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Democrats Refuse To Drink Water As It’s Also Prescribed To Horses
Planned Parenthood Warns New Abortion Laws Will Disproportionately Allow More Black People To Be Born
Texas Woman Wishes There Were Some Activity She Could Abstain From To Be Sure She Won’t Get Pregnant
Texas Border Patrol Overwhelmed By Unborn Babies Seeking Asylum From Other States
New Mask For Democratic Politicians Automatically Goes Up When A Camera Is Around
Joe Rogan Bounces Back From COVID To Win Kentucky Derby
Scandal As Newsom Campaign Produces Old Yearbook Photo Showing Larry Elder In Blackface
Jeopardy A Disaster As Host Joe Biden Flees At Answers In Form Of A Question
Costco Introduces New 5-Gallon Family Size Pfizer Vaccine
Racist Democrats Desperately Try To Prevent Black Man From Becoming Governor Of California
Press Shocked As Man Who Didn’t Answer Any Questions While Running For President Still Doesn’t Answer Any Questions Now That He’s President
Pfizer Releases Brand New, Never-Before-Seen Drug ‘Pfivermectin’
Biden’s Approval Rating Among CNN Employees Sinks To All-Time Low Of 98%
Joe Rogan Criticized As ‘Anti-Science’ For Surviving COVID
Democrats Start Reverse Underground Railroad To Help Unborn Babies Escape Texas And Be Killed
Nancy Pelosi Flies To Afghanistan To Lecture Stranded Americans On How Bad January 6 Was
Liberal Wants To Join A Union But Realizes He’d Have To Get A Job
Rolling Stone Announces Exclusive, 100% True Report On The Whereabouts Of Bat Boy
Republicans Call For Impeachment Of Whoever Is Telling Biden What To Do
Republican Senator Has ANGRY MELTDOWN About Afghanistan
Immune System Criticized As Anti-Science
Psaki: ‘There Are No American Hostages, Just People Being Detained Against Their Will Until Their Captors’ Demands Are Met’
In New ‘Dune’ Movie, Paul Atreides To Defeat Sandworms With Extra-Strength Dose Of Ivermectin
Feminists In Texas Frantically Research What People Do With Babies Other Than Killing Them
Gavin Newsom Begs Kamala Harris Not To Campaign For Him
Biden Decides To Help American Hostages After Learning The McFlurry Machine Repairman Is On The Plane
10 Reasons It’s Way Better To Just Let The Government Take Care Of The Poor
Democrats Warn If More States Pass Election Integrity Laws There Will Be A Devastating Decline In Cheating
More States Pass Abortion Laws In Hopes Of Triggering Travel Ban From Portland
With No Abortions Or Voter Fraud, Bored Texas Democrats Left With Nothing To Do All Day
CDC Says A New COVID Variant May Be Needed To Effectively Bury Afghanistan News
Angel Soft Releases New ‘Devil Hard’ Toilet Paper For Atheists
Biden Warns Of Especially Severe ‘Whirlyswirly Wind’ Season This Year

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