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Dear Patriots,

Honestly, it was a bit of a challenge finding the good news for this week’s Good News Friday. A line from a very, very, very old song kept playing in our heads.”Bad news on the doorstep, I couldn’t take one more step.”(American Pie-1971) There is much difficulty and uncertainty happening in our world and so many people who are doing nothing about it.  (Talking to you Elected Republicans!) Be assured that a lot of people DO recognize what is happening and are trying very hard to change the direction our national GPS currently has us on. We dug deep and DID find today’s GOOD NEWS!!!

1- At LEAST 17,000 kids may have been rescued from the propaganda cutches of the government school system in just one state!  Check YOUR state on the map at the link.Federal data confirm MN public school enrollment down 17,000 studentsFederal data released Monday revealed Minnesota K-12 public school enrollment dropped by 2.36 percent — roughly 17,000 students — in 2020 compared with the previous school year, according to The 74. ### 

2- WHAT are the odds?

Witnesses Claim Lightning Hit George Floyd Mural, Causing It to Crumble

QUOTE:  Witnesses claimed a George Floyd mural in Toledo, OH, on a building crumbled due to a lightning strike.

City building inspector Hugh Koogan disputed the account because “the wall had been showing signs of weakness for some time and literally just gave way on its own.”

 ### 3- We have been dealing with this illogical subject of “global warming” and now “climate change” for more than 30 years. 

The Climate-Change Agenda Goes Out With a Bang.  Ambitious plans conceal growing voter skepticism. Politicians will catch on sooner or later, and hard.

QUOTE: We’re supposed to view this week as a banner occasion in the annals of climate change. The European Union unveiled a mammoth new plan to control carbon emissions, while Beijing rolled out an emissions-trading scheme and the U.K. released a plan to green up transportation.

Except this is all happening as climate politics seem to be undergoing a rapid and significant shift in many places, and not in the direction environmental activists hoped. To wit: Voters have started noticing how much they’re each going to have to spend to reduce carbon emissions, and they don’t like it.  It’s a startlingly broad phenomenon. 

###  4- THE most investigated and probed man in all of historical time, past, present and future.

Every Left-Wing Attempt To Prosecute Trump Has Failed. From impeachment to tax evasion charges, desperate attempts to criminalize the former president have fallen flat.

QUOTE: Political prosecutions are not new in America. Political pogroms are. It is sad to watch the Democratic Party embrace such third-world practices as policy. It is sadder to note there has never in history been a more sustained yet unsuccessful political effort to oust or destroy one man.

Even before Donald Trump took office, Democrats claimed Russia elected him as the Manchurian candidate. The intelligence community-Democratic Party-media tripartite axis then swung for the fences, using wiretaps obtained through FISA fraud, honeytraps, Australian and Israeli cutouts, intel scrubbed by GHQ, and every other trick in the spy business. They came up so empty-handed even a Deep State O.G. like Robert Mueller could not find anything indictable.

This level of paranoid vengeance is scary, a sign that a portion of the electorate’s critical thinking skills have been eaten by political syphilis. The Democrats should carefully consider the secondary effects of their actions, and ask (as voters will) if the goal is law enforcement or a political kill shot. If it is the latter, they better not miss. Again.

 ###5- Some Elected Republicans in the states are working very hard to fix elections so that we can have full faith in the results. All Elected Democrats oppose this.

Texas Senate Passes Voter Integrity Bill As Democrats Flee State To Subvert Democracy

QUOTE: The Texas Senate passed a voter integrity bill while 51 Texas Democrat House members and eight Texas Democrat Senate members fled the state to subvert democracy by denying the Republican-led House the quorum needed to approve bills in Governor Greg Abbott’s special session agenda.

“Senators voted 18-4 along party lines to approve the legislation. Eight Senate Democrats announced that they too had fled to Washington, D.C., on Monday, with a ninth expected to arrive Monday evening,” National Review reported. “However, with 22 out of 31 members present, the Senate kept a quorum and was able to pass the measure.”

###6- Join any group that is pushing back on your alma mater.
God and Man at W&L – University alumni are fighting the progressive culture — William F. Buckley Jr. style.QUOTE:As the battle for the future of the university has raged on, a most encouraging, grassroots — and “Buckley-esque” — response has emerged from alumni and friends.

