A Ton of Great Stuff From The Babylon Bee (more to come)

Obama’s Party Ruined As Mansion Sinks Into Sea Thanks To Climate Change
Vaccination Rates Plummet As More Celebrities Say They Won’t Hang Out With The Unvaccinated
Op-Ed: I Tried Firing An AR-15 Yesterday And I Have Literally Been Soiling Myself For 17 Straight Hours
CNN Employees Fired For Being Unvaccinated Wishing They’d Have Just Exposed Themselves On A Zoom Call Instead
The Babylon Bee Guide To All The Different Christian Denominations
Report: Something Bad Must Be Happening With Democrats As CNN Homepage Is Filled With Trump Articles
Hypocritical Saruman Calls For Defunding The Riders Of Rohan While Spawning Own Army Of Uruk-Hai Under Orthanc
The Babylon Bee Presents: A Back-To-School Shopping List For Your Liberal Child
Obama’s Massive Birthday Party Concludes With Fireworks Reading ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’
Y Chromosome Suspended From Twitter For Calling Laurel Hubbard A Man
Masks Thrown In The Pacific Mutate Into Giant Monster To Terrorize California

Cuomo Condemns America’s History Of Prejudice Against Italian, Grandma-Killing Sex Predators

Solution To Government-Created Problem Is More Government, Says Government
Chicago Public Schools To Distribute Bulletproof Masks
Students Across America Excited To Finally Return To In-Person Indoctrination
After Resigning For Sexual Harassment, Cuomo Immediately Hired By CNN
Cuomo Resigns To Spend More Time Sexually Harassing Family
Biden Hoping This Whole ‘Politicians Resigning For Sexual Harassment’ Thing Doesn’t Catch On
Congress Excited To Find Out What They Just Spent $1.2 Trillion On
Nation Agrees To Get Vaccinated In Exchange For TikTok Influencers Being Launched Into The Sun
Public School Starts Day With Pledge Of Allegiance To Dr. Fauci
Justin Trudeau Dresses Up As A Saudi Sheik So Biden Will Approve His Pipeline
Governor Abbott Sets Kale Trap To Catch Texas Democrats
Planned Parenthood Announces They Will Now Vaccinate Unborn Babies Before Killing Them
Ron DeSantis Says Teachers Who Ask Kids To Wear Masks Will Be Thrown Into The Gator Pond
Republicans And Democrats Finally Brought Together By Chance To Spend Your Money
The Babylon Bee Guide To Choosing A Gun That’s Right For You
Start Freaking Out: Here Are 10 New Variants You Should Be Super Worried About
Here’s A Comprehensive List Of All The Socialist Countries That Haven’t Turned Into A Totalitarian Hellscape Where You Have To Eat Your Dog
Rest Of Country Holds Recall Election On State Of California
Dr. Fauci Runs Into Village Screaming That A Wolf Is Coming To Devour Us All Again
Oregon High Schools Stop Teaching Reading So Kids Won’t Be Influenced By Thomas Sowell Books
Under New Eviction Moratorium Rules, Capitol Hill Rioters Allowed To Reside In Nancy Pelosi’s Office
‘What If Captain Marvel Were A Stay-At-Home Mom?’ And 9 More What If? Episodes Coming Soon To Disney+
Biden Says He Is ‘Checking’ Whether Constitution Allows Him To Seize Means Of Production

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