coronavirus in check – a policy it maintained even as other Asia-Pacific countries transitioned to coexisting with the viral threat.

On Monday, New Zealand gave up the ghost.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern acknowledged an end to the elimination strategy seven weeks into a lockdown that has failed to halt an outbreak of the Delta variant, announcing that restrictions would be gradually lifted in Auckland, the country’s largest city
5- James O’Keefe does it again. This time he gets scientists who work at Pfizer to tell us how they are controlled and censored to not talk about the vaccine or the fact that your own immunity is vastly better than the untested shot.(YouTube)Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.’ Expose Pfizer 6- Watch this explanation from Alan Dershowitz on Dominion.(The Populist Press)7- And just to make you laugh a little.  JP Sears is a an excellent humorist on current affairs. (Canada Free Press)
Why Life Jackets Should Be Mandatory! ### UPDATES: Stories move so fast these days it is hard to keep up.  Here are two follow-ups on items we have mentioned this week. We were suspicious of the Fake News coverage this Facebook whistleblower was receiving. She is not the first person working inside Facebook to come forward. At least three others have come to Project Veritas with their shocking insider stories. We do not hear much from them in the fake press. This is a story to continue to watch. but beware what may be happening.(The Daily Wire)

Facebook Whistleblower Is Leftist Activist Repped By Lawyer For ‘Whistleblower’ Behind Trump Impeachment

QUOTE: The Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, has a record of donations to far-left Democrats and a history of raising issues about purported bias while at previous employers, a Daily Wire review found. She is working with Democrat operatives to roll out her complaint and has the same lawyers as the anonymous Ukraine “whistleblower” whose allegations led to Donald Trump’s impeachment, but who reportedly turned out to be then-Vice President Joe Biden’s top advisor on the country.

Haugen has made more than twenty federal campaign contributions since 2016, all of which have gone to Democrats, according to Federal Election Commission data. On January 13th, 2020, Haugen sent money to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional campaign and a further contribution to her “Courage to Change” Political Action Committee. One of the most frequent recipients of her donations was the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Her lawyers are now seeking to raise $50,000 on GoFundMe, money they say will go to covering legal expenses for the attorneys, who are otherwise working pro-bono. Those lawyers are Whistleblower Aid, a group founded by Mark Zaid, who previously represented the national security official who alleged that Donald Trump inappropriately pressed the Ukraine president on a phone call to, in turn, investigate whether Joe Biden inappropriately pressed the country to drop an investigation into his son’s firm, Burisma.

### Today, in court Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was released while awaiting his court martial. We know this is a difficult situation for him and his whole family and pray it is quickly resolved in his favor.(Human Events)

Lt. Col. Scheller Will Be Released from The Brig

QUOTE: Lt. Col. Scheller, the United States Marine who was arrested for posting public criticism of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, will be released from the brig Tuesday pending trial.

“Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr. is being released from confinement today, Oct. 5, 2021, as a result of a mutual agreement between Lt. Col. Scheller, his Defense counsel, and the Commanding General Training Command,” Capt. Sam Stephenson said in a statement.


“We the People”Here is the origin of those words. It is good to re-read this in full. The Preamble to the United States ConstitutionWe the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. This is a promise that our Founders made, and a promise we all make as citizens living under the guidance and protection of The Constitution. It is a promise that Defending the Republic makes and endeavors to uphold. We will continue to work to re-establish Justice. Thank you for being with us in this fight. We need you. We need each other. We need to support each other.  

Hold Fast,


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