Great Stuff from the Babylon Bee

Here Are The 8 Worst Prayers God Received This Week

Experts Completely Baffled As To Where Joe Biden’s Son Could Have Learned All That Racist Language

Half-Black Man Ordered To Pay Himself Reparations

People Who Ruined World’s Economies Gather To Discuss How To Fix World’s Economies

For Pride Month, Taco Bell To Continue Giving Explosive Diarrhea To All Genders And Orientations

The Babylon Bee Guide To Crypto

Reminder: If You Won’t Date A Star Wars Geek, You Are A Geekphobic Bigot

Texas Governor Signs Executive Order Donating City Of Austin To California

World’s Economy Saved As Giant Crack In Earth Swallows Up All G7 Conference Attendees

Far-Right Apostle Paul Bans Teaching Critical Race Theory In Churches

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