An organization known as The Generals Redoubt (TGR) was formed in 2018. This group of alumni, parents, and friends has actively challenged the revisionists and is responding as Buckley had long ago hoped they would.TGR’s campaign was instrumental in the W&L Board’s recent rejection of faculty demands to change the university’s name. TGR has attracted over 9,700 followers. While alumni giving to W&L is down, TGR has raised over $1,000,000. Encouragingly, alumni groups at Davidson College, University of Virginia, VMI, Yale, University of Texas, and other colleges are now emulating this model.

7- We KNOW how many United States “legal experts” depend on international precedent.

Spanish High Court Rules Pandemic Lockdown Unconstitutional

QUOTE: The first Wuhan coronavirus lockdown imposed by the government of Spain was ruled unconstitutional by the Spanish Constitutional Court, in a 6-5 ruling on Wednesday.

The ruling, which came in response to a suit brought by the right-wing Vox Party, found that the lockdown’s “limitations on movement” had violated the fundamental liberties of Spanish citizens. Therefore, the court said, the “state of alarm” order issued by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez was insufficient and not protected by Spain’s national constitution.

 ###8- Worldwide citizens are trying to push back on mandatory vaccinations. 

In Athens, thousands rally against COVID-19 vaccination

QUOTE:  More than 5,000 anti-vaccine protesters, some them waving Greek flags and wooden crosses, rallied in Athens on Wednesday to oppose Greece’s coronavirus vaccinations programme.

Shouting “take your vaccines and get out of here!” and calling on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to resign, the protesters gathered outside parliament under heavy police presence.

This also happened in France.  

### 9- This is an excellent piece about the current struggle in Cuba for freedom. It offers a clear cut way the United States can and should help. Liberate Cuba – U.S. now has a chance to finish what it started in 1961

QUOTE:Shortly after historic protests swept the island of Cuba on Sunday, the Biden administration expressed its “support” for the Cuban people to “peacefully protest and determine their own future,” but also “call[ed] upon the Cuban regime to hear their people and serve their needs at this vital moment….” 
While the intent may have been to offer solidarity, this statement is inadequate because it is not conducive to what this national uprising is trying to achieve. QUOTE:The mass demonstrations occurring now are a historical moment. It would be a terrible mistake to turn away from the Cuban people in their greatest moment of courage. 
The Cuban people have the right to liberate themselves by whatever means are necessary, and the U.S. should stand behind them—even if that means authorizing a military intervention—or at least providing weapons to the Cuban people to defend themselves. 
Such support would send a message that America does not abandon anyone and finally allow the U.S. to answer its own moral conscience for failing the Cuban people in the past. ###10- Last but certainly not least, there is good news on the audits.

Georgia Sec. of State calls for firing of Fulton County elections director and registration chief.  Brad Raffensperger made the call in a tweet on Thursday.

QUOTE: “Fulton County’s continued failures have gone on long enough with no accountability. Rick Barron and Ralph Jones, Fulton’s registration chief, must be fired and removed from Fulton’s elections leadership immediately,” Raffensperger tweeted. “Fulton’s voters and the people of Georgia deserve better.”

Dear Patriots,

There are days when someone says, “Boy, this is a slow news day. Not much is happening.”

We say, “Balderdash! There is never a slow news day!”

What we DO have is:

Day after day of the Mainstream/Drive By/Fake News cabal that ignores, stifles, and de-platforms the real news that is happening on a daily basis.

Here are just a few subjects that the government media refuses to inform their dwindling audience about. These subjects cannot be covered, or if covered, are riff with lies.

* The fraud election of 2020

* The audits

* More state leaders demanding audits

* Vaccine deaths and injuries

* Children’s immunity to Covid-CCP

* The ridiculousness  of masks

* The excellent immunity you have if you have had Covid-CCP

* The success of HCQ, Ivemectim, and the Zelenski Protocol to prevent and cure Covid-CCP

* The availability of a spray that kills ALL viruses for three months on surfaces.

* The disgusting career of Dr Fauci

* The silencing of thousands of doctors and nurses who have on the ground experience with Covid-CCP and disagree with the government approach

* The dwindling capacity of the current President

* The computer content and life of Hunter Biden

* The invasion at the border

* The spike in child trafficking

* The massive government spending

* Rising inflation

* High energy costs

* High unemployment

* Decline of small businesses

* Ever rising taxes at all levels of govenment

* The parent revolt against public school curriculum

* The declining numbers enrolled in public schools

* The poor educational results of public school teaching

* The massive crimes and abuses in China


   Cyber crimes of all kinds

   The importing of deadly Fentanyl which is killing millions

   Environment damages

   Organ harvesting

   Imprisonment of ethnic groups

* Devastating crime rate increases all over the country but especially in Dem-run states and cities

* The rise of citizens from countries protesting for freedom from their governments

* Censorship by Big Tech against anyone who brings any of this up

So, yes, when media bosses shut off all output of these issues, you might think there are slow news days!

Frankly, we have a hard time, on a daily basis, trying to select from the vast array of stories that you may have missed but need to know about.

Here are links to places to get real news. We urge you to forsake so-called Mainstream Media including Fox News, and dive deep into alternatives. There are many alternatives. Find your favorites and stick with them.  This is not intended as a complete list, just to get you started.

Information is key to winning the battle. We have had many avenues closed to us to push out the truth. But other avenues are opening.

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Find them! Read them! Share them!


– Revolver News

– Epoch Times

– The National Pulse

– The Gateway Pundit

– Just The News


– War Room

– Dan Bongino

–  Dinesh D’Souza


– Sharyl Attkisson

– Alex Berenson


1- This is a BRILLIANT explanation by Dr. Charles Hoffe, who did his own research of why his patients were exhibiting micro-blood clotting after receiving the injection. 

He did scans, which showed nothing, but then he did a D-dimer test (simple blood test that indicates new blood clotting) and found 62% of his patients experienced elevated D-dimer levels after the vaccine.   Please watch this and share it. You may save a life!

2- Providence Teacher Ramona Bessinger On Biased CRT Curriculum:

It’s “very stressful for me as an educator to have to teach … a partial truth”

“we cannot omit entire segments of U.S., American history and world literature. And certainly we can’t stop teaching the Holocaust.”

3- Court Rules Against University That Targeted Christian Group,

Saying They Were ‘Hard-Pressed’ To Find A More Blatant Example Of ‘Discrimination’

We will have MUCH more all week every week.

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Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken

Dear Patriots,

The middle of the week, in the middle of summer, in the middle of the year.  In the middle of a battle to save our country.  Pray, read, share.

1-  This show down in the Senate was a thing of wonder to watch. Thank you, Senator Rand Paul, for being the only person in the United States to publicly challenge Fauci and hold him publicly accountable.

Democrats Rush to Rescue Fauci After Rand Paul Wrecks Him Again

Senate Democrats swooped in to rescue Dr. Anthony Fauci during a hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning after he was confronted by Republican Senator Rand Paul about his role in funding dangerous gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Paul also asked Fauci if he lied to Congress about his role in the research.

2- We know that the efforts of the audits has been slow and frustrating. Here is a list of the reasons we know that all of the efforts are worth it.

10 Reasons to Question the Election

It’s frustrating to hear people on the Right, including some who should know better, claim there’s “no evidence” of significant, possibly outcome-changing fraud in the last presidential election — even as the forensic audit in Arizona uncovers multiple discrepancies.

Clearly, they’re confusing “evidence” with “proof.”   

No, there may not be absolute, incontrovertible proof of election fraud — yet.  But there is plenty of evidence, good reasons a rational person might question the outcome.  Here are ten that come to mind, in no particular order:

3- The left is acting in lock step to make sure no one is given any information that does not fit into their playbooks.

YouTube removes Family Research Council video about vaccinating minors against parental consent

Big tech isn’t going away, and what it categorizes as misinformation will only grow, especially when a government administration fuels the flames.

YouTube removed a video of a “Washington Watch” discussion last week with Mary Holland, president and general counsel of Children’s Health Defense about the Washington, D.C. City Council’s move to authorize schools to administer vaccines to children as young as 11-years-old without parental consent.

The now-banned video, which you can watch here on Rumble, was taken down by YouTube for allegedly offering “medical misinformation.”

Nevermind that there was no discussion whatsoever of medical advice – the substance of the interview was focused on parental rights, consent, and notification. Even so, as the video was removed, we were issued a warning that further violations would result in channel restrictions. FRC has appealed YouTube’s ruling and is awaiting a response,

Watch the banned video here:

